Cameroonian massage candle company

Published on June 4, 2016 um 13:18

Explain your idea in details:

The low industrial use of non-food or extractive products is a major problem in Cameroonian market. To solve this problem and valorize those materials, we designed massage candles made using local components. A massage candle is a special candle: cold, it looks like a normal candle but once the light is on, the wax transforms into massage oil. Its a modern massage technique made possible by lowering the melting point with the right combination of wax, butters and oils. The wax which will be used is the beeswax. Produced by more than 200 beekeepers families, the 235 tons produced in 2015 were totally exported. All the components will be buy from locals farmers organizations, transform by us and deliver to the customers. Our first targets are high class beauty centers which are estimated at 800 in the cities of Douala and Yaounde. With an annual income of minimum 45500 USD, they offer a large range of services including massages which are the first income when theres no hair care. In comparison to the hand-made oils actually used, our candles offer a large range of advantages: Quality and traceability of the materials: We will buy from local and biological farms. Fragrances or chemical additives wont be added. More benefits for the skin: Our massage candles are made using beeswax, vegetables butters, oils and essential oils. Longer shelf life than those of hand-made oils actually used Better price. Innovation: To establish customers loyalty and continuously attract new customers, beauty centers have to stay in the mood. The idea is innovative, not only because candle massages are new in central Africa, but also because its a new way to valorize local production and consumption.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target is to launch the company and begins the production and commercialization of the massage candles. It will act like a bridge, taking the unrefined matters from farmers, transforming it, and bringing it to the citizens. The objective of the company is to raise awareness among Cameroonians about the benefits and the necessity of industrialization. Its good to produce raw materials of high quality, but its even better to transform them. There are a lot of good farmers and beekeepers; the problem is they dont know how to show the potential of what they produce. And because the potential is not clearly expressed, local residents dont have interest for it and then comes the lack of market. The idea also supports responsible consumption, by acting through a 100% biodegradable product, and minimizing distances between producers and users. The model is efficient, scalable and needs little energy. NTIC will play a major role in this project: the launch of a website is planned and that one will be used to deliver free information about the products in an easy, funny and interactive way (videos, DIY beauty products, competitions, quiz and articles). To measure the success, objectives were defined. After six months, we expected to have transformed at least 350 kg of components, to have 50 beauty centers as customers, to have 1000 likes on our Facebook page, 500 followers on Twitter, and to have launched the website with one content published per month.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea is to sell massage candles which will be biodegradables, last long, and produce locally. The business model combines a local and hand-made fabric with a direct sell of type B2C to beauty centers and people.
Access to customers will be realized by audio-visual publicity, on social networks, during after works/networkings events, privates sales and fairs. The commercials agents, working on the field, will have for mission to encounter the beauty centers, and the street marketing will complete those approaches. As well, the publication of a website will be a strategic element in the communication strategy.
Customer service is a key element in our plan. The customers will have access to call lines, open from 08 am to 08 pm, to get answers to their questions. They could also communicate with the company via the Facebook page, the twitter account or the website. The creation of a database of customers (beauty centers / people) is envisaged, to establish customers loyalty by keeping them informed about our news, but also, by offering chances to win prizes.
The success of our business is determined by three key factors:
1. The target market: With a growth rate in continuous growth since 2006, the Cameroonian market of cosmetic is estimated to more than 185 billion CFA. This growth has encouraged new habits, like the use of massage of beauty centers, which is now one the first income when theres no hair care in the beauty society.
2. The lack of direct concurrent: Theres no company specialized in massage candles in Cameroon and even in central Africa.
3. The cost of operations.

Your profile

Im a young woman who lives and works in Yaounde, Cameroon. Last year, I was working as chemist in a fertilizer company and the smell was horrible, strong and lasts long. Even at home, I can still smell that odor, so I started to use scented candles. That period develop in me an interest for the candles, and at the end of my contract, I started investigations about launching a candle company. These researches lead me to the discovery of massage candles, which immediately, convinced me. It was attractive, innovative, targeting a growing market, and most important, the wax can be made using only local components. Four years ago, I obtained a Msc in Biochemistry from the University of Douala, Cameroon. Before, while following my studies, I had internships in pharmacy, medical laboratory and worked as sales/representative hostess, waitress and sales representative. Once my studies were achieved, I made another internship in R&D laboratories, and after, worked as a sales representative and then as a chemist in fertilizer. Now, Im an online seller specialized in jewelry while working and saving money to launch my massage candle company. My professional experiences teach me to be reactive, adaptable and versatile. Im someone really motivated and combative, even its hard I wont get back. I truly hope you will support me and help me make this dream a reality. Thank you.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

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August 21, 2016 17:58

You conceived a great idea. Sure it's great, when it comes to social problems, your idea is the real solution. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if want to implement it!

Christine Holliday

June 30, 2016 21:03

very interesting, I hope this works out well for you!

June 13, 2016 17:39

Hi, you have a good idea there.
I have cast my vote for you!
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June 13, 2016 17:37

Hi, you have a good idea there.
I have cast my vote for you!
Please i need you support also and a comment will also help. please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama
Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.

Best Idea Category Do you know that NEEM saves Lives

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Thank you in advance for your time.

June 8, 2016 04:07

Hi Mbono,
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Jude Landry Oku

June 4, 2016 19:02

Great idea fellow. I wish you the best as you gone on with this adventure. Good luck

June 4, 2016 16:33

Hie Mbono
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I support your idea, and am wishing you the best of luck in ur category of BEST IDEA

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Best of luck
Natasha Annie Tonthola

May 24, 2016 21:11

nice one bro,i think i am in love with ur project, pls chk mine and make a comment

May 4, 2016 15:23

Thank you Basir. I'm glad you love it.

May 3, 2016 11:58

it is really a great idea and wish you all the best for further successes.

April 30, 2016 15:18

Hi Tochukwu,
it's true it's hard to be the first. You have to explain the concept, and to convince people to try it. But I will keep pushing and at the end, i'm sure it will be okay.
I have already check and comment your idea. I really like it and wish you success in your projects.

April 30, 2016 15:14

Thank you Jason for your answer. I was thinking about seasonal fragrances and I'm happy to see someone think like me.
Again, thank you for your comment.

April 29, 2016 12:11

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April 16, 2016 15:38

Congrats Mbono this is quite innovative; using one stone to kill 2 birds: candle burning into a massage oil. I encourage my dear sister. Start-Up can be quite challenging especially when you are the first to do such. But keep pushing for the best ok. I wish you success cheers.

April 16, 2016 13:04

People love to relax and being in the wellness and beauty sector will always leave room for growth.I liked the fact that you targeted a potential customer that may result in repeat business which are the spas, everyday customers are good but their frequency of purchasing will be less than the spas etc.Create a solid product that can stand up to other brands especially foreign kindsand you will have a winner.Coupled with the fact it's local and sustainable etc are key marketing words present customers love to hear.Other ways to market maybe to have some seasonal types or even the ability for customers to 'make there own' types as people love personalized products.I believe overall you have a great business plan and I wish you great success in your endeavour.Please take the time to check out my idea UrClickcast, maybe when it's live it can be used by you to grow your business.Take care.