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Explain your idea in details:

The main objective of the project will be to generate revenue for educational development through sustainable waste management programmes. Specific objectives Specific objectives of the study will be to; generate financial resources to promote schools and colleges development reduce environmental degradation and land pollution within and around our schools and colleges to educate pupils and students on the importance of reducing, re-using and recycling waste. to inculcate into pupils and tutors that habit of waste segregation and recycling. help provide raw materials for plastic and paper recycling companies in Ghana Activities under Trash Cash include formation and and training of school health clubs/ sanitation icons, positioning of trash bins at vantage points, separation of waste at school's waste collection site and transportation of waste to central collection point for sale to recycling companies. Trash Cash project create a competitive edge for schools to raise enough money from the waste they produce to undertake projects in the interest of the school and students. The better wastes are handled, the better the development of the school.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Trash Cash would reduce cholera/diarrhea outbreaks in schools by 90% and further provide clean and environmentally friendly institutions where sanitation and hygiene challenges are reduced. This will further affect the community in the longer term since students will build proper habit of sanitation that they will transform to their household and affect the generation after them.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The cash- trash project will be aimed at starting a waste separation and recycling culture that will begin from our schools and gradually eat into our homes and society. The project will run in three progressive phases. The final phase will provide a broad based waste separation program that will segregate waste into seven components for recycling; Paper, Organic, Plastic, Metal, Glass, E-waste and mixed waste.
The cash trash project will be implemented on the flexible operational procedure based on Institutional needs, resources and environment. However each school that enroll on the program will be required to set up a committee comprising
environmental committee members
students representatives
financial officers
The committee shall be responsible for the following;
1. planning training and orientation sections at their school on trash cash
2. identifying and allocating logistics for the project
3. maintaining and monitoring the project within the school
4. keeping records on trash and cash proceeds from the project
5. reporting to school boards and the central implantation committee
6. managing the use of financial benefits of the project
Chaired by the environmental committee chairman, it shall operate under the supervision of the school heads and school boards and in collaboration with the trash cash project management committee.
Financing source will be based on payment from plastic recycling companies and tissue paper producing companies. Also organic wastes will be sold to peasant as well as commercial farmers.

Your profile

Name: Emmanuel Desmond Mensah Age: 30 years Experience: Behaviour Change Officer/ WASH Officer Motivation: After working for a WASH project in Cape Coast, I realised that most school can make money from the waste they produce but the project that I worked on did not make provision for linking recycling companies to the schools to pick up the wastes. To enforce a proper behaviour change, one needs a motivation and one of the ways of motivating a person is money so I thought of giving the schools an option of getting money from WASTE but the underlining factor is that the schools and the students especially will learn proper waste separation and waste disposal, a habit that they will form and live with (for their nine years in basic education) and would be hard to break. A contributing factor to the success of Trash Cash is that all the stakeholders (schools and recycling companies) have agreed to fully undertake their part of the project. The recycling companies have agreed to provide 200 trash bins to commence the project.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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Thank you Salu

August 25, 2016 08:58

Sumuel, we will set up a school health management committee and community innovators club which are clubs we establish in schools to student (children) and supervised by the sanitaion perfect and the school health coordinator. In the communities, we train club members to spearhead the education at household levels. We believe and empowering children and the community itself to adopt the solution so that it becomes an everyday thing for them.

August 25, 2016 06:05

how are you going to educate people about recycling, are you going to use a platform or teachers?

nice idea, please check the mine

August 21, 2016 17:47

You conceived a great idea. Sure it's great, when it comes to social problems, your idea is the real solution. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if want to implement it!