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Research by United NAtions specifically the Food and Agriculture Organization shows that investment in agriculture is five times more affective in reducing poverty and hunger than investment in any other sector. To respond to this agricultural need in order to reduce hunger and malnutrition, we focus our interest on Moringa Oleifera that is a recent discovery of modern science. Moringa leaf is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and natural energy booster. This energy boost is not based on sugar, and so it is sustained. Moringa is also soothing. It helps lower blood pressure and is a sleep aid. Its detoxifying effect may come from Moringa's ability to purify water. Moringa acts as a coagulant attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria. The leaves of Moringa are nature's multi-vitamin providing 7 x the vitamin C of oranges, 4 x the calcium of milk, 4 x the vitamin A of carrots, 3 x the potassium of bananas, and 2 x the protein of yogurt. On top of that, science is proving Moringa to be a power house of nutrients; 90 are known to date, with the possibility of more yet to be identified. If that were not enough, Moringa has no known impurities, with no adverse reactions ever recorded. Due to its exceptional environmental, medicinal and dietary benefits, the moringa is a multi-purpose tree whose leaves, flowers, fruits, bark and roots can all be directly consumed. It's nutritional qualities are becoming increasingly recognized and represent an effective solution in combating malnutrition. Our activities will be based on production and processing of moringa oleifera into powder. Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, moringa leaves processed into powder improve the diet of children and nursing mothers, and can be used as treatment for diabetes, digestive and respiratory problems.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Food is a basic necessity. Nutritious food is a basic for health and well being. When it's absent or scarce (famine), humans need to spend most of their effort to obtain it and if they are not successful in finding adequate food they suffer and eventually die. Availability of nutritious food has a direct effect on a country's development and we noticed that it's crucial to fight against malnutrition. We want to make sure that poeple leaving in poverty are able to afford nutritious food, that will make them able to earn money and help them escape poverty and hunger. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to a blindness of about 100 000 children a year in developing countries. We will offer Moringa with its high content of beta carotene, which is converted to vitamin A by the body, to combat childhood blindness. Lack of drinkable water is one of the worlds most serious threats. Water related diseases account for more than 80% of the worlds sickness. People in many developing nations simply do not have acess to clean safe water. They are left with no choice but to drink and wash with water so contaminated that we wouldn't even dare to walk in it. Moringa seeds could potentially provide a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable material for treating global water supplies. When Moringa seeds are crushed and added to dirty, bacteria laden water, they purify the water. Moringa is considered to have the highest protein ratio of any plant so far identified, with the protein in Moringa being comparable in quality to that of soy. Meat is a luxury most people around the world cannot afford. The body cannot manufacture those eight essential amino acids and must get them through the food we eat. Moringa contains all eight.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Moringa plants, seeds, trunk, roots, bark, bark skin, stems, petioles and flowers powders can be sold.

  1.  selling moringa plants: One plant fetches between 1-3 (650-2000 FCFA) with a production costof approximately 0.5(375C FCFA). It takes about 4-5 months work in a nursery to produce a marketable moringa plant. The profit per plant sold therefore varies between 275 FCFA (0,42) and 1,625 FCFA (2,48).

Production cost for 1000 plants:

Construction of protective canopy: 25,000 FCFA

1.300 bags for a nursery: 52,000 FCFA (40 FCFA Unit cost)

20 barrowfuls of black earth: 32,000 FCFA (1,600 FCFA Unit cost)

0.5kg of moringa seeds: 20.000 FCFA

six barrowfuls of coarse sand: 8,400 FCFA(1,400 FCFA Unit cost)

four bags of poultry droppings:8,000 FCFA (2,000 FCFA Unit cost)

tools for a nursery: 112,000 FCFA

Labour:130,000 FCFA

Grand Total expense: 387,400 FCFA.

Anticipated income for 1,000 plants sold

Sale of 1,000 plants 1,000,000 FCFA (1000FCFA Unit cost)

Gross margin: 612,600  FCFA

 2.  selling moringa seeds:  one kilo of moringa seeds costs between       30-45 (20,000-30,000 FCFA), depending on the country.

Set-up and operating budget for 1ha plot (1,000 plants)

Purchase of 1 ha plot: 1,000,000 FCFA

Production of 1,000 moringa plants: 387,400 FCFA

Clearing, cutting down and cleaning: 200,000FCFA

Digging holes, transport and transplantation: 200,000 FCFA

Maintenance costs (equipment and Labour): 2,000,000 FCFA

Packaging and marketing costs: 500,000 FCFA

Grand Total expenses: 4,287,400

Annual yield: 1,000 moringa trees (1 tree gives at least 500g of seeds per year)

Sale of 500 kg of seeds: 10,000,000 FCFA ( 20,000 FCFA Unit cost)

Grand Margin: 5,712,600 FCFA

3. selling moringa leaf powder: one kilo of dried moringa leaf                 powder is sold for between 10(6,550 FCFA) and 50 (32,800 FCFA), depending on the country.





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I'm Géraldine KAMANA BIAGNE. Holds a Master1 in Business Communication and Marketing obtained at Advanced School of Mass Communication in Cameroon, I am currently pursuing a Master in Philosophy of Leadership at University of Professional Studies, Accra in Ghana. I am dynamic, effective and result oriented. I have great analytical skills and adaptability. My interpersonal, organizational skills and my sense of responsibility are additional qualities that lead me to entrepreneurship. In top of that, Im naturally rigorous and have a great capacity for teamwork. Motivated by the values of sharing, exchange and to gain more relevant experience, I had been awarded by Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP) for an Agribusiness project.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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August 22, 2016 22:34

Your project is good for this generation I support you by a vote and a comment

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August 22, 2016 18:44

I read your idea! It's great one and will bring a great solution too in solving social problems. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if you want to make it!

August 22, 2016 04:52

I read your idea! It's great one and will bring a great solution too in solving social problems. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up if you want to make it!

August 11, 2016 07:31

This is a great idea and if implemented it can obviously transform developing societies. I support it by votes and comments. Just don't give up, you'll make it.

July 3, 2016 23:01

My idea "Opon-Imo" was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Idea 2016 category. Please read my idea at and I would be happy if you support my idea with comments and votes!
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Martin Nyefene Kwabena

June 29, 2016 22:33

I totally buy into your idea. I can testify also to the numerous benefits derived from moringa. Not only are the leaves medicinal, but in Ghana, they provide a great delicacy when prepared with groundnut paste. Great idea.


June 29, 2016 12:11

Great!..project...really your friends for more support

June 27, 2016 14:30

Hello Gerladine,

Your Idea is great! I cast my vote for it. You may also wish to vote and comment on my idea,

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June 27, 2016 00:08

Hello Geraldine,
this is a great idea and i have voted for you. Please you can read and support my idea with your comment and vote.
together we can create a better society.

nyirurugo seleman

June 26, 2016 06:50

very good idea that can actually impact our society in many ways


June 26, 2016 00:42

I like your project idea and am impressed. Thank you that you considered sharing it with us. I have voted for you.
I kindly requested that you read about my project too and vote for me via this link I will appreciate your contribution

Million Gezahegn

June 22, 2016 19:51

I will turn 35 years of age after a month. I sadly regret that I am forced to miss such an opportunity.

Stephen Olanrewaju

June 22, 2016 18:49

Great initiative. Go gal!


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June 22, 2016 04:39

Briliant and encouraging.

Marilyne Eyoum

June 21, 2016 21:51

Using Moringa to its full socio-economic potential is indeed a great idea.

June 20, 2016 19:53

Thank you dear

Michel Nkuindja

June 20, 2016 17:14

Great and helpful project.