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Published on March 19, 2016 um 16:41

Explain your idea in details:

The emphasis is on English as Second Language (ESL) and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The objectives are to develop students ability to use English Language Skills especially speaking skills and higher order thinking skills of the students in rural areas of the interior region of Sabah. Sabah is considered as the least developed state in Malaysia and the area that I am focusing on is known as interior region of Sabah which encompasses several rural areas. The students have limited access to resources, facilities and experiences of English language and they are less exposed to the world that their level of thinking still remains low. As a result, they need help to develop their language and thinking skills especially in their abilities to develop and express their ideas through the use of English. This will assist them in developing their self-esteem, confidence and attitude to be effective citizens that possess the aspiration and capabilities to overcome global issues. This programme will be first implemented in Keningau Vocational College before it is expanded to other schools and areas of the interior region of Sabah. The core activities are public speaking, poetry writing and recitation, storytelling, group discussion, debate and philosothon. The activities will be introduced and put in practice through classes, workshops, tutorials, and competitions. The innovative approach to this programme is the application of various thinking tools which have been modified to develop students competence in ESL and HOTS. Some of the tools are thinking maps, six thinking hats, SCAMPER, Thinkers Keys, Q-Matrix, the CoRT Techniques. These tools are modified to include ESL learning strategies especially the approach of Communicative Competence in language teaching as well as the use of SOLO taxonomy in order to help students to deepen their thoughts.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The targets are to ensure that these students are able to use English language confidently in a way that they can gain adequate understanding from reading and listening and they are express their ideas in an oral or written manner. They are also expected to be able to apply appropriate thinking process on a selected topic and generate well-developed ideas which they can share with others if they can improve their abilities in using English. Hence, these students can become effective, compassionate and confident learners with positive attitude, high self-esteem and enquiring minds that can contribute to the betterment of themselves, their families, their communities, countries and the world. The success of this program will be measured using students feedback on the programme in which they will be required to fill in a feedback form where they can express their opinions freely on how the program benefits them or how it does not. A series of sessions where the students will be doing oral presentation of their speech, stories, and poems will be conducted. The students performance will be evaluated in terms of their language skills and thinking skills and they will be given oral feedback. Their written work will also be exhibited by putting them on public display and parents and friends can watch and give feedback on their work. This programme can be conducted as an extended project of a year-long programme or lesser than that duration. It can be done annually and it can also be adapted to be a programme that is devoted to a particular month or week. Various themes can be used for the programme and the most ideal ones are the 17 global goals for sustainable development such as no poverty, zero hunger, quality education and climate change.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The programme is considered as an educational project under the school or the district educational department once it is expanded to other areas of the region. Hence, it is highly possible for the school to provide financial assistance through schools activities fund and parent-teacher association fund while every single student who joins the programme is required to pay RM 15 as participation fee which can support their meals, drinks and basic materials needed for the programme. The programme will first commence in Keningau Vocational College, the school where I am teaching at and it will be gradually introduced to other schools in the areas. The target group is school students while the teachers are expected to actively take part as facilitators.  Highly credible trainers and facilitators such as experienced English teachers, trainers of I-Think Programme (Malaysian version of Thinking School programme), Malaysian Institute of Debate and Public Speaking (MIDP), and some English teaching assistants who work with US Embassy and British Council will be invited to train the students.
Apart from the students, these experienced trainers can also train the teachers including the organizers so they are able to carry out these activities on their own and train their students. In addition, they also are encouraged to become facilitators for this programme.

The programme can be adapted to become a three day camp that is held annually for the students who live in the region and probably one day it can be opened to the whole are of Sabah. Students who take part might be required to pay participation fee and the students will be certified by the end of the programme if they are able to complete every task successfully and they can take part in the following camp as facilitators.

Your profile

I am Sirhajwan Idek and I am 29 Years old, I am from Sabah Malaysia and I am currently working as an English teacher in Keningau Vocational College since 2012. I graduated with Bachelors degree in TESL and Masters degree in Research respectively in 2011 and 2015. I am currently pursuing my PhD study. My goal is to push them to become effective learners with good level of confidence, self-esteem, positive attitude and open-mindedness especially in pursuing their passions and developing their potentials. These students are from rural areas with poor level of English and academic performance in other subjects. Hence, they usually feel very timid, reluctant and disinclined to try new things and to develop their talents. I dont want them to feel like they cannot do what others manage to do because of who they are. I want them to realize that they can be the best in everything that they put their hearts and minds to and there is no barrier in what they can achieve. I want them to be driven, ambitious, motivated, competitive, curious, daring and positive. In trying to achieve these, I face lots of challenges but I remain persistent, patient and positive. If I give up, the students will quit too. So I keep on going and continue what I do in order to make great things happen. I am one of the five global winners of Teachers at my heart Scholarship contest 2016, placed fifth in SEAMOE-Australia Education link 2015, ranked 23th in TESOL Teacher of the Year Award, a recipient of E-Teacher Scholarship from KL-US Embassy, I am the coach for my students in debate, public speaking, poetry slam, spelling bee, drama, mooting, pitching contest and many more and we have won various national, state and district competitions.

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I read your idea! It's great one and will bring a great solution too in solving social problems. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if you want to make it!

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nice one bro,i think i am in love with ur project, pls chk mine and make a comment

May 13, 2016 11:08

Hello idek, teaching English in the rural of of Malaysia will them communicate effectively amongst themselves and the outside world. Education is Key and good communication skills is an added advantage. I support your initiative and good luck to you.

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May 13, 2016 10:20

Hello Idek!

firstly it is very nice of you that you want to develop language skills in your country and in that english is very important for sustainable developement and increase in the living standards of people i really appreciate your idea and all my motivations are with you.
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April 21, 2016 04:55

English is the universal language so exposing it to as much people as possible is important for growth.Given that the world is being opened up ,through trade and also quicker communications methods being multi lingual is a very viable skill to possess.I hope that the program can be structured in a way ,that it can be adopted anywhere in the world,I believe that will be awesome.I wish you great success in the endeavour.I kindly ask that you visit my idea UrClickcast and leave a comment.Rgds.

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Hello Idek!

Wonderful idea!

English remains the best way and language to communicate with all the rest of the world.
I'm happy for you ans support your idea.
It's fine that you think about a little fee,for their participations.
I support your idea.
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