High Sky Services (HSS)

Published on June 18, 2016 um 16:51

Explain your idea in details:

My idea has started when I start observing how long the attendant will take to serve the passenger request such as asking for blanket and water. Also, to buy an item from duty free shopping , the passenger should call the attended. Then ask her to check if the item is available . If the item is available , Attendant will ask the passenger to fill payment form and then passenger will receive his/her requested item. The time that is taken to check for duty free shopping items and then the process to pay and receive the items take a time and sometime the attendant will encounter a difficulties due to weather condition. Also, I have noticed that some of airline crew are not aware of sign language hence they find it difficult to understand deaf passenger requests. Likewise , there are people who are suffering from a social disorder and they feel shy or they feel scared to communicate with airline crew. In addition, an old age passengers find it difficult to walk to toilet and wait for the toilet if it was currently busy. HSS is Android system based hat allows an Interaction between airline passenger and the flight crew. It will be designed to come up with a comfortable and luxurious services during travel in airplane. Moreover, Designing an online In-flight duty free section and shopping. Also, Create an additional services for the passenger such as: Feedback bar and availability of the toilet. Furthermore, increase the quality of inline services. In addition, organize the process of serving passenger requests efficiently and wisely.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target of our system are airplane passengers. Positive impact on airline companies : HSS will give a good impression about the airline companies. since It will encourage people to use the same airline frequently this will lead to increase the demand of this airline . Thus, will achieve more profit. Moreover, will open the doors to provide many additional services in a critical time. Therefore, providing such system will trigger a big difference in transportation and tourism domain. positive impact on airplane passengers: As an Oman is wildly promoting its tourism there is a need to provide world class services to the visitors of this wonderful country. Also, HSS will encourage people to use the same airline frequently and will lead to increase Omani economy . It will help deaf passengers to communicate with the airplane crew easily. positive impact on the country: HSS will give a good impression about airline services as well as the country . It will create many job opportunities such as marketers , designers, system administrator and different type of sellers whom their product will be showed in duty free shopping in the system. Scalability: Marketing the system will expand the business . In order to expand the HSS system we will install the system in different airplanes. we will encourage many sellers to present their products in our online duty free shopping. we will try to install the system in some other transportation like train.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Business Model:Key Activities The objectives of our system is to help airplane crew serving passenger request easily and in a critical time. Also helping hearing and speaking disabilities passengers to communicate with the crew via the HSS.Key Resources The main resource of our system are human resource and intellectual.The human resources  are the programmers , designer and the marketers.The intellectual resource is the system itself.Key partner Oman air provided us with the significant information and full details about the airplane system features  and the package which we have to use it in order to program the system.Channel:contact the airline companies. fixed cost workers salaries. variable cost will be spend to buy the required software to develop the system. This will cost around 30$ for a year. Buying the required materials such as papers and pen. This will cost around 10$ . Buying the required devices such as  a pc , printer and server. This will cost around 600$ . Testing the system.This will cost around 200$. The college and The research council in Oman will  support us financially.Revenue stream The main revenue of HSS will be from the system sales. The market opportunity  An estimated 2.2 million visitors of Oman per year and we can expect that 3% of these visitors are having hearing and speaking disability  . Our target currently is Oman then we gonna expand the system to worldwide.  Customer segment: Two surveys were conducting one for passengers and one for airplane crew. The airplane crew  were so excited and happy about the HSS and many of them were asking us when the idea will be implemented.The team:Hafsa AL Ansari Software development,Founder. Halimah software development.Mr.Karan, Mentor.

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I am Hafsa AL Ansari and I am 21. I am doing IT Bachelor in software development from CAS-Sohar since 2012. I am an ambition person and looking forward to use my theory concepts to develop the practical side concepts. I had many Technical skills such as: Programming language: java, c, c++, c# , Scripting language: JavaScript, php, Html, Xml and Database: SQL, mysql, MS Access. I got many certificates for instance: Cambridge international Diploma in IT skills C++ course from Aptech computer education institute India- Bangalore C course from Aptech computer education institute India- Bangalore web technology HTML 5, course from Aptech computer education institute India- Bangalore

high sky Services- a world class on board experience

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September 30, 2016 16:08

It is your time now to implement it, we are waiting for it.....

September 30, 2016 16:05

You are the Winner even though Judges has not yet made a selection, but you are the one, big up and all the best.

September 4, 2016 17:09

Thank you my dear.

September 4, 2016 16:46

that is a good idea and I like it
good luck

September 3, 2016 15:50

I love this, all the best I trust you can make it.


August 28, 2016 14:33

Hi, As a frequent traveler, I am delighted to say this is a wonderful idea. Many time I have came across such situation of language barrier. I appreciate this idea and request to implement the same as soon as possible. I am sure, this idea will definitely time saving and will help the travelers. Thank you.

August 28, 2016 12:08

Hi Aysha ,
Thank u .

August 28, 2016 12:07

Hi Salu,
Thank u sooo much 4 ur support . I really appreciate it. I will never give up and i am gonna implement it In real .

August 28, 2016 11:58

Hello friend,
Your idea is great and has an inbuilt sound solution in communities. Supported it by votes and comments and I'd like to advise you to not giving up. No matter how the competition position will take you, just stick to your idea until you get it into operational status.

Aaisha Almayasi

August 27, 2016 14:14

Go a head

Aaisha almayasi

August 27, 2016 13:12

All the best dear

ahmed ali

August 26, 2016 09:21

I like your idea and I support you by my vote and comment. all the best


August 26, 2016 09:13

excellent description and a perfect idea.


August 26, 2016 08:47

So proud of u. All the best my dear. Creative i dea

August 26, 2016 07:57

Thank you . All the best

August 26, 2016 00:00

I really appreciate what I read on your idea's explanations above. It's a nice idea.


August 25, 2016 12:20

All the best


August 25, 2016 12:04

All the best .

Said Al harasi

August 25, 2016 11:59

1-I support your idea Hafsa. It should be implemented in train as well .


August 25, 2016 11:44

This is wt they call is "thinking out of the box". it really amazing idea and I wish u gonna work hard for it.

aysha alhamadani

August 25, 2016 11:41

All the best hafsa, creative idea


August 25, 2016 11:30

Well done Hafsa! all the best


August 25, 2016 11:22

I like the idea hafsa. Soo creative . I wish u gonna implement it soon


August 25, 2016 08:43

I like ur idea Hafsa. Plz go on & try to implement it .

Salha Al hamdani

August 25, 2016 05:07

l like your idea Hafsa. Dont give up.


August 25, 2016 03:50

Good luck my dear. Great idea .


August 24, 2016 04:19

Wishing you all the best best dear!

Um aysha

August 23, 2016 20:14

It's a great idea


August 23, 2016 19:37

Amazing idea..
Hope it turns into a real project

August 21, 2016 18:34

You conceived a great idea. Sure it's great, when it comes to social problems, your idea is the real solution. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if want to implement it!

Samuel Cruz

August 21, 2016 05:06

Does the operation of your project will be available on a interface in the airplane?


August 20, 2016 19:18

Good work and good luck


August 19, 2016 10:29

Good project