Bicycle street shops for bakery products

Published on May 17, 2016 um 10:24

Explain your idea in details:

Tamu tamu backery has one year operating .It is wholesale and retail bakery located in Dodoma region in Tanzania currently the bakery only bake breads and supply to mini market and local shops around the region. As the growing of the region in the past five years with establishment of universities and allocation of government offices. The population increasing rapidly and high demand of bakery products increases yet are not found. Currently the area is served with mini markets, local shops ,kiosks and restaurants but none of those restaurants carry the varieties of bakery products most of them sell breads and few of them cakes. This bakery plan is to get the interest of baked goods customers by producing varieties of bakery product like cookies, pastry, Biscuits and cakes and will be solving the issue of youths unemployment through giving them a business opportunity without or by less investment. The major activities shall be manufacturing and selling bakery products on street bicycle shops. These bicycles shops shall be locating at strategic areas of bus stations,campus,schools e.t.c and others touring in streets. The attraction of the shop, a large tasteful and the smells from the street bicycle shops will attract customers into buying the products. This strategy will meet many customers in a day in so many different locations. That itself as a competent, innovative and customer oriented. The main objectives are: To be leading a reputable bakery with a strong brand image all over the country, To be competitive in the market with new baked food varieties, to discourage the importation of baked good in the country by making customers use our local products, to offer thousands direct and indirectly of jobs across the country, To generate revenue, to become zero-debt bakery, to provide new and quality baked

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

since everybody needs food to survive, the bakery products can never have the end users if the products are quality meaning we shall be growing and producing endlessly, in the next three years the company shall be having the branch office in many regions or towns and more street bicycle shops to be scattered. Thousands of direct and indirect jobs continue to be created for reaching customers. This all shall be facilitated by marketing technique, the high demand of baked goods and less competition. we are preparing to meet the demand of as much people as we can within various locations. The main focus will be the consumers in the region and nearby towns around the country. It will also focus on bus travelers that passes through the region which is in the central part of the country. The product customers shall be of any status from schools or campuses, home, from streets e.t .c because we aim to make cheapest to highest product prices for everybody getting to buy. We shall have new and quality variety of products in the region that must be sold because of its demand, quality and less competition. We shall maintain our customers and create new ones by offering discounts, and awarding the permanent customers. We shall evaluate success by considering the production company growth within two years of projection.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The big plan for this bakery is to introduce new bakery products of pastries, cookies, biscuits, more varieties of cakes etc. Because the bakery is operating now we shall need a license for these bicycle street shops from the town municipal and agree on the charges. The number of local bicycles shall be bought for transformation into street shops then getting into town with products.
The sustainability, It will be the strong brand image all over the country. It is economical project that will save huge profit hence facilitate its growth; It shall be setting a mark outside the region and strong market. The town population is over 2,000,000 in which our bicycles shall be scattered in targeted areas to meet customers.
The bakery would like to collaborate with blue band and jam companies if they can make me sachets of blue band or jams. The reasons is that I would like to attach the small sachets of blue band or jam in my breads so that I sell my bread first at affordable price in the supermarkets or shops to win the bread competitors and satisfy customers.
Financing source is personal investment which I got the from the support from my husband and from my savings from my temporary job and business. Currently I have no source of money for the implementation of this new project that I am looking for funds but later if I succeed , my bakery will make money daily, bringing in a net profit and become financial independent.

Your profile

My name is Esther khumbe. A woman of 33 years old living in Dodoma Tanzania. I am the owner of the small bakery in the region which has operated for one year now. I am a graduate with the bachelor of arts in social sciences. I have come with this idea after staying home jobless for some years. The unemployment issue has driving me to start baking at home for some time where I used to bake cakes and supply at local shops and kiosks. Later then my husband empowered me by offering to buy bakery machines. He also supported me with some money which I add my savings and built a small single room with a store and exchanging room and toilet which is the bakery. Now I have a burning desire to improve my business that I come with this innovative idea which is new and unique in the country. It has the following advantages to community and environment,placing great emphasis on environmental issues. We consider using charcoal bricks oven which are environmental friendly and economical. Our products shall be packed in papers which they will not pollute environment. Bicycles cannot cause green emissions like vehicles. Less operating costs, no fuel needed and less money on repairing of bicycle shops. Project itself will directly and indirectly employ thousands of youth in the next generation .It will increase charcoal bricks production and influencing other bakers to adopt the baking oven in which will be an opportunity for charcoal bricks makers thats another employment opportunity. I am counting it as a sustainable business, Any change in community starts with an idea.Let us develop it and implement.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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