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Published on April 10, 2016 um 01:50

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The news and reality of over 80% ( of schools in Nigeria operating way below the standards attainable, with poor infrastructures and a seeming lack of qualified hands to train available students coupled with the decrying nature of low girl-child education enrollment across the country (Since education is the process through which individuals are made functional members of the society (Ocho, 2005) .It is a process through which the young acquires knowledge and realizes her potentialities and uses them for self-actualization (Offorma, 2009). Education has been described as the most important aspect of human development, a key to a successful living, especially girl-child education (Michael,2011)). Denying the girl-child access to education implies making her a dysfunctional member of the society, hence leaving her unable to handle the psychological, financial,emotional, socioeconomic, mental and physical burdens and stress that come with marital and family life. Statistics show that many girls are not enrolled in school. The global figure for out of school children is estimated at 121 million, 65 million are girls, with over 80 percent of these girls living in sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria (UNICEF, 2007). ActionAid International (AAIN) cited by KIKI (2010) reported that, not until recently, in a school of 150 students in Northern Nigeria, only 2-3 students are girls. Even at that, girls in this region do not have the right to choose education. In seeking for a lasting solution to these challenges, The Mobile School strategy was born which promises to bring basic academic and entreprenerial training for over 1000 girls at Katcha Local Government and its environs denied any form of formal schooling just for gender, sociocultural patterns and early marital reasons.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Mobile School strategy promises to bring basic academic and entreprenerial training to over 1000 girl-children between ages 9-18 at Katcha Local Government and its environs, Niger State, Nigeria, denied any form of formal schooling just for gender, sociocultural patterns and early marital reasons, leaving them unable to handle the psychological, financial,emotional, socioeconomic, mental and physical burdens and stress that come with marital and family life. The customer will have to change sociocultural misconceptions, poverty and scarcity mentality and look at the girl-child beyond being a tool for sexual gratification and baby making machine to being potential key influence and actor for functional and sustainable societal socioeconomic growth, development and stability, National peace, unity, synergy and coexistence as such valuing the relevance of her right to full education, training and development. Success measurements 1. Supportive Government policy and partnership 2. Successful traditional and religious leaders engagement and acceptance 3. Willingness of parents to pay for services 4. number of enrollment and impact on girl child.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The following are the business model
Phase one
Engagement of traditional and religious leaders in Katcha LG to ensure and verify acceptance through meetings, bilateral talks and collaboration for 2-3 months.
A four days awareness and training workshop for parents and girls if acceptance of leaders are secured to improve acceptance and participation.
Engagement of parents through bilateral talks to ensure efficient pricing and affordability by parents 1-2 months.
phase two
selection of kick off centers across Katcha LG for nearness and accessibility for students in their homes 2-4 weeks.
Building of websites for school 1-2 months
Purchase of training materials needed 2-3months
engagement and recriutment of passionate staff and resource persons 2-3 months
phase three
Execution, monitoring, control and improvement continuous.
Financial Sources Self, Niger State Ministry of Education, Nysc, and Family and friends
Collaborators NYSC, Niger State Government, Family and friends

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I am Alu Ignatius Chukwu by name, my friends call IG, born on the 23rd of October 1988 in Mada Station Nasarawa State where I obtained both primary and secondary education, efficient in English, Igbo and Hausa Language. I'm a graduate of Biotechnology Ebonyi StateUniversity Abakaliki Nigeria, The citadel for learning and excellence, Am a native of Umulu Iyioji Akaeze Ivo Local Government Area Ebonyi State, from a family of Five i.e. Parents Mr/Mrs Alu Chukwu Sunday Veronica, Sibblings Alu Chukwu Samuel and Ruth, I am a passionate young mind with positive and optimistic mind set, Enthusiastic and self motivated, driven by goals and visions, bent on getting result, a core adherant to the world of possibilities with no impossibility tolerance, a student of life who believes in learning from the mistake of others, having passion for people driven by the purpose of helping people solve their problems and inspiring everyone of them to greatness, a student of own profession, a reader, writer, trainer,an entrepreneur and educator, a teacher and speaker, a thiest, principle ruled, a practising Christian, charming and loving, easy going, MelSang with traces of phlegmatic quietness, an adent reader of books from Robert T. Kiyosaki, Dr. Myles Munroe of the blessed memory, Brain Tracy Stephen Covey, Zig Lag, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnige, Pst W.F. Kumuyi, Pst Oyedepo, Pst Sunday Adelaja, Phil and Susy Downer, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr Bill Winston, Charles Spurgeon, John Maxwell, John Manson and many others! Love swimming reading traveling and teaching.

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August 27, 2016 06:16

where are you applying this idea?

nice idea, please check my idea

August 20, 2016 13:16

This is a great idea comrade. It can transform Africa if implemented, and I support it by votes and comments. What to do is just don't give up!

August 4, 2016 17:00

My idea is mobile too. Hi 5!

April 17, 2016 21:35

Thank you Jayson Sharpe we appreciate your contributions and sure will be implemented. Thanks

April 17, 2016 05:08

Empowered women are necessary for a better society and it's through their strength that alot has been accomplished.It's unfortunate for me personally to hear this low female attendance rate in schools because being from Trinidad and Tobago everyone attends school up to age 16.By you doing this is indeed a noble cause and I applaud you for that.However, I know finances will be a major hurdle not just for startup but for sustainability.I saw you stated fees shall be paid by the parents,you have to weigh if that will be enough to run the project.Maybe look at fundraisers that can involve the children like talent shows, small one day sports events as to show that you have a multifaceted approach.It shall also help with the public relations of Mobile School as people are actually seeing activities and that may lead to even more funding. Also I saw entrepreneurial training shall be provided,can this point be expanded on? As this can be a way to earn revenue for the initiative to survive and grow,maybe monthly markets can be held or door to door sales of whatever the kids make .I hope that you are successful in this endeavour because the situation needs serious intervention and I wish you the best in all that you do.Rgds.

April 17, 2016 03:22

we are happy to hear from you