Delivery agents for the recycling of waste plastic and polythene reduces poverty

Published on June 6, 2016 um 16:05

Explain your idea in details:

The idea of establishing a recycling plant would cost a lot and that is why the main objective of this idea is to establish fund for the start-up of the recycling plant of plastic waste to fuel. Other objectives include employment opportunities for youths with or without a degree. In Lagos there are many youths on the street who pick scrap daily from the dump sites but dont they could convert those waste at the dump site to cash. The need to educate them why they should collect these waste plastics and the type of plastic bottles needed for recycling. Homes also would be educated on how they can sort out these plastic bottles and keep them clean in a built wooden waste bin where we collect from them weigh and deliver it to recycling plant. There would also be a sub-station where those who look for plastic bottles on the streets with trucks they push or those who collect it with bags to drop at the substation for easy access. At the substation we weigh, sort and remove harmful plastic waste. It makes it easier for them to drop it and get paid that same day.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The standard payment for plastic waste in Nigeria is 20 naira per kilogram. There are many children and youths who are homeless, lack feeding and are in need of shelter while others in school need money to get back to school. These youths instead of engaging in illegal activities can take 4-6 hours of their time to engage in picking waste plastics and use the money earned for feeding and even save. Many are unemployed in Nigeria due to lack of jobs but I see this idea as an avenue to create more jobs in Nigeria. It would involve the input of many workers from the picking of the plastic bottles, sorting and cleaning, transportation and those working at the recycling plant site. This idea can employ all. If you are with a degree or you are not. The young ones and the old ones can also involve themselves, those working in organizations can also engage in it. This idea is for everybody. It just needs enough time input for fully employed workers. This idea also contributes to the movement for environmental protection. The idea is a solution to the problem of blocked drainage, carbon and greenhouse gas pollution, landfills, conservation of minerals resources like fuel, etc. It would help keep Lagos clean and from there I see other states doing the same.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We first have to create awareness on the importance of recycling plastic wastes and how the programme can benefit the unemployed and those living in poverty. Using the media such as Tv stations and radio stations, social media sites (Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on) to make people aware especially those living in Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan. Then we train both our staffs and those that are partially employed depending on the category they would work with. For those who pick plastic bottle they would be trained especially on how to identify the type of plastic bottles which is the polyethylene Terephthalate(PET) such as coca-cola plastic bottles, pepsi plastic bottles that are required. And safety precautions when picking to prevent them from toxic wastes.
For homes for easy collection we build specialized type of wooden waste bin for easy sorting and collection of wastes. We collect waste from homes once a week and weigh but pay per week or per month depending on the individuals choice.
For the streets most collect from dump sites, events, restaurant and other public places. Most of them collect dirty and harmful plastic wastes so we collect at our sub-station for easy sorting and here you get paid daily depending on the weight of the bag of plastic bottles collected. In order not to violate the laws we would be partnering with Lagos state waste management agency (LAWMA) where we partner with them to serve as a delivery agent to different recycling plant sites both government and private organizations.

Your profile

My name is Ndaman Joshua Olayinka. I am 20 years old. A student at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Kaduna state in my final year studying mechanical engineering. I live in Lagos state. I am study engineering but also followed the path way of entrepreneurship from taking online entrepreneurship courses, participating in entrepreneurship competition and also trying to start up a plastic recycling company after graduation. I stayed in a place where i learnt how to pick and buy iron, copper wire scraps, household items, newspapers and so on from the street. Many look at it as a dirty business but as i started the work i found out that it is very lucrative and that was how i was motivated to become a recycler and one-day employ many when i establish a recycling industry. My most recent award was when i was awarded a certificate for participating in the Ashoka mastercard foundation entrepreneurship course online - The future of youth and employment. I hope to start-up this business of recycling as soon as i graduate this year. I have started saving and sourcing for funds towards the establishment of my ideas.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage, idea offered for implementation by others

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August 21, 2016 18:32

You conceived a great idea. Sure it's great, when it comes to social problems, your idea is the real solution. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if want to implement it!

June 15, 2016 10:56

Hi Ndaman!

I find you idea interesting and creative. It's reallu relevant today so I'm sure you'll make this idea a reality. I give you my vote and wish you good luck.
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June 8, 2016 22:44

Hi Ndaman,

Congratulations on your project!

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I support your idea and wish you the best of luck. Am asking for your vote, I will also vote for your project idea.

Best Wishes!



June 8, 2016 14:32

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Hi Ndaman,
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June 7, 2016 07:07

That is the way to go. I am also doing the same in Kenya converting plastics to fuel. I am also developing an engine that can be able to utilize these energy and convert it to electricity. Kindly contact me via my email [email protected] so we can share more on this topic.Kudos!!!

June 6, 2016 20:57

@Mathew King'atua Yes we have been able to convert the plastic into fuel in small scale production but to produce in large quantity we would need a lot of capital.

June 6, 2016 16:30

Great Idea. Also very passionate about recycling especially plastic waste which is becoming a menace. Have you been able to convert the plastics into fuel?