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Explain your idea in details:

1. Problem: - Vietnam is a developing country, so a price of books, particularly academic books, is out of their affordability. As consequently, we found it very difficult as obstacle to prevent Vietnam education from developing to keep pace with the recent innovations in the world. - Universities of Vietnam and their library provide a lack of space to read books and for a group discussion activities. Consequently, Vietnamese student have fewer opportunity to practice group discussion, brainstorming, infinity diagram and other team working tools. 2. Solution: Redesign or build up a smart and modern library concept as following features below: - Apply RFID in library that all books would have been attached a RFID tag in order to control library activities easier. - Provide small meeting rooms with full of kinds equipment, opening rooms to encourage studying activities, especially group discussion. - Sell soft drink, water and other value added services such as magazine & book ordered service (To be charged) - Provide premier rooms for professors, organization and enterprises to hold extra ordinary activities such as soft skills workshop, functional skills workshop, training, seminar and so on.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

When I were a junior student in my university, I managed to develop a library management software for my Departments library in order to put the library to run more smoothly. However, I figured out that is not a major problem in Vietnamese library. Therefore, I would like to propose the new library concept that put the library to operate without any financial aid. Every features of new library concept take into account in previous part, the library, here, will look like real working environment. It equips student with knowledge from books, practice soft skills: team working, group discussion, presentation as well as let student adapt a real working environment soon. It could attract student to go to library, spend more time to study, improve weaknesses of Vietnamese student. Besides that, It also attract more enterprises/organizations invest in advertising in Library. Enterprises/organizations would have witnessed the way which universities is working. As a result, they could have believe in and trust recruiting local graduate student. In fact, Vietnam joint ASEAN Economic community in 2015, so it means that graduate Vietnamese student have to compete with graduate student from other countries in ASEAN.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

To achieve a sustainable development, it is necessary to have a good business plan as following steps below:
Step 1: It needs a help/donation from Youth organizations, universities in developed countries, UN and so on. They could have granted new books or even used books. If they provide used books, we can attach Whats updates in the latest version of books to eliminate a gap between used books and new ones. We also buy new ones if have enough resources.
Step 2: After having amount of variety kinds of book, we will create spaces for an advertisement, such as Wall, elevators, to get money for new investment. In the meantime, we can also charge student a fee for using the library service, but it probably be a minor contributor to the business.
Step 3: deploy value added activities, sell soft drink & water to get the profit
Step 4: after we have enough money to invest/restructure the library based on new library concept that all of books would have attached RFID tag for management. For example, it is easy to track the position of books and prevent books from taking it out of the gate without permission of librarian.
Step 5: we provide free meeting rooms for group discussion and premier room for leasing as well. Open space for people to meeting, discuss, talking, and other activities like real working environment.

For future vision, I think it should be a library company which focus on providing library management. We will put library of Universities of Vietnam to develop, connect them, sharing like libraries community in whole Vietnam. Furthermore, if our business do well, we develop to all over the world in order to help other developing countries like Vietnam.

Your profile

My name is Ngo Anh PHUONG, young Vietnamese kind man. As other young entrepreneurs in this community, I definitely young too, just 23 years old. I currently live in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam, and I studied the most famous university in Vietnam University of Technology. Ive just graduated in April of 2016, top 5% of my department. Although Ive just graduated for a couple of months, Ive almost 1 year working Bosch as Fixed-term Line engineer - a fantastic and big company from Germany. Thesere some of my selected contribution to Bosch Vietnam: Motivated suggestion scheme program that has an increase of 40%, led MFG1 department that won 2/5 best prize of year, developed an application to help engineers and operators track a status of the program, led the program to save cost about 10,000 EUR, Created an application to get and monitored quality data every day and other applications to make works better. Besides, when I were undergraduate, I managed to join some academic and social activities: 1.Quality improvement project: raise graduated student rate of Industrial systems engineering department 2.Secondly, Science research project: Designed the software for the Project and redesign systems and librarys layout. 3.Project in facility layout and location design in Hung Vuong JSC 4.Improvement project in Bonfiglioli Vietnam 5.Final assignment in Materials and Inventory management 6.Founder & Leader IEConnect team: Connect ex-students and current students, organize offline event to help students obtain hands-on experience, knowledge from ex-students, 7.Technical & Logistics Team in Initiation Ceremony 8.Internet & Logistics team Leader in Broadcasting for Department of Industrial systems engineering Program 9.Others: Volunteer in External relations Office University of Technology, voluntary activities in orphanage center ACHIEVEMENT: Science research project, Semester promotion scholarship, PVGas Group Scholarship, Excellent student, Procter and Gamble CEO Academy.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Business model

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