Ending Hindrances Which Prohibit Vulnerable Children Education

Published on April 18, 2016 um 12:29

Explain your idea in details:

Main Objectives are - Ending Obstacles of Vulnerable and Poor families Children education - Psychological make up of discriminated children - Ensuring self sufficiency of children - Sustaining better life of Vulnerable children As a start, i with 5 volunteers have started achieving these objectives since 2013 with 25 disadvantaged children, as eduction is the back bone as strategies to sustainable better life and survival to this end we have started to achieve it with small numbers of children . to this end, as strategy we have organized volunteers form the university who psychologically assist them and give tutorial classes, entertain them with filed visit, togetherness

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Expected Impacts are - These children Understand the importance of Education and in long run help others -Psychological balance; eliminate the feelings of down spirit and uplift to think ' i can do this thing ' by my self - Create self confident citizen who Invent and Innovate to solve communities problem and need - Tackle the root causes of poverty with research and studies

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Simple model of Annual Budget breakdown

Major Project activities                                         Total  Cost 

1. School Supplies , Ex. Books/Sem  50 x 100 birr x 2 semester = 10,000 birr and Pen /Sem 50 x 4 birr x 2 semester = 400 birr and Pencil  /Sem 50 x 3 birr x 2 semester = 300 bir and Eraser /Sem 50 x 5 birr x 2 semester = 500 birr

2. School Uniform/Year 50 x 400 birr  = 20,000 birr 3. School Bag/Year 50 x 300 birr  = 15,000 birr  4. Health Matters/Month 50 x 100 birr x 12 month = 60,000 birr  5. Volunteer Transportation Cost  4 x 100 x 12 month = 4,800 birr

TOTAL PROJECT COST:           IN ETB = 111, 000 birr 

                                                                 IN US DOLLARS=  528.71$

                                                                 IN EURO= 4826.09 


Admin costs are not included for all initiative volunteers are are working for the children and they have their own work, in the future we will bind things as we obtain partners or donors who believe vulnerable children deserve all support, and also support our mission

we have future plan, we want to grow and act on communities problems




Your profile

i was born on 9 January 1983 after high school studies i have joined higher education and had studied BA in Economics and Diploma in Biology, Since then, i have worked in Jimma University on different positions and responsibilities , and as a project coordinator i was volunteer in local NGO which work on Rehabilitation of Orphans and Street Children ; i was really enjoyed the time i had had the children and i was so happy as i have seen their physical change, and their thinking skill, playing with them all refreshes life,and moreover motivate me to think and be with children all the time, as i was grown in economically disadvantaged community, i understand the pain, these and other conditions together motivates me to look after children and work on Vulnerable children; so in the future also, i have big plan to seem them live better life, see innovators and inventors to solve problems, and also i have a dream to work on Elders , widows and disabled people

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August 28, 2016 05:45

Where are you applying this idea?

nice idea, please check my idea

August 23, 2016 15:12

Your project is good I support you by a vote and a comment

You can also pass through my project idea



August 22, 2016 21:55

I congratilation you! Thank you for this project

June 15, 2016 11:55

Hi dear Wubneh!

I find you idea interesting. It's so perspective and relevant now. I don't doubt that you'll achieve success with it. I wish you good luck and vote for you.
Please check out my idea too and please vote for it if you find it interesting.


June 14, 2016 14:51

This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
I have cast my vote for you!

Please I need you support also and a comment will also help. please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.


Best Idea Category Do you know NEEM saves Lives

Also, if you like my idea, PLEASE vote for me!
Thank you in advance for your time.

June 14, 2016 07:03

very good idea brther wubneh lets save our brothers lives real

June 9, 2016 14:20

very good brther togher we can save our fellow africans daaa

June 6, 2016 08:02

we had had special time with our children

June 6, 2016 04:36

Hello Wubneh!
Please check out my idea when you have a moment.
Yes, I have voted for you.

May 24, 2016 21:08

nice one bro,i think i am in love with ur project, pls chk mine and make a comment

May 18, 2016 14:04

how are you doing all dear friends ?

April 22, 2016 14:32

thank you friends

we can do it together

April 22, 2016 13:55

wow my friend what an adventurous move ..keep it i will go through your file ok


April 18, 2016 19:42

hi wubneh
I really appreciate the opportunity you have used to express the real problem exists in our country. It gives an interesting initiatives to those committed to help and assist the young generation who suffered of several problems.
I hope you will develop your idea through practical exercise supported with the need required . what I believe is your concept resources will come if you are targeted to your focus.
you young Africa I wish you all the best competition.

Good luck

April 18, 2016 14:51


This is an excellent idea. I would certainly support your work as education is very important. Here are a few suggestions that I hope will be helpful to you.

- Check for grammatical errors and sentence structure
- Look into establishing partnerships especially engaging leaders in the education system. There are a few organizations engaging in similar work and it would certainly beneficial for you to leverage the resources
- Flush out the impact section a little more. Do you have any information/data from the work that you have done so far?
- Evaluation of your project. Sometimes funding hinges on a good evaluation process.
- Talk a little more about the activities and how these will lead to sustainable development

I hope my comments are helpful. Best of luck to you!

April 18, 2016 14:24

I thank you Dear Friends ; I know we all have solid ideas that can transform our communities; thank you for becoming my friends and provide supportive comments.

Wubneh Mulugeta.


April 18, 2016 14:06

The education of children especially now requires a multifaceted and engaging approach.I see that you are doing this by also focusing on the psychological development of the child.Alot of people do not have an understanding that children need avenues to express themselves positively which will help them in becoming confident in their abilities as they get older.I support this initiative and I hope that it continues to grow so as to create a better global society.Please take the time to check out and comment on my idea Urclickcast which I hope you use when it becomes live.

April 18, 2016 12:55

Hello Kebede!

Your idea is just great!

Children's psychology is something to not be overlooked, because the repercussions of that is very present in adulthood. And this is the cause of many problems in our society today. I encourage your idea.
Thank you also for visiting my profile in leaving a comment on my idea, to allow me to better develop it.