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Explain your idea in details:

Physically challanged people are a class of society who need special care and attention and simplify their daily lives do not cause them embarrassment or inconvenience. More importantly, we should involve them in our stratigies for environment sustainability. The aim of the idea is to design an electric wheelchair contain solar cells that will provide handicapped peaple with enough electricity for their daily needs, such as charging their mobile phones,cup cooling, lightning and also for wheelchair movement. And thus will facilitate them with their daily lives, they will not need to return to their homes when their phone's battery is empty or when they need a cold drinks/water. So it would be easy for them to use their devices that rely on electricity at any time, any place and only by using clean energy. The design of the wheelchair will be a modern and easy folding In addition to the safety of the user. As for the solar panels will be installed in the back to be flexible in movement and taking into account the solar panals will be lightweight and high quality to absorb sunlight very efficiently. For the convenience of the handicapped, will be a thermal insulator between the chair and solar panels to prevent heating of the wheelchair. In addition, there is a battery for storing electrical energy and outlets for charging phones, place for cooling cups as well as lighting for the night uses and reading.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Wheelchair will serve a large segment of the handicapped people and provide them with the facilities for thier daily lives. In addition, it will promote the concept of sustainable development and makes them feel they have a responsibility for the environment and increase their pride that they maintain their power using new methods of renewable sources. Environmentally, the wheelchair will decrease the consumption of electricity by 50% and thus will be less reliance on burning fossil fuels which is one of the most important factors in carbon dioxide production. As for the economic side, we know that reduce the usage of electric energy in the home and rely on renewable energy sources such as solar energy will reduce the value of the electricity bill and saves money.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

First, Design a prototype of the idea in order to introduce the the wheelchair for companies related to it and promote it in order to get a financing funds to start the project. the prototype will cost about 200$ and will be self-funding.


The second step, which is promoting the idea among companies involved in this area and request them  for funding the manufacture of an initial amount of wheelchairs estimated 50 chair to be testing by handicapped people.


In the final stage, we will reach out with shops that sell wheelchairs and provide them with our product also promote for the product through social media.

Your profile

My name is Afrah Al-Shukaili and I am 23years old. I have Bachelor's degree in Water technology. I am applying for this competition because I would like to share my ideas with the world and help physically challanged peaple to have an easy and green life. My principal motivation is that I have the possibility to change and improve their lives. I am part of (Nama Ambassadors) for sustainable developments in Oman. I have a lot of skills in Engineering and in the science branch. I think that if an idea can be imagined, it can be realized with effort and hard work. I think that if my idea can be realized, it will help a lot of handicapped peoples life day by day, and this makes me feel more motivated to keep working on that.


Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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Picture upload

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October 1, 2016 18:31

all the best

August 31, 2016 15:08

well done

August 25, 2016 15:10

Hello comrade,
You conceived a great idea when you push it hard into execution. I support it by votes and comments. What to do is just don't give up even when you don't make in the competition.

August 21, 2016 19:34

Great idea that can support the physical disabled people to run their life with simplicity and the addition of cooling machine in the wheelchair gives it the lovely approach especially in hot regions

Moreover you can also read, vote and comment on my idea through this link and see you to the top champ

August 17, 2016 16:24

Hi Afrah,

I love your idea and its impact on society! I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well!


August 15, 2016 05:04

Very Good idea. Keep it up


August 10, 2016 13:43

Nice idea .. Good luck!!

July 31, 2016 14:16

Very innovative invention! you will empower a lot of disabled people! I only hope when you start your business, make sure to build your product modernly in order to attract the consumers. But you did great *thumbs up* you can vote for me too via this link:

July 23, 2016 23:34

Your idea is good and very motivated and i think you will be a winner

July 17, 2016 15:54

I have voted for you... I have a solar powered initiative, i would like to work with you

Whatsapp +2347034208822
E-mail [email protected]

July 13, 2016 14:25

You have a good idea. If done, it will make life easier for the physical challenged. I have also voted it. Goodluck!


July 12, 2016 21:02

I realy like your Idea and I casted my votes to you. Keep it up.