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Explain your idea in details:

Indonesia is classified by the World Bank as a lower-middle-income country which most of Indonesia people are farmer and breeder who have income that is less than $4,125 but more than $1,045. It is very few are able to pay for access to health care. Other lower-middle-income countries include India, Vietnam and Nigeria. Indonesia has 51.546.297,3 tons agriculture waste. By providing agriculture waste Vet Medika is able to improve access to healthcare. 1. How Vet Medika works in practice Breeder pay a monthly collection fee 15.000 IDR. The fees collected from members combined with the profits from selling or repurposing the agriculture products collected is used by Vet Medika to provide members with quality livestock health Medika. Providing Health Medika 20% of its livestock will require curative treatment in any given month.The cost of treating each patient is estimated to be 33.000 IDR. At this ratio, more than 50% of the total fees collected from members can be used to provide programs focused on improving health and preventing illness, meaning that livestock who arent sick benefit. For example: a) 1000 members pay monthly premiums of 15.000 IDR each to dispose of their b) This produces monthly income of 15.000.000 IDR for Vet Medika c) If 150 of those memberss livestock require treatment, with each treatment costing 33.000 , this costs 4.950.000 IDR d) The remaining 10.050.000 IDR every month is used for improving public health and developing preventative programes. The range of services provided to Vet Medika members includes: 1. Free medical consultations by phone 2. Livestock health guidance 3. Advice on nutrition 4. Mentoring reproduction development 5. Monitoring of chronic diseases 6. Post- rehabilitation and recovery

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Vet Medika"s targets is farmer, breeder or farmer who also to be breeder. Indonesia has 15.494.290 cattles, 75.361.248 tons production in agriculture products and 51.546.297,3 tons agriculture waste which had been good in management yet. It means that Indonesia has big potential to develop the agriculture and livestock sector by combining them, so Vet Medika tries to overcome two problems in agriculture and livestock. Vet Medika also assumes that the increasing production in agricultures sector could help the increasing quality of health in livestock by doing the Vet Medika system. It will be good management to overcome the agriculture waste product in Indonesia also to overcome the decreasing healthy livestock and increasing the annual gross national income (GNI) per capita. It will be succes if there is a attention to this problems.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Vet Medika principal source of revenue is derived through the trading of agriculture waste product or agriculture products.
There are three main revenue streams attached to the waste management programmes Vet Medika runs. These are derived from the sale of:
Food livestock made from organic waste
Products up-cycled by the community
Recyclable waste
Members bring agriculture waste or agriculture products to their local clinic on a regular basis, usually once a week. Agriculture waste and agriculture product are produced into the food for the livestock. The food are sold via a third party fetching prices of up to $0.38 per kilogram, with profits fed back into the community health insurance fund.

Your profile

I had graduated Bachelor degree Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, Airlangga University Indonesia, now my age is 23 years old. My reward and achievement are to be 3rd Winner English Debate Competition in 2007, 2th Winner Writing Competition in 2009, Champion Student creativity program (entrepreneurship sector) by Indonesia goverment 2011, Champion Student creativity program (society subordination sector) by Indonesia goverment 2012, Champion Student creativity program (research sector) by Indonesia goverment 2013, 3rd Winner Writing Competition in Brawijaya University 2013 and 20 big finalist in sociophreneur competition by Datsun Indonesia 2016. My course and inthership experience are in 2011 Nestle, Koperasi Susu Sapi Perah Setia Kawan Nongkojajar Pasuruan Livestock as Animal Health 2012 Dinas Peternakan dan Perikanan Kabupaten Nganjuk as Animal Health 2012 Maharani Zoo and Goa Lamongan Wild Animal and conservation as animal health 2012 PT. Charoen Pokphand Jaya Farm Unit III Jombang as Animal Health in Breeding Farm 2013 PT. Santosa Agrindo Probolinggo as Animal Health in Cattle Large Animal 2014 Dinas Peternakan Kota Jombang in Goverment sector 2014 Balai Karantina Hewan dan Tumbuhan Surabaya as Veterinary Public Health 2014 Animal Clinic of Airlangga University Veterinary Clinic as animal health 2014 PT. Jatinom Farm and Poultry Blitar Poultry as animal health 2014 TSI II Prigen Pasuruan Wild Animal and conservation as animal health 2014 Eclipse Stud and Stable Surakarta as Animal Health MY WORKING EXPERIENCE Teacher in LBB Prima Siswa Course 2014 , Teacher in Tsabita Course 2014, and Enumerator in Connectivity study of Collector yard Jabodetabek Food Agriculture Organization ECTAD (Emergency Center for Transboundary Animal Diseases) of United Nation May-July 2015 My organization experience IMAKAHI Airlangga University in 2012, KMPV ( Large Animal Club) 2012, BEM Airlangga University 2011

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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August 25, 2016 14:45

Hello comrade,
You conceived a great idea when you push it hard into execution. I support it by votes and comments. What to do is just don't give up even when you don't make in the competition.


August 21, 2016 06:14

It's a very good idea to create a non profit livestock health insurance. I am sure this insurance will increase all member's prosperity. But, to ensure vet medika financial health and sustainability, actuarial calculation must be made. I can't wait to see this financial product in my town. Good luck.


July 25, 2016 07:16

WAW... it is amazing program,, good luck vet medika :D