Crops Irrigation System (Uhirira System).

Published on May 12, 2016 um 10:40

Explain your idea in details:

It is my excitement to expand more about my idea in details. Why this idea? This idea is coming in the right time to solve some problems we have been facing in previous years if it becomes alive. Uhiririra system will reduce the amount of money and time the farmers were spending on a field while irrigating some horticulture crops such as the combination of vegetables and fruits. Here, someone can ask him/herself how Uhiririra system is going to work and the process the irrigation will be taken through. Drippers or emitters will be connected across the field or farm parallel with the crops to be irrigated. Then, the sensors will be always turned on to detect the wetness and dryness of the soil. In case the sensors will detect that the soil hasnt enough water, it will send a command to activate the water pumps which irrigate the crops using water from the connected tank. Once the soil has enough water, the sensor will again send a command to stop the irrigation. As this system is automated, it is going to be very helpful where the labors are scarce or expensive to hire. Uhiririra system will be composed of the following components: pump unit that will be connected to the water tank or another source of water such rivers, lakes and provides the right pressure for delivery into the pipes system without the intervention of the man powers. Control head, Main and sub main lines, Laterals, Emitters or drippers will also be the main components that will make the system alive. Then, as Uhiririra system is going to be automated, it will be helpful for the farmers and become permanent because it will be used many seasons that will be coming in.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Crops irrigation system (Uhirira system) will be the solution to reduce hunger among the people and also facilitate in achieving the sustainable development goal of zero hunger. Uhirira system is also going to enable farmers to not fear the seasons changes because they will be able to retain water for irrigation from the main sources (water tanks, valley dams, rivers, lakes) etc. This means that the farmers will be able to cultivate some vegetables even in dry seasons. As we already know, when the summer periods come, it is commonly known that the price of fruits and vegetables slightly go higher compared to the normal price. This is no longer the problem because the farmers will also yield vegetables and fruits more than one season because of this permanent automated irrigation. Then, from here someone may ask himself the impact that Uhirira system is going to perform. Firstly, this will help the economy to be stable and ensure that the demand of green vegetables, as well as fruits at the market, will be equal to supply. This will be measured within two agricultural seasons to see whether the prices of vegetables and fruits from one season were the same. Secondly, crops irrigation system will ensure and reduce the percentage of malnutrition from the early childhood growth. Here, the nursery and primary kids will be fed by their families due to the sustainable yield they will get from the modernized agriculture. This will be assessed from the area where the plot will be established to assess how helpful it is in increasing the production.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This agribusiness (crops irrigation system) is going to generate income as it will benefit the farmers to reduce labor cost and to not spend a lot of time on fields. The agricultural cooperatives, households will give their agreed amount regarding the area of the field to be irrigated. In addition, I will partner with governmental, non-governmental organizations and private sectors that deal with agricultural sector to promote sustainable agricultural productions. In order to achieve my strong ambitions to make my dream come true, I will use my saving that is equal to Rwf 500 000, approximately $794 on my bank account plus my monthly salary of Rwf 150 000 approximately $208. I also expect another source of funding from sponsors and friends who will be interested in my business idea. In addition, to make my business idea coming true, I will also apply for a loan from the bank that will be paid in monthly installment. Finally, to make my business idea coming true and becoming sustainable in the next years, I will partner with collaborators including Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), Private sectors, Government and Non-government organizations, Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. I strongly believe that they will give me any kind of support either on helping my ideas coming true or providing some financial aids to make it happen.

Your profile

Christophe Rukundo was born in 1992 in Nyamagabe, a small town that is located in Nyamagabe district. He grew up in Rwanda where he is also taking his higher education. He likes to promote peace among the people. Having this passion and positive thoughts remained in him until now. There is a Rwandan proverb which says that no one has for himself. One of the Christophe's core value is teamwork spirit, sharing his point of view when it is needed and giving back to the community. Christophe is devoted to living in harmony and peace. Now, he is now taking his bachelor degree in Business Communication at Southern New Hampshire University through Kepler's program. He is looking for empowering the people around him and the rest of the world. Christophe has gained a strategized dynamic training in Business and Entrepreneurship from TNHF (These Number Have Faces) where he was awarded a certificate of completion and Off-Grid Electric Rwanda Ltd. Currently, Christophe's ongoing objective is to dream big, work hard for a brighter future.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

Teaching the rural population on how they can use affordable energy of the sun at low cost.

Teaching the people on how to use the solar LED Televisions.

Installation Officer at Off Grid Electric Rwanda (

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August 21, 2016 22:14

Dear friends, if you believe in my idea, you can keep supporting it in this challenge dropping your vote under of it.

August 21, 2016 21:01

You conceived a great idea. Sure it's great, when it comes to social problems, your idea is the real solution. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if want to implement it!

June 17, 2016 11:11

Thanks for that idea I think it will be a good one to rural farmers.

Please also take a look and see also my idea.
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June 17, 2016 10:09

Thank you Anna,

I am putting my efforts in improving and modernising agriculture by achieving one of our sustainable MDGs "Zero Hunger". We can't make anything if hunger remains a significant threat.

Much love,

June 15, 2016 11:30

Hi Christophe!

Your idea is so great. It's creative and perspective. It's really relevant these days so I think you will achieve success with it. I wish you good luck and vote for you.
Please check out my idea and please vote for me too if you find my idea interesting.


June 13, 2016 18:16

Hi, you have a good idea there THUMBS UP.
I have cast my vote for you!
Please i need you support also and a comment will also help. please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama
Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.

Best Idea Category Do you know that NEEM saves Lives

Also, if you like my idea, PLEASE vote for me!
Thank you in advance for your time.

June 2, 2016 22:38


May 13, 2016 13:13

hey please go through my idea also and give me suggestions if any

May 13, 2016 12:50

Yes of course, there are a lot of innovations that I want to bring in this agricultural innovation. The farmers will no longer have to worry about the problem of climatic (seasonals) changes. They will be able to use the water of dams, rivers, stored water in tanks and use it while irrigating. Your point made me feel supported.

May 13, 2016 12:47

Thank you Sai Teja,

I believed that as the youth the of the 21st century, I have to stop the problem of malnutrition and food shortage in Rwanda! That's my dream and as I am gonna pushing it forward by utilizing all available resources, I will make it happen.

Thanks again, your wishes raised me up!

May 13, 2016 12:47

Thank you Sai Teja,

I believed that as the youth the of the 21st century, I have to stop the problem of malnutrition and food shortage in Rwanda! That's my dream and as I am gonna pushing it forward by utilizing all available resources, I will make it happen.

Thanks again, your wishes raised me up!

May 13, 2016 12:14

your idea is very wonderful and it is very good that you are trying to increase food production in your country by such a great innovation.all my motivations are with you.

May 12, 2016 16:56

Congrats Christophe. I also believe that when the Uhirira System is adopted and Implemented in desert endemic regions, lands will be converted into meaningful use once again and more foods will be grown in those areas. Weldone bro.

Our project link have also been published. Please, I encourage you to read through and advice us on the comment box thanks and have a blessed day cheers.