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Explain your idea in details:

Great quantities of tropical fruits like Banana, Pineapple, and Mango go to waste in Africa and particularly my country Cameroon. Using natural dehydrators, these fruits would be dehydrated to increase shelf life from just a few days to months. Providing organic healthy fruits that can be snacked on the go and stored for long periods of time without worry of them getting bad. Megafruits has its objective to eliminate waste, during the process bringing the target fruits in our offering to the market. Providing employment for the local farmers who have a ready market for their produce. Adding value to the local produce, by upcycling fruits meant for waste to quality organic dried fruits that have no added preservatives and sugar, sourced from the best raw material. The objective is to create a win-win situation Improving and creating a value chain from the local farmers through to the consumers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The expected impact of this idea is highlighted below Eliminate waste: Moving our aim is to be able to create a network of reliable farmers so that sourcing the raw materials (Banana, Pineapples, Mango and Apple) are done in the most efficient way Empower Local Farmers: working with local farmers and buying their products directly from them provides them with a steady income and save them from the perils of the poor farm to market roads in the country. Megafruits will buy at current acceptable markets rates as we consider them our patners. Improve the value chain: The more partnerships we create with local farmers and the ability to work them in getting the right quality raw materials will be the benchmark for our progress. Extend shelf life: The main benefit will be the extended shelf life of the products and the health benefits of upcycling.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Without any track record yet, here is how we plan to create a sustainable business.

We have identified our target customers as middle-class health conscious individuals who are interested in healthy snacks, like university students and middle-class income earners. Who like to eat healthy and want their fruits readily available on the go and do not have to bother about storage

The main source of revenue is a business to business (B2B) model where we contact local shops, supermarket, and pharmacies who act as our distributors and sell directly to the consumers. The product will also be sold online and engaging in direct marketing campaigns. With the main value proposition being one the entities providing healthy snacks.

Approaching local shops and other small retail business, supermarkets and pharmacy directly and selling to them and selling online. The profit margin will be reviewed and based on a markup on cost.

Cost will include, cost of Dehydrators, rent of office space, the cost of raw materials, distribution cost, processing cost and other overheads etc.



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Ayuk Armslem is a Certified Accounting Technician, Aged 24 yrs. Having worked with micro-finance MC2 Barn through which I worked at developmental projects with local communities, Armslem knows first hand of the struggles faced by farmers. Africa's wealth is currently heavily reliant on oil and Agriculture with the later being the backbone of most African economies. My aim is to create a sustainable business that empowers the grassroots and has a positive impact on the economy. My international experience working int he middle east in the fields of finance and administration has provided me with adequate knowledge with the aim to go back home and invest back to my country. what drives me is a quote from Bruce Lee "Willing is not enough you must do, knowing is not enough you must apply"

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Dried Mango

Delicious dried Apple

Dried Pineapple

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Salu Yuda, Thanks your words mean a lot.

August 21, 2016 17:57

You conceived a great idea. Sure it's great, when it comes to social problems, your idea is the real solution. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if want to implement it!

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