Developing of new methods for examining gold and silver caliber and recycling of chemical residues u

Published on June 10, 2016 um 18:39

Explain your idea in details:

Entrepreneurial idea at Gaza strip with new technology for examining of gold and silver caliber , extracting of silver from chemical wastes, reused it and saving environments from chemical pollution by using safety methods of analysis and recycling process, the main benefit/value of this laboratory is keeping people away from fraud, to make them realized about the importance of knowing the caliber of gold and silver, and to help precious metal's traders to know the precise caliber of ingots in order to produce accurate products free of fraud (Compliance with specifications). In brief, we can say that this project could be the first reference for precious metals in Palestine.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

- Very Friendly To Environment. - Safe for Worker. - Using new methods with electronic devices for determining the calibres of precious metals instead of chemical methods, this will surely lead to lower the pollution. - Recycling Process Is Advantage Of Work. - High value through variety of experiences. - Accuracy. - Social relationship with different aspects such as ministry of economy, Palestinian union for industries, chemical company suppliers and precious metals dealers.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

As a medical lab analysis process but here with precious metals as following:
-Examine gold caliber where each sample cost 15 $.
-Examine silver caliber where each sample cost 10 $.
- Electronic store (web sites) for all precious metals trader to sell and buy through it all types of precious metals  ,monthly subscription cost 10 $. 

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SALAH A. M. EL SADI EMAIL: [email protected] Phone no. 00970599685414 Age : 34 At first I hold bachelor degree in industrial chemistry from faculty of science with degree 81%, high diploma in education from Islamic university with grade % and high diploma in entrepreneur and business application from Islamic university with grade 80% Prizes I gained it for succeeded experiments: 1- Trip for Saudi Arabia (extraction of silver by salt) 2- 500 dollars (recycling of nitric acid) 3- 200 dollars (design device for gold analysis) 4- Appreciation certificate for save environments (government certificate) 5- Finally I winner number one for idea or competition which I participate in it for better project or idea in Palestine , I named it golden lab for gold and silver analysis and extraction of silver from its salt (this prize from spark association Holland which help me to launch my project in terms of all financial sides ) 6- I won fund from Oxfam association for my new project 5000 $

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

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Its a good project don't give up please.
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June 18, 2016 12:39

good method for examining and recycling the gold and silveri think you have to exisist on the market early..
good chance.

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