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Kuzimba Services

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Our main Objective is to be the leading digital solution provider for access to fast, quality and affordable building services and materials. First, Kuzimba Services comes in to provide access to desired building/construction materials and professional building services on a web platform and an integrated digital payment system and wallet for savings for future constructions. Secondly, Kuzimba provides transport deliveries of these building materials to the clients desired sight or place. Thirdly, Kuzimba is a marketplace not only for medium businesses or companies who sell building materials but acts as a job marketing platform for professionals in the engineering field.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

We make eco bricks from brick-waste construction material and eco tiles from plastic materials. The available machines are able to produce 5000 bricks / tiles per day or on order and we plan to buy a multi purpose brick/block making machine for ease of use and faster production. We have provided site renovations and proper water waste management solutions for over 117 homes in the past 4 months through various community outreaches. We expect to hit 300 homes by end of 2022. We have recruited over 20 graduates on the team and there is need to build a skilling center for better output and productivity.

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Sustainability and future plans

Each eco brick/tile comes at $0.8-$1 based on the size. We make profits from sales, hired professional services, transport deliveries, the building wallet for savings, and ongoing transactions that amount to about $408k per year. We have received grants and equity free investments worth $150k from various collaborators and competitions. We currently need to raise $350k to buy multi purpose brick/block making machinery, 2 trucks for the eco-brick factory and pay for labour costs. This will increase our production rate by 25% and improve on our brand visibility.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My Name is Ephrance Eunice Namugenyi Founder and Managing Director Kuzimba Services. I am a female entrepreneur born on 03/12/1988 in Uganda. I am a Lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Kyambogo University and my issue has always been having to teach students in building and engineering school, get them skilled and then graduated only to have them jobless. The Building and construction sector is a competitive male dominated space and so standing out as female leader has taken focus, consistency and resilience. As a result we have won 4 major excellent awards from HiPipo foundation, 40 days 40 fintechs landscape exhibition and even emerged winners of the 2021 Women in Fintech Hackathon Competition that happens every year in Uganda.

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Asiimwe Priscilla

October 2, 2022 11:40

It's the first time I got to pay attention to the fact that there's construction waste and etc . I'm quite impressed with the thought the team as put so as to ensure eco friendly services and promote quality as construction is concerned. Well done Kuzimba services.


October 1, 2022 17:24

A great idea that not only reduces wastage of construction materials through reclaiming the unused pieces but also coming up with a product that has good strength through the combination of the different percentages of materials

October 1, 2022 16:10

Hello Ms. Namutebi Gladys, your comment is very inspiring. We are here to change the current construction industry practices by providing sustaible, affordable and modern housing solutions. We want to walk with you on the journey to your dreams.

October 1, 2022 15:51

Dear Ruth thank you for the comment. Looking at the SDGs sustainability is key especially in building the foundation of any starting business. It is a long term aspect and is key. We have had to think of eco friendly products like the eco tiles and eco bricks. Not only to make money but also think of the impact.

Bridget Tembo

October 1, 2022 13:30

Kuzimba is definitely one of a kind as it deals with one of the things that greatly affect the environment and the people at large which is waste management preferably from construction materials.

Kuzimba is also accessible and affordable in such a way that services can be ordered from the comfort of my home and also the services can be accessed by every one and thus minimizing accidents due to falling debris at construction sites.

Bridget Tembo

October 1, 2022 13:12

Kuzimba is definitely one of a kind as it looks at one of the things that greatly affect the environment and the people at large which is waste management preferably from construction materials. So two birds are hit with one stone as the natural resources are consumed but not depleted as well as the environment conserved. Kuzimba also provides affordable services as consumers will get quality products but still within their means minimizing on issues such as accidents at construction sites due to poor and not durable materials.

Brenda Biira

October 1, 2022 08:16

Kuzimba Services has come to Uganda at a timely moment where online shopping has picked up pace giving clients the option to purchase building materials from the comfort of their sites or homes. Putting into perspective the traffic Jam in Uganda and the ever increasing prices, solutions have now been provided!


September 30, 2022 16:10

What stands out about Kuzimba Services is that what they do is environmentally friendly. It is encouraging to know that there more and more people concerned about sustainable development on top of creating affordable products and also opening doors for employment for many. Keep it up.


September 30, 2022 08:13

Kuzimba services utilise the latest digital technology to serve its customers. Besides, these services are available and cost-friendly while prioritise the integrity of their work. A very genuine initiative that everyone can trust and their expectations placed at the forefront.

Flavia Nandawula

September 29, 2022 17:26

It is amazing that this being a male based career has not limited your vision. Having the jobless fresh graduates is so heartwarming. Thank you Kuzimba.
This is so inspiring, worth recognizing and appreciating.
Well done and good luck Kuzimba services!!!

Alice Gladys Namutebi.

September 29, 2022 10:28

I am so inspired by the way the Kuzimba services make house construction easier and more possible. This is because company it has come up to handle the various crucial gaps in the house construction industry. Well done Kuzimba services.

Namigadde Yvonne

September 29, 2022 09:48

I strongly believe that kuzimba services is playing a pivot rile that greatly strikes a balance between urban development and environment sustainability looking forward to the construction projects you have in stock for us ...
Well done kuzimba services


September 29, 2022 06:59

Welldone Kuzimba. With the world getting digitalised
We need service providers that can level up. You have just done that. Great initiative, great ideas..
We cant be prouder to associate.

Joseph Olinga Gideon

September 29, 2022 05:17

Kuzimba! Thank you for the innovative stuff, in our time we need to utilise ancient construction materials as a lot of the martial on present market is artificial for luxurious reasons. You're such an economic solution to billions around the world. Africa being number one beneficiary. All the best.

Musuuza Alan Ernest

September 28, 2022 19:53

Kuzimba it\'s self is speaking better for the construction community giving a brighter future of building in Uganda and the world at large.
I have tested on them with how they involve all, the youth , the old and they\'re are very flexible.
I love how they give time to particulars like material quality , people\'s tastes and preferences , delivery, African culture , innovations , environmental conservation and alot more.
Just Know kuzimba is right deal.

Pearle Robins Mukisa

September 28, 2022 12:17

A great initiative,well done Kuzimba.I could not have found a better fast,reliable and affordable building solution that meets my building needs.With the current twist to industrialisation,I must say I am so impressed with your services.Keep up with the good work.

Karen Kwikiriza

September 27, 2022 22:55

As an environmentalist, it is great to know that Kuzimba services is committed to providing quality and affordable building services and materials while being actively involved in the conservation of the environment through the making of eco bricks from brick waste construction materials and eco tiles from plastic waste. Well done Kuzimba services.

Harlord Kirigoola

September 27, 2022 22:09

We are lacking such creative, objective and visionary minds when it comes to construction in most of the countries in Africa. I strongly believe that what we are being offered by Kuzimba services is that perspective we haven't been having as a nation.
All the best Kuzimba.

Kamugisha Isaac

September 27, 2022 21:49

The best construction works company with sustainable solutions for development, scalable, and efficient. I endorse Kuzimba for any construction works due to their clear vision, purpose, and technology driven yet growing Kuzimba services.

Irene Ruth Arionget

September 27, 2022 20:37

Kuzimba services has great work and quality services. I trust one can get what they need as far as Kuzimba (building) is concerned. Live your dream with Kuzimba today!

Looking forward to seeing Kuzimba grow... More exploration and reach out to many more people across the country.

Abbey Muloki

September 27, 2022 09:37

Kuzimba services has Great work and quality services. catering for low income earners to be able to obtain what they need is really great, recycling etc

The world needs you as problem solvers. We appreciate your work.
Keep up the good work


September 27, 2022 08:25

Incredible work and helps motivate many to startup ,kuzimba is a great innovation for many that want to develop in terms of real estate,so refreshing to know someone is willing to walk with you the journey of aquiring my dreams


September 27, 2022 06:41

Kuzimba services, thank you for being problem solvers and also reliable and being people of integrity. I thank GOD for you, many have been saved from being cheated during constructions. Thank you, God bless you immensely.


September 26, 2022 14:51

Kuzimba services,is the solution to every Ugandan who wants to own a home with the credit saving on building materials, I know the future of Uganda's construction industry is secure and able to grow to unlimited heights.
Thank you kuzimba services.

Kirabo Patience Wangale

September 26, 2022 10:22

I am excited about Kuzimba Services. Because this world has pretty much become a global village and we are living in the 4th Industrial revolution, I am excited about the fact that there are people, especially women who are leveraging technology to make access to goods and services easier.

I am especially happy about the fact that Kuzimba Services guarantees that your products will reach you safely and will be of the standard quality you ordered. I love that it has a team of not qualified and highly skilled people but these are people whose lives are marked by integrity and the desire to mentor and help upskill the youth in the community.

We need more entrepreneurs like this in the country, the region, and the entire continent who are providing practical solutions to unemployment and now...housing. I can't wait to watch this organization expand and inspire a whole new generation of young entrepreneurs.

Nakawungu Juliet

September 26, 2022 09:02

Kuzimba Services has won our trust through Quality sustainable materials and their customer care services. The future of construction will only stand with such innovations. Thank you Kuzimba

Mulindwa Geraldine

September 26, 2022 06:15

Kuzimba services is your plug for quality products when going into construction, they are reliable and efficient and this comes with great customer care. Kuzimba is the future of construction worldwide not only in Uganda, i believe they have the potential to cut across and still deliver the best to all their customers. I stand with them and give them my vote, well done.

Bruno A

September 26, 2022 06:08

As a civil engineer myself, I'm excited to see this level of innovative technology to both combat the excessive amounts of construction waste and as well creating a product that is both environmentally friendly as well as affordable. You're hitting several birds with one stone. Welldone to the Kizomba services team and I wish you a great future!

Susan Nkwanzi

September 25, 2022 23:43

Well done Kuzimba!
Thank you for providing such an environmental friendly and reliable solution. By taking on this idea, you have already impacted the future of the construction industry.
It is worth recognizing and being invested in.
All the best Kuzimba.

Anatoli Kirigwajjo

September 25, 2022 22:13

Great Pitch, It\'s very environmental friendly!
Enthusiastic team. Recycling is the future.All the best as you create tangible impact. The world needs you team Kuzimba!
With all the construction challenges. This is very handy solution.

Stephen Obeli

September 25, 2022 20:52

There's no doubt that Kuzimba is here to make a mark in the construction business; they are showing us that building in Africa does not have to always be a disorganised endeavour and Kuzimba is taking on the problem head-on. The resilience of the team is simply incredible.
All the best Kuzimba Services

Mungoma Reagan Richards

September 25, 2022 19:27

This a the great ideas that our country needs and really credit must be given to such individuals instead of wasting government resources in projects that are going to benefit the country . following this project it is going to help is achieve the dream of having an organiser City


September 25, 2022 19:24

Kuzimba Services Is The Best Service Quality I Ever Seen
We Have Many Fraud Services Out There But Kuzimba Services Has Prove It A Point That Its Not About The Clients Money But The Client's Happiness

Viola Mbonyebyombi

September 24, 2022 21:03

This is really a good idea, because many times people have been fruaded with materials which look like what they needed, yet they are fake materials.Now, this is really an answer for many people concerning construction.

Sidra Khan

September 24, 2022 18:24

A great job by Kuzimba Services to come-up with a digital platform to access quality and affordable construction materials. Furthermore products like Ecobricks will help to counter problem of construction waste disposal. With the growing numbers of the homes it has provided solutions for we can see this project has great potential to be huge success!

Juan Pamela

September 24, 2022 16:40

With Kuzimba services, one is rest assured of a strong and firm building. They make up to standard and great quality building materials. There services shouldn't only benefit Uganda,but should also be able to spread out to other countries. I vote Kuzimba Services, they really deserve to win.

Jenipher Biira Salamula

September 24, 2022 15:00

Go Kuzimba Services! This is one team you need on your side when planning a construction project. With Kuzimba, you can rest assured that you will get your money's worth. Everyone needs to know about Kuzimba Services. May they win this. I vote Kuzimba Services!

Baziwe Sarah

September 24, 2022 14:17

Yes Kuzimba services are professionals who not only make eco bricks but coordinate all the professionals at click of a mouse. They offer all the services and your house is done. This will go along way to solve housing needs in Uganda and as well preserve the environment.

Asiku Roy Alia

September 24, 2022 10:24

Wow, good work. For the sake of our environment, such ideas are needed to pick up the slack from poor urban management and waste disposal. I think you should also invest more time in the root cause of the issues you are trying to solve: Government policy and its implementation.

rebecca mirembe

September 24, 2022 10:13

Am all in for Kuzimba services this patriotic venture and inspiration of our own benevolent leaders is the way to go i am inspired way to go Epphy and Team.
This gives most Ugandans the opportunity to obtain affordable healthy housing, owning a home of choice is what Kuzimba offers the average Ugandan and thats a big deal especially to middle income earners who work majorly for housing and retiring with no place to call a home of their own ,this is a Godly chance to help and empower many lives , by our own with the desired home.

Mark Marvin Kadigo

September 24, 2022 10:03

Trusted and caring partners in the construction arena. Kuzimba Services are or should be your one stop location for assistance with all your construction projects. I didn't have to think twice with this vote. I hope the Kuzimba team takes the win. Veel succes Kuzimba Services!

Andrew Lema

September 24, 2022 09:51

Great pitch and innovation! There is a clear need to disrupt the construction industries across Africa for sustainable development on the continent. All the very best in this competition and in your business.


September 23, 2022 21:00

Well it is the first I have heard of construction waste and now I recognize the significance of offering a solution for it. The world especially needs more of such problem solvers. I commend Kuzimba services for the eco-brick initiative !

Alfred Ochola

September 17, 2022 04:16

Kuzimba services is a great building solution to majority of us, even the low income earners. I love the e-wallet that lets us save up money in small chunks with a sole purpose of future building and construction projects. This gives me strong hope that each of us shall own a home very soon. Bravo Kuzimba !

Joseph Olinga Gideon

September 17, 2022 02:52

Kuzimba Services! This is a great opportunity for the current entrepreneur which Am glad to cease. It has given me a hedge to build both business and family premises in the future at a depreciated rate unlike savings and housing insurance at appreciated rates.
Visiting various offers I appreciate the services and wish you all the best dear fellow entrepreneurs.

September 15, 2022 13:58

For this idea, I would give it as many votes as possible, because i have seen her really manage the construction space even though its a male dominated space.. To greater heights and successes. Good luck!!1

September 15, 2022 13:44

Hello there, We have been looking for a better way to solve the construction issue. Its actually hard to get all the work done in a single process and here you are! The world is going to love this one. Well done Kuzimba Services Team. All the best for you!