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Book - I.T

Your title/position Co-Founder/ Chief Operations Officer (C.O.O)
Type of Enterprise registered company
Year the ngo or company was founded 2018
Website Book IT

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Students are different, but schools are still using materials developed decades ago, but todays students come to school with very different experiences due to globalization and information overflows. The Book-It LMS is a powerful learning platform that delivers a great user experience while incorporating all the essential tools schools/universities need to support effective teaching and learning. Book-it helps schools/universities manage all classroom activities, such as creating and delivering educational content, assessing students, tracking student progress, and promoting communication and collaboration between students and faculty. Our system reduces instructors' work by simplifying administrative tasks such as assessments and collation of results as well as dispatching course materials and announcements. It also helps our clients save on time and cost through reduction in administrative overheads. By availing itself of our services community centers will enable students to work remotely by Registering for courses Receiving lectures Delivering assignments Taking quizzes and tests online Receiving announcements Access resources (books, notes, slides and videos) Create collaboration forums for group assignments

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Book I.T has set following objectives for coming years. Establish at least five proof points for providing excellent customer service and best online LMS solution by 2022 (Established 2 proof points already; 3 more to go). Achieve the sales target K200,000 (12847.594 USD) by December 2022 Capture 15% of education market in Lusaka, zambia by 2023 with 98% customer satisfaction This Learning Management System provides lessons, notes, and drills in an interactive multimedia approach. The platform allows for students to take tests/exams and also receive and submit assignments; it also allows uploading and downloading of handouts, course slides, and pictures. It also provides time-bounded and randomized quizzes, Forums, Feeds and a grade book. This Learning Management System can also be subscribed with additional features such as SMS and Email Notifications and a stand-alone version of the system (can be use using personal computers, smartphones and tablets without an internet connection) but also with an additional payment. All products of the firm are carefully tested and checked for an optimized use in accordance with the clients preference and satisfaction.

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Sustainability and future plans

Book I.T is adopts the approach of B2B2C. Book It has anticipates a total of 173 private secondary schools and 36 tertiary institutions within Lusaka will be our early adopter market. This is on the basis that Book IT offers different packages to suit every budget and also ensures easy adoption. Specifically, below are some of the leads Book I.T will have initial contact and pitch the product. Secondary School potential clients: American international school, British international school, Baobab, Rhodes Park Tertiary Institutions: Apex Medical university, University of Lusaka, Texila American University, Cavendish University Being a B2BC company book it will sell its services through the following channels Direct sales team: Book It will have a team of qualified sales personnel that will go directly to identified leads and sell the product to them. Direct sales catalogue: Both electronic and print catalogues of our product offering will be distributed to decision makers (Dean, Headmaster) in our various identified leads. Internet: Book It will showcase its product offering on several social media platforms and websites that our target market associates with.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I Am 29 years old. My background is in data statistics and analysis, and in the past few years I have turned my focus to database management and developing business performance methodologies and monitoring plans. I am fortunate enough to have Co-founded & worked for Book-IT Zambia As a Chief Operations Officer for the past 5 years. My roles and responsibilities among many others included strategic project planning, projects appraisal and implementation, data collection and methodologies analysis. I am currently working for Zambia National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) as a Business Development Officer. I am a volunteer of PeaceX International Organization, a member group of UNEP & MGCY where I volunteer as the Vice-Chairperson of Research and Development. Some of the volunteer work responsibilities include; developing research work plans according to project needs, analyze and resolve research issues and create business opportunities out of them. In addition, I am also an affiliated volunteer of Red Cross Society Zambia, in youth programs development and data research and analysis. Furthermore, I am the co-founder of a small community initiative called Mind -Works Zambia, a Non-Governmental Organization engaged in developing programs and material to increase awareness on mental health and sustainable development in Zambia. Lastly I am a published author of a business book and an advert blogger.

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