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Earthling Wishes

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As studies show that gender equality and women's empowerment are essential to both economic development and environmental sustainability, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) hopes that more women will participate in all stages of climate change development planning. According to Secretary Fortunato de la Pea, the nation needs more women to be at the forefront of combating climate change as the Philippines came in fourth place among nations most impacted by extreme weather occurrences on the 2021 long-term Global Climate Risk Index. Additionally, UNICEF claims that children in the Philippines are "particularly high risk" of being affected by the effects of the climate crisis. Children would still suffer the most if quick action is not taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions. However, living a more sustainable lifestyle is not simple, as more than half (55%) of Filipinos reported finding it challenging to be environmentally conscious. Earthling Wishes, led by women, desires to give provide affordable products for homes that consistently take action (eco-actives) or occasionally take action (eco-considerers) to lessen their impact on the environment. Earthling Wishes aims to start a circle of sustainable living and green parenting that enhances the community's climate and good habits in general by consistently spreading environmental knowledge. The project will consist of a series of webinar training regarding climate action, with emphasis on women leadership, waste management, and green parenting. It will also include an internship program available for university students that are also passionate about the environment.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

This will allow more women leaders on a national scale, which would in turn increase success rate for the implementation of environmental treaties. Mothers run the household, so waste management will start in their own homes, thereby improving the community. It is also in the household where children grow their habits, and it is through green parenting that the new generation will be more conscious of the environment. At the end of the project, evaluation forms will be disseminated and certificates for successful participants will be released. Increase in sales will also become the basis of the success of the project.

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Sustainability and future plans

We surveyed 150 respondents as an initial business assessment. Here's what they expect from us, that we would gladly offer. 78% said they are most likely to buy on Shopee, 12% would buy on Facebook, and 10% via Instagram. 60.7% said they would be convinced to buy via emerging digital platforms. 94% said they are willing to buy from Earthling Wishes. Besides buying and selling, the webinars and internship can be done purely online and in a global scale. Earthling Wishes would mostly spend necessary expenses on eco-friendly packaging, as the founders prefer not to use traditional bubble wraps. It might be more costly than traditional packaging, but the business adheres to its ideals regarding sustainable practices. Earthling Wishes is new to the green business community, but we have several advantages that are sure to lead to success. It is home-based, meaning there is no face-to-face transaction is needed for online orders and it is reliant on social media marketing campaigns. Interns earn work experience and professional hours rather than financial compensation, lowering overhead costs. There is also limited competition in the area. In three years time, we plan to build a small office store to keep available stock and to create a space for product images. In five years time, we hope to offer virtual and on-site internships for youth advocates. With the newly prepared business proposal, the business is ready to submit them to willing investors. Through the Be Your Own Boss training of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Philippines, the business will be granted a small capital of 5,000 pesos.

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Cristela Mejica is an incoming fourth-year college student enrolled at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, taking up the course in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Management. She is 21 years old. She has always wanted to start a business of her own, especially in these trying times to sustain herself and help her parents. She wanted to apply the things she have learned throughout the years through entrepreneurship, and she took the chance to apply and submit a business proposal to the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, in which she successfully got qualified. She previously worked as a part-time accountant in a small company in Makati for over a year when she was a freshman, so she had a firsthand idea about a company's operations, especially in the financial aspect. She gained confidence in taking this entrepreneurial risk after becoming a leader in their thesis in the previous semester. She also became a mentor of a start-up team in Female Switch, a virtual game and network for female entrepreneurs. Right now, she is equipping herself with climate leadership skills as she has been previously accepted in ASEAN Youth Community on Household Hazardous Waste Management (AYCHW) as a Logistics Management Officer, and in YouthxYouth Climate & Nature Education Global Action Circles as a member. She is now also been accepted into World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific's Certified Training Program. She believes these experiences will mold her into a proper leader for climate action and into a savvy entrepreneur.

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