Credit & Care Personalized Agricultural Financing

Published on June 5, 2016 um 23:38

Explain your idea in details:

Credit and Cares objective is simple: to improve the agricultural sector of the Philippines and to empower farmers, including the well-being and circumstances of their families. To some extent, the idea shall also be striving to promote the development of various, low-cost agricultural technology, among others. On another, the preservation of the environment through the use of environment-friendly agricultural technology. By allowing the extension of credit to farmers through a personalized framework, coupled with the fact that the conditional grant of credit includes the involvement of a care person who will be monitoring and guiding the grantee as to the use of the credit, the management of the farm or agricultural business, and the regular payment of the credit in accordance with the terms established, development of impoverished or lacking farms can grow and improve. On a grander and deeper scale, the care extended to farmersincluding the consequent success resulting from the guidance extended to them, as wellcan help the same, including their families, achieve a level of self-fulfillment above and beyond their previous state-of-mind. They will become more confident, happier and they will start to dream big or, for some of them, simply dream again. The innovativeness of the idea relies heavily on the caring aspect. In this day and age, most people often mind only the possible profit involved in any economic activity to which they engage (or about to) themselves. In this regard, Credit and Care seeks to show to the farmersthe people who serve as the foundation of any societythat not everyone is dedicated to profit alone; that there are people who care.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

I intend my idea help improve the lives of families belonging in the agricultural sector to a great extent. This includes their financial, physical, and psychological circumstances and well-being, among others. In that regard, one measure to evaluate success is the tracking of the quality of life of the grantee and his or her family, including their own personal well-being, i.e., confidence, self-esteem, the ability to dream big or, at least, to dream again, etc. This measure can be done by noting the grantees circumstances and psychological profile, among others, before the grant of the credit and after a certain period of time subsequent to the grant. Another measure can be the regular payment of installments of the credit in accordance with the terms established. This measure shall then be correlated to other relevant statistics or measures, such as any and all increases in agricultural production of the grantees agricultural business, increased quality of the agricultural products, and the like. Ultimately, the main target of Credit and Care is to not only improve the agricultural sector of the country, but to also sow into the minds of the people making up such sector the feeling of care or being cared for, the feeling of self-confidence and self-esteem, and the feeling that they are never alone. In the measuring the same, other than the usual economic indicators pertinent to agriculture, I hope to one day hear from a farmer the words proud as a farmer or, from a child, my father is a successful farmer. That, in my opinion, may very well be the truest measure of success for the idea.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

In simple terms, Credit and Care shall follow the elements of a banking business model, but with a greater emphasis on the personal touch or care. Similar to a loan or credit officer, applicants for the program shall be interviewed personally so that their particular and peculiar circumstances may be noted. These circumstances shall then be taken into account in establishing the credit terms, i.e., terms of payment, etc.
Financial frameworks, among others, shall be used to assess the viability of imposing the least installment payment terms at the least interest rates possible, both at terms, of which, would still allow the creditor to profit in some form or another. Whatever the case, the terms of the credit must be amenable to both the creditor and the grantee, but with greater emphasis on the well-being and circumstances of the latter. Reformation of the terms, therefore, would be allowed.
Upon acceptance, the grantee shall be assisted by a person knowledgeable in strategic management principles in the use of their credit, including the regular payment of the same in accordance with the terms agreed upon. The care person shall also be helping the grantee in managing the grantees agricultural business by teaching the same basic business principles in order to ensure the grantees profitability or success.
Possible sources of funding shall initially come from interested contributors or donors. For these persons or entities, such assistance can be their Corporate Social Responsibility projects, among others.
The aforementioned care persons can be senior university students, either at the undergraduate or graduate level. For these students, Credit and Care can help them apply their knowledge first hand an exercise that will surely improve their own knowledge, as well provide them with valuable experience.

Your profile

I was born in April 27, 1988. I possess an undergraduate degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. At present, I am nearing the end of my Juris Doctor-Master of Business Administration Dual Degree Program. I am also presently employed by a private law firm as a legal assistant. Outside my academic and professional spheres, I regularly seek and participate in local and international conferences/programs, which events respective themes pertain to discussions on sustainability, international cooperation (ASEAN), leadership, poverty alleviation, dealing with terrorism, and the like. Additionally, I find great joy in making regular donations and/or organizing activities or programs to and for impoverished children in my own country, my most favourite, of which, is personally cooking for children living in orphanages or, simply, children living in impoverished areas. One of my ultimate goals in life is to assist hundreds of children with their education, that is, to shoulder their education from a young age and until they finish it, hopefully, at the collegiate level. This is so since I truly and fully believe that educationproper education, in every sense and meaning of the wordis the answer to most, if not all, of our man-made problems. My strongest motivation in life is my goal and conviction of helping as many people as I can to achieve value in their lives of which, previously, there was little to none. In simple terms, I want to help improve peoples lives so that, in turn, they, themselves, will improve other peoples lives and so on in ahopefullynever ending cycle. Personally, I am an outgoing individual who can easily relate to any person coming from all walks of life. I regularly exercise my body as well as my mind through strength training and such mental exercises like reading books, among others.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Different, but the same.

No matter who we are or where we are from, we are all brothers and sisters.

You've got a friend in me!

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