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Quality Education

Your title/position Quality Education
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
Year the ngo or company was founded 2020

Explain your project in details:

In the first comprehensive study to analyze the performance of Ghana educational systems in terms of student learning, I highlights two main areas of concern. First, nearly 800 hundred children ages 8 to 14 years remain out-of-school. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the quality of education for those attending school is low and does not equip students with adequate skills to join the workforce. Large numbers of students appear to be learning little; up to one-third of those completing primary school lack basic numeracy and literacy skills and because of lack schools buildings,school materials. Because of that many students are school drop out. Due to this poor education in my community, is my heart desire to help to build good school buildings and provide quality materials such as (exercise books,pens, pencils,story books, black board,Table and chairs etc) to my community.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

I need a strong support to help my development to the society. Sustainable development considers the development that achieves the present economic goals, without obstructing the future development in a sense of satisfying the needs of community and endangering the environment. Recently, the entrepreneurship phenomenon has been widely recognized as an important path towards sustainable development, positively contributing to the development of my community.

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Sustainability and future plans

My sustainability and future plans is to help the poor children in my community to further their education. Also to create job opportunities in my community to help the youths to get job.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Asamoah Duah Simon is my name, am from Ghana-Accra. Am Twenty-Five years old, am Single. And I completed Kumasi High School. I School at Christ Aposolic university,Ghana. It is only when we take chances, when our lives improve. The initial and the most difficult risk that we need to take is to become honest in what I do

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September 10, 2022 09:22

I find Asamoah's idea as the greatest cause for humanity and what impresses me is that the idea is concerned with humanity without any profit intention. I think if your idea becomes a reality the majority of the people in the communities you intend to help would have their lives touched because you think selflessly. we all need someone to lean on and it impresses me Asamoah wants to be that for a great multitude of people.