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Explain your idea in details:

Kelelwet Green Garden (KGG) is an intended new project that aims to to farm nutritious & affordable short season crops all year round, creation of employment opportunities, promotion of good health & well-being to everyone and produce steady supply of crops to promote zero hunger through better, efficient and sustainable agricultural techniques or smart farming. The overall activities that will take place include: Operations : erection of green houses, farming, administrative functions Processing activities: Washing, grading, packing, cooling and storage Marketing: branding, Distribution/selling. KGGs intends to use greenhouse technology for its farming since the region sometimes experiences prolonged dry seasons though it is endowed with rich agricultural soils and available farming land .The beauty of it is that there will be enough crops all the year round, minimal water use; plants will be protected from pest invasion & from direct sunlight The nutritious produce will be sold supermarkets, grocery stores, and retailers & farmers stores for profit. KGG intends to develop a sustainable farm business, establishing methods of increasing financial resources & able to survive off their cash flow. Greenhouses will enable the production of adequate food crops all year round and this will create continuous employment to the members of the community and their families who will also benefit from free supply of the produce for

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Kelelwet Green Garden is a grower and seller of exotic green vegetable & will focus on five distinct clientele: individual consumer, grocery stores, farmers stores, super stores and restaurants. There is currently a customer base of 1 million individual consumers,4,000 medium restaurants,10 super stores,7 farmer markets.With its proximity to Nakuru town,there will be steady flow of customers & its goal is to exceed customer's expectations, increase production efficiency by 10% a year, and lastly, and develop a sustainable farm business, able to survive off their cash flow. The market is growing by 12% with potential customer base of 2million. KGG has two competitive edges that will help them maintain strong growth rates, increasing their market penetration. The first edge is quality. KGG prides themselves on the high quality of exotic green vegetables greens. . KGG's second competitive edge is their flexibility. The entire farm will be set up to allow them to change crops or scale existing crops to meet demand. This is highly unusual as most farms are unable to change or continuously produce crops mid year. KGG will be managed by experienced staff with excellent knowledge in farming and accounting.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

KGG will aggressively court the farmer markets to ensure the ability to have a booth at the markets. Also,it will wow  the local restaurants,super stores that have a consistent need for the greens. Growth will be achieved through an assurance of top-shelf service and superior customer service and reliability.
KGGs competitive edge: quality and flexibility
KGG's sales strategy: visibility, consistency and strategic relationships
Sale forecast:
1ST Month: setting up greenhouse and administrative functions. There will be no sales activity to month 3
3rd month: marked by steady increase in sales to month 9 of upto $ 10,000-restaurants and $ 8,000 consumers until when the consumer sales will be significantly decreasing.
9th-16th month: Record increase in restaurants sales

Yearly sales projection: year 1($ 50,000),year 2($ 140,000),year 3( $ 200,000

KGG's milestones:Business plan completion,greenhouse set-up,first batch of greens sold,revamping of restaurant and grocery store supply

Financial plan:

Your profile

Name:Emcie Maureen C Bii, DOB: 23/11/1983 E-mail: [email protected] Project: Kelelwet Green Garden About: I am a small scale farmer in kelelwet village in Nakuru with 5 years extensive knowledge in mixed farming i.e animal (poultry, dairy cows, and goat/sheep) and crop farming. I was also brought up in Nakuru and this enhances my knowledge about the economy of the area. My interest in farming is because agriculture is the main economic activity in the region plus availability of land. I have 5 acres piece of land that has the capacity to produce enough produce all year round. My motivation is that Agriculture is the Kenyas main economic driver. Nakuru boast of good Agricultural soil for farming as well as a tourist destination hosting five star hotels located with the National park.Nakuru residents value fresh produce and will pay a premium for quality farm produce. The town is expanding with the intention to build an international airport which will boost Nakurus economy through job creation. It also hosts major universities with large number of students making up one of my largest markets KGGs idea is to make available vegetables all year round to end poverty among youth through job creation and promote zero hunger among the low income earners through affordable sales. Qualities: Am an MBA holder in Strategic Management from JKUAT university nov-2014 and a bachelors degree in Commerce finance major from Kabarak University 2010. I also have 5 years experience in the banking sector (CfC Stanbic Bank) which improved my finance, organizational management and numeric skills, ability to handle change successfully and strong leadership. Successes: Currently involved in the establishment of Kipkogo Ogiek women water project a social project aimed at empowering and improving the safety of women and girls. Also training and mentoring young mothers on entrepreneurial skills

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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