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Published on July 20, 2016 um 19:11

Explain your idea in details:

Responsible consumption, the health of the poor, the integration of refugees into our communities: these goals might not seem connected at first glance. Yet we believe that our project Good Food can make a real difference in all three of these areas and more. At our not-for-profit restaurant, we will work with a number of professional chefs, each of them volunteering a few evenings a month. Unlike any other restaurant, we want to use only leftover food salvaged from supermarkets and local famers. Then, the chefs will employ their creative powers to come up with delicious dishes created from food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Our guests pay only as much as they are able and willing to pay. Thus, low-income or even homeless people will be able to get a healthy and nutritious dinner every day for free. We hope that as a consequence fewer people will have to suffer from poor health and a bad diet. Most importantly, Good Food works for our workers. We want to give opportunities to the many refugees who have in the past year come to Vienna. Although they desperately want to find their way into Austrian society and make their livelihoods in their new place of residence, legal constraints still prevent many from working for a for-profit company. Good Food is an attempt to ease their way into the regular job market. But even more importantly, we recognize that education is key to success. At our restaurant, refugees will learn first-hand from the best chefs in town. The invaluable skills they acquire here allow them to pursue a brilliant career in the field of gastronomy later on. Good food should not be wasted especially not where it can be used to the benefit of poor and marginalized people.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our goals are ambitious. We want to reduce rampant food waste in Austria where annually a million tons go to the garbage bin. Super markets and farmers, our planned sources of product procurement, are currently responsible for almost 500,000 tons ( But we also believe that our project can raise awareness about the extent of food waste in Austria. In addition, we want to make an impact in the lives of the 1.2 million Austrians living below the poverty line. As they are forced to live on cheap junk food, these people are three times more likely to be sick than others ( Good Food will help ensure that no one has to go to bed hungry in Austria. We want to enable low-income families to live healthier lives in spite of their financial limitations. It is our goal to give as many refugees as possible decent work opportunities and help reduce inequalities between the native and immigrant population. They will be offered a great education to prepare them in the best way possible for the job market. At the heart of our project lies the strong belief that sustainable development has many different manifestations and that social projects dont have to be limited to one of them. Sustainability means making a difference in the lives of people in the present and changing the world for generations to come.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our Good Food restaurant will be not-for-profit and largely self-financing. Our innovative way of product procurement will help keep costs down. We only rely on donations to get our project started and pay for the first month of rent. The quality of the meals offered will attract large swaths of affluent guests who will be more than ready to pay an appropriate price for the high value. The revenue from these guests should allow us to offer high salaries to our workers. For our project we rely on the cooperation and help of chefs, supermarkets and farmers. Yet we do not doubt the willingness of the Austrian people to help. In the past year, the impressive numbers of volunteers working at train stations and initial reception centers have borne testimony to the large reservoir of altruism. We are certain that there are many chefs, both famous and aspiring to be, who would love to use their talents for a good cause. Likewise, we know that supermarkets are wary of the amount of good food going to the garbage and looking for ways to limit waste. Excessively strict regulations at times prevent farmers from selling good produce that they would surely rather give to a good cause. If successful, Good Food could even expand to other localities and cities, continuing to make an impact in the lives of ever more people.

Your profile

I will turn 18 in late August and have recently graduated from high school with outstanding honors. Before starting my studies at university, I want to take a year off to dedicate myself to the ambitious project I have set out to implement. Having grown up in a middle class household in Vienna, Austria, I never had to go to bed hungry. Volunteering at my local parish, however, made me understand the bleak situation of the poor in Austria. I have had the wonderful opportunity to live in many places of the world, going to school in New York and China, among others. There I realized that healthy nourishment is not a given in the lives of many people on the planet. I started to pay attention to the amount of food that was unnecessarily wasted in my own household and in the whole country. When tens of thousands of refugees came into Austria in the fall of 2015, the overwhelming majority of Austrians welcomed them with open arms. As I met and made friends with some of the refugees, I was made aware of their most pressing problems. They were not allowed to work and had little chance of integration into Austrian society. In addition, some of them lacked the necessary education to make their way into the job market. I became resolved to find a way to alleviate the problems I had noticed in Austria. I am very hard working; my ambition is matched only by my perseverance in following through on what I have set out to do. I have received various awards for my essays and articles and won second place in the Viennese Philosophy Olympiad. Good Food is my attempt to help bring justice and happiness to underprivileged people in Austria.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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Your idea is good and very motivated and i think you will be a winner