"Donating" Fitness Data for the Starving

Published on July 19, 2016 um 12:35

Explain your idea in details:

People enjoy working out, and, thanks to the health apps, they are able to keep track of their fitness data like walking or jogging distance. Such data, however, have shown little practicality so long. According to the United Nations Facts and Figures, one in nine people in the world today (795 million) are undernourished. Concerning the above two defects, this idea aims to start a long-term campaign which, by cooperating with charities and corporations, will enable people to donate fitness data in exchange for resources for the hungry. 1) The operation team should consist of volunteers who has the knowledge&ability to run a campaign. 2) One crucial requirement throughout the campaign is finding sponsors. 3) The campaign can appear in forms including but not limited to web pages and smart phone apps. 4) The campaign should have two main functions: i) After acquiring ones fitness data, it allows he/she to donate whatever amount of it, and the operation team will in turn donate certain amount of resource to hunger-solving-related organizations such as the United Nations World Food Program. (Money is not a recommended resource, foods are a better choice.) ii) It sets fitness tasks (daily/weekly/monthly) for participants. If they complete it within a given time, the operation team will also make donations. There will be a fixed proportion of resource to fitness data. E.g. Donating or completing jogging for 1km will contribute to a donation of 100 grains of rice. 5) Added functions can involve world hunger facts, recommending exercising methods&healthy recipes, accepting donations and funds from concerned people, etc. 6) People join the campaign by registering and updating fitness data regularly. The goal of this campaign is to stimulate the passion for working out while utilize its result to help feed the undernourished.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea is expected to have impacts on two sustainable development goals: zero hunger&good health and well-being. The WTO has claimed lack of physical training one of the main threats to human lives, causing approximately 3.2 million deaths every year. However, still lots of people dont take enough exercise. The campaign can encourage more people to work out by: 1) It gives exercising an explicit effect--helping the hungry--in order to push those who hasnt realize its subtle influence on human health. 2) Completion of tasks and a resulting win-win situation can satisfy peoples sense of achievement. And the more people taking part, the more donation of fitness data can be made, so more food and resources the hungry will receive. I believe this is an alternative to reach United Nations target of zero hunger by 2030. Also, according to the scale of the campaign, it can have corresponding social impacts. This campaign can play the role of pioneer. After it more public welfare campaigns may emerge, more people may do physical training and donate for the undernourished spontaneously. There is no specific measures to evaluate success. The campaign should always welcome new members as long as they are truly willing to take effort.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

1) Operation team: Members are not necessarily full-time workers. They can be volunteers with related knowledge&skills. Operation team mainly gathers funds, builds&preserves the official website, deals with peoples fitness data donations and makes donations to organizations. *If the campaign is held by a corporation, it can spread more quickly and widely, and can have sufficient fund, thus more people will benefit from it. One drawback is that the campaign may not exist for a long time as just a promotion project.
2) Financial backing: On the launching stage, most fund will come from charities that are willing to cooperate. Receiving donations from concerned individuals can also do a great help. However, it is still highly possible that the operation team members will have to run the campaign partly at their own expense. After the popularity grow higher, it will be easier to get fund. Find sponsor corporations if possible because it is a way which not only replenishes the fund but also promote both the campaign and the corporations.
3) Participants: The operation team members will be the first participants. On early stage of the campaign, they are responsible for gathering funds, building official websites and doing promotion work. Later participants are encouraged to share the campaign to their family and friends so that more people will know about it. Therefore, more individuals may shape a healthy habit of sporting, more undernourished people can get help, and the operation team will find sponsors and maintain the campaign more easily.

Your profile

I am 17 and I am a high school student from China. I am personally a fan of sports. My daily routine involves at least one hour of walking or jogging. Every time I check the distance Ive covered or, in an fitness app, find out the ranking of walking distance among online friends, I sometimes feel regretful that those figures can do nothing but show off. Also as an individual concerning human lives, I am aware that a vast number of people are suffering from hunger, so, inspired by Freerice.com(1), I come up with the idea of fitness data donating for the hungry. I hope that if this idea is successfully implemented, it will help solve the problem of hunger and human health issues due to lack of physical training. (1)http://freerice.com/

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, idea offered for implementation by others

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August 25, 2016 15:08

Hello comrade,
You conceived a great idea when you push it hard into execution. I support it by votes and comments. What to do is just don't give up even when you don't make in the competition.

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August 4, 2016 17:02

Brilliant campaign. How will you manage sponsors?

July 23, 2016 23:58

Your idea is good and very motivated and i think you will be a winner