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Published on June 6, 2016 um 15:07

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In Kenya, youth unemployment is a key national concern. Upon graduation students get caught up in a catch 22 situation. In which, to get a job, employers require work experience whereas to get work experience students require opportunities which are proving hard to get. Some of the labor market failures related to youth raised in a UNDP (Kenya) report include: Training and education Mismatch of skills. Youth LITE Kenya steps in to address these market failures through a student consultant program. The program provides real opportunities for students to put their knowledge and skills into practice, whilst organizations benefit from new insights and knowledge from students who are passionate about making a difference. This is done by the team sourcing for projects from local businesses, then working with the client to set project deliverable. Finally the initiative crowdsources University students from different disciplines and institutions to collaborate, co-create and co-develop systems and innovations in response to the real-life projects set by the local businesses [Challenge-setters]. This projects provide the students with the much needed opportunity to engage in corporate tasks. Subsequently, the team that provides the best solution gets absorbed by the business. The objectives of this initiative is to: bridge the gap between learning institutions and employers; provide an opportunity to invest in a better community, economy and society that is inclusive of youth participation in development; provide students with opportunities to broker partnerships with employers; change the face of the job market whereby employers are provided with competent, efficient, and skilled services offered by students; support students to collaborate and co-create innovations in response to development issues; facilitate the participation in the discovery, transmission and preservation of knowledge and to stimulate intellectual life and professional and cultural development within student communities.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In Kenya, unemployment is among the key national challenges. This is a result of various labour market failures that impede government measures to address this issue. Youth aged 15-35 account for 40 percent of the entire population. Yet approximately 6 million of them remain unemployed accounting for 61 percent of the entire unemployed population. This is expected to rise to 24 million by 2030, according to a UNDP (Kenya) report. The student consultant program, acts as a platform that links tertiary learning institutions and the corporate world. Through the program we estimate to work with over 100 companies in two years, engage 500-700 student within universities within the same period.We also aim to scale from Nairobi to cover the East African region within five years. To make this initiative sustainable, the student consultant program is packaged as low cost consulting option for local businesses. Clients are required to pay between 800-1000$ for engagement while students upon successful enrollment to a project are required to pay 10$ annually for membership. The program's impact will include: A platform that leads to increased availability of key inputs by students toward economic, community and institutional development. Acquisition of skills- by students- that meet the labor market demands A positive impact on the relationship between students and employers, which is beneficial to future employment Increased entrepreneurial culture, development, achievement and attainment within the student community A self -sustaining, functioning, and vibrant structure with involvement of the student community

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Through its growing partnerships, Youth LITE Kenya will succeed in this endeavour. Currently, the founding team has been persistent and successful in soliciting the support of influential individuals and organizations. This network includes, but is not limited to the Queens Young Leaders network, World Merit, representative of the World Bank, Ashoka East Africa and De Kleine consultant. In addition to this, the team has initiated collaboration talks with Universities within Nairobi. This alliances are geared towards ensuring that the initiative is successful and manages to scales this program beyond Kenya to include the East African region.
As the team rolls out its pilot stage projects, a financial strategic plan is being developed and improved on as we test the program. Meanwhile, when soliciting for projects, the team is gathering evidence to support a return on investment for local business to encourage clients to pay for the service.

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Youth LITE Kenya is founded by graduates from various universities within Nairobi. The team met up during discussions centered on youth empowerment and shared a similar vision. At the pilot stage the teams persistence has won them commendations locally and internationally. The team includes: Bryan Chesoli- Co-Founder & Director (24 yrs) Bryan Chesoli is a graduate of the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor Degree in Geography, Environmental Studies and Sociology. He worked with World Youth Alliance Africa and Asia pacific as a paid intern. Is a member Ashoka East Africa Youth Venture program and the Queen's young leaders program. Through his leadership, Youth LITE Kenya has received both local and international commendation, established key partnerships with local and international organization. Patriciah Ndungu- Co-Founder & Chief Finance Officer (24 yrs) Patriciah has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Nairobi and is also a CPA graduate from Strathmore University. She worked as an intern at Growth Africa and as an Assistant Consultant. Patriciah is passionate about social impact. She plays an integral part in designing the initiative's financial and strategic development plans. Ian Nato- Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (25yrs) Ian Nato is a graduate from St. Pauls University holding a Bachelor in Business and Information Technology. He is a sociable young professional with extensive knowledge in the Information Communication and Technology sector. His passion for technology has seen him intern at Huawei Technologies as well as work for Valleypoint Telecoms Ltd. He designs and manages all ICT applications and communication systems for the initiative.

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Hi you have a great idea. I am also in the education field, and my idea benefits Children's learning through play. Can you please check it out and cast me a vote as well? Thank you!

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