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Explain your idea in details:

VILLACANE seeks to add value to sugarcane and its bye-products by converting them into beneficial and economically viable products utilizing environmentally friendly production and processing technologies. Sugarcane has a variety of uses ranging from ethanol for fuel, jaggery as a replacement for sugar/sweetener, raw juice, the bagasse for disposable products (e.g. plates, bowls, buckets, etc.), plastic replacement, construction materials, flour, clothing, molasses as food for cattle, etc. It is good to note that sugarcane products such as the juice and jaggery have become a widely preferred choice of fruit juice and sweetener respectively to the well-known refined sugar due to its nutritional and medicinal/health benefits, taste and low cost. The general objective of our idea is to process and market high-quality, fresh, hygienic and affordable sugarcane juice, at least for the first two years of operation, to refresh persons of all age groups whilst creating ready market for sugarcane farmers and employment opportunities for the youth. After the first two years of operation, all things being equal, we intend to scale up our operation to include the production of jaggery as a substitute for refined sugar and the production of charcoal by using sugarcane bagasse to forestall deforestation. We intend to adopt tried and tested innovative mechanisms/approaches used in other parts of the world through the use of the latest machinery, approach, flavouring and preservatives. We also intend to adopt innovative marketing strategies to enable us create public awareness on the health benefits of our products.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

VILLACANE expects the successful implementation of the idea to yield considerable benefits in both the short and long terms to not only the owners of the project but also to the immediate stakeholders along the sugarcane value chain and the entire community at large. We expect significant positive changes, in specific and measurable terms, in critical areas of the project, if implemented successfully, including productivity, profitability and growth. We also expect to make a major impact on job creation. Although we expect to begin operations on a small scale, at least for the first year, packaging and marketing the juice, we expect that as we expand and grow our business especially with other complementary products, sales representatives/agents, shop assistants and operators in other outlets would be subsequently trained and engaged. Our scale-up plans will look at jaggery production using the juice, charcoal production using bagasse, animal feed production using molasses, among others. All these will require us to engage human resource leading to reduction in unemployment especially in my community. It is our hope that once VILLACANE becomes fully operational, we shall contribute towards addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3 and 8 which includes No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, and Decent Work and Economic Growth, respectively, not only in my community and country but also the world over. We expect to measure success after the first 12 months of operation based on several indicators such as; - Productivity - Employment - Restarting of businesses of several sugarcane farmers who have gone out of business - Revenue and - Net Profit.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Sugarcane is the most important raw material for our processes and we do not expect shortage in raw material, as currently an estimated 250,000mt of sugarcane is produced annually with over 20km² of land still available for cultivation in our catchment area. Our Raw Material Procurement Strategy will be designed to ensure we have uninterrupted supply of sugarcane at relatively low costs. We shall, in our first year, source sugarcane from smallholder farmers.

An initial capital requirement of USD 150,000 will be required to set up the facility. This is expected to be used to take care of Building, Plant and Machinery, Furniture and Fittings, Delivery Van and Working Capital. Finance is expected to be sourced for the project mainly through Grants, Equity and Debt (preferably soft loans). Our business plan, being finalized, contains the complete financial projections (input costs, production costs, sales and cashflow projections, ratios, etc.) and is available upon request from a potential investor.

Underlying our financial strategy is the primary goal of maximizing owners wealth by generating appropriate returns on investment. In line with this, we look to implement a financial plan that ensures our financial resources are managed prudently, with a view to generating adequate cash flows.

Our marketing strategy will be designed to facilitate the development of strong customer relationships aimed at securing and growing a reliable market for our products. Our strategy will be focused on keeping our client base by continually improving on our work processes to ensure we deliver consistently on our key selling points.

VILLACANE shall use integrated marketing communication approach in which there will be a blend of different marketing and promotional tools that will convey clear and consistent message of our product to the customers. These Promotional tools will include Newspapers, Billboards, Promotional vans, and Social Media.

Your profile

I am a 29 year old, very energetic & astute young man who is always determined to meet expectation. Being a versatile & a conscientious individual, I possess varied knowledge & experience in Fundamental Accounting, Research, Proposal Development, Business Plan & Grant Writing, Entrepreneurial Skills Capacity Building & Training, Value Chain Analysis and Graphic Designing, among others. I currently work with Elitrust Finecon Limited, (a specialized consultancy firm providing dedicated services in Finance, Economics and Strategic Management, with a niche in Capacity Development and Training), as a Business Analyst. Apart from holding an HND in Accounting from the Ho Polytechnic in Ghana, I believe that self-education especially through the internet is very paramount if one wants to become successful. As a result, I enrolled in and completed successfully Courseras Entrepreneurial course Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship with distinction and was awarded a verified certificate from the University of Maryland. For the past four (4) years, I took active part in helping & managing various projects funded by The World Bank, USAID, DANIDA, The Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), DFID, EU, TechnoServe & a host of other Developmental Partners in areas spanning Business Advocacy, Capacity Building & Training, Business and Organizational Development, Research, Municipal Finance, etc. I am very passionate about entrepreneurship and as such I am continuously educating myself in the area and contemplating pursuing a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. I am motivated by the desire to one day write my name on the Worlds map and that has kept me going in life and has tremendously contributed to the few successes I have, so far, chalked.

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conceptual stage, planning stage

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August 22, 2019 16:52

The ability to execute is the difference between success and failure.

you have a great idea, I'm really proud to be with you in this competition.

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August 17, 2016 16:37

Hi Felix,

I love your idea and its impact on society! I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well!

Salu Yuda Ngedu

July 28, 2016 20:24

This is a great idea and once implemented it can obviously transform Africa. I support it by votes and comment. Kindly, support my idea though this link:

Thank you!

July 26, 2016 18:16

your a good designer for your idea i think it will be the developmental foster

Wuankah Godwin Mawutor

July 11, 2016 19:14

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Besides your vote are not encouraging, lets chat and see how best we can help each other.

June 15, 2016 11:38

Hi dear Felix!

I find your idea really great! It's perspective, very creative and really relevant these days! I believe you will achieve success with it. I wish you good luck and vote for you.
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June 13, 2016 18:07

Hi, you have a good idea there THUMBS UP.
I have cast my vote for you!
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June 7, 2016 17:39

Thanks, Magoti. I will revert. Cheers

June 7, 2016 17:37

Thanks, Magoti. I will revert. Cheers

June 7, 2016 14:03

Congrats for your good idea, very useful and interested idea
i vote for you.. you can also support my project of Easy and portable shower-latrine through this link

June 7, 2016 13:53

Thanks Lorrain, I appreciate it so much. God bless...

June 7, 2016 13:52

Thanks Lorrain, I appreciate it so much. God bless...

June 7, 2016 13:52

Thanks Lorrain, I appreciate it so much. God bless...

Lorrain Agbee

June 7, 2016 09:38

This is a great idea. Lets all support it. Kudos

June 1, 2016 20:24

Thanks Eric and Sai. I appreciate it so much.

Will surely revert Sai.

June 1, 2016 17:22

Its time we explore the full benefits of sugarcane besides the fundamental use of chewing, alcohol and sugar. A Vote for villacane, a vote for innovation in sugarcane use.

June 1, 2016 14:18


June 1, 2016 14:13

hey wonderful idea.i encourage you whole heartedly

i invite you to go through my idea and vote for me and give suggestions if any

April 22, 2016 14:19

You are welcome...

thanks too

April 22, 2016 14:14

Thanks Bernard,

I have been there a couple of times. Will read through again once there's an update on it...

Thanks again

April 22, 2016 14:07

Hello Felix

what a great idea,as a result of job creation is what we need and is exactly what you are embarking on ....sugarcane procession here in Ghana by a young entrepreneur like is going to one bigger achieve our Ghanaian youth will ever get...lets support to fight the goal together..
take care...please do take time to through my project.

April 22, 2016 12:36

Thanks very much Dielamo, I appreciate your input very much.
I will work on that soon...

I've passed through your page once and will continuously do that as you do the necessary corrections, if any.

Thanks for having you around!!

April 22, 2016 10:18

I think there is much repetition- saying the same thing in another way. It won't be out place if you summarize it, letting only your key points glow and also adding some numerical values. A judge or investor with so many business plans to read won't have the time to read through repetitions. Capture the judges or investors attention with a sugary and juicy presentation. Thank you for your understanding. Your idea is good, worthy of commendation. Thus I don't see any deficiency in the idea itself. I wish you the best. You can please take time to give your input on my idea. Snail meal and sugarcane juice drink are one.

April 21, 2016 21:18

Hopefully, Nadlyn G. Thanks for passing through.... Can't wait for your idea to revert the honour...

April 21, 2016 19:35

Cant wait to get hold of one of the PET bottles, it sounds thirst busting.

April 20, 2016 19:07

Mona-lee, I very much appreciate your input.

Yes, numbers are very important. I thought as much, however, I was limited by the number of characters per heading (300 max); Bringing in the figures will also mean that some very useful and important information would also be missing.

Nonetheless, will try see how best to summarize it further.

Thanks a lot, Mona-lee!!!!!

April 20, 2016 18:48

Hi Felix,

Wonderful idea! I love sugarcane as well :). One thing I would like to mention the ability to put some numbers to your project. For example How much will the product cost? How much profit will the youth make? What is the expected percentage rate in terms of growth of the economy? I know investors love numbers because they want to make sure that their money is going to make them a profit. I wish nothing but the best.


April 20, 2016 16:46

Thanks very much Imelda, I appreciate your input.

Thanks for the support as well!

Will revert by looking at "BOOST IDEA'' as well...

April 20, 2016 16:35

Hello Felix!
I love your idea my dear.
It's very true what you are saying in your presentation. Today in Europe particularly, Sugarcane is the most prefered and even also the most expensive in the supermarkets. It would be really innovative to sell sugar cane juice and especially a big deal.
I really support your idea!

I will love to read your comment about my idea "BOOST IDEA". Please leave me a comment or an idea to develop it.
thank you!

April 20, 2016 16:25

You're most welcome Felix.I have a little idea about the sugar cane juice processing that's why I could have stated product life is a major concern.Also I forget to mention to look at different flavorings, I think you mentioned that so sorry if I am repeating a point you made but it shall really make your brand outstanding.Anyway take care and much success.

April 20, 2016 16:15

Thanks very much Jayson for your comment. I appreciate it very much.

Mobile vending is one of the key strategies embedded in the complete business plan.

Preservation is a serious threat to our idea and serious barrier of entry for a startup like us so far us sugarcane juice is concerned. however, we are still researching to see how best to address this.

we're in constant talk with others in the business across Asia and South America to address this.

Once again thanks and I appreciate the link so much.

I will revert by visiting your idea/project as well...

April 20, 2016 16:01

Sugar cane juice is growing in popularity around the world because of both it's nutritional benefits as well as it's delicious taste.It is without a doubt a great business idea to pursue and you will have a ready market.A suggestion you can look at, is at start up, you can offer an opportunity to people as mobile juice vendors, just a cooler on a bicycle will suffice.An example of this concept is provided with this link .This allows you to create employment as well as increase your market reach easier, because as they will be mobile more people can see your brand.Also another thing that is very important is storage and preservation since sugar cane juice spoillage is very.Overall I wish you great success in your business.I also kindly request that you visit and comment on my idea UrClickcast it will be truly appreciated.It has a feature name Click it Fix it that you may be able to use as a tool to get vendors as it allows people to post possible job opportunities.Take care.