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Published on July 28, 2016 um 11:14

Explain your idea in details:

Design the price is an online-shop which offers a new unconventional purchasing process through the «Pay what you want » concept. The principle is simple: Designers purpose their creations and for those creations purpose the buyer prices. Design the price is a portmanteau word for Design the product (Designer) and Set the price (buyer): - Designers sell their creations on Design the price with a labels: those labels provide visibility into the development process and are given according to environmental responsibility criteria (e.g. amount of used water throughout the development or amount of traveled kilometer for all the elements of the creation) - Buyers are informed via the labels about the rate of the environmental responsibility and can thereby set the price for the creation they want to have. The target of Design the price is to reduce the negative impact of our today consumption by promoting local development and local procurement.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Design the price encourages on one hand the Designers to develop their creations in an eco-friendlier way and on another hand encourage the buyers to purchase eco-friendly products. The beneficial effects are manifold: - Designers are encouraging to develop in an eco-friendlier way // How? A reward system could encourage designers to develop in this way. E.g. the online Shop could have a not for free entrance and the more the creations are eco-friendly, the less he would pay for it. - Designers who do not have any market knowledge yet may test the acceptance of their creations by placing them on the online Shop // How? The system is based on the Pay what you want concept: the prices are purposed by the buyers, so the designers discover how much the buyers are ready to invest for their creations. - Buyers benefit transparency about how are the creations be developed // How? The buyers are informed through the labels about the quality of the creations and can in this way consume in all knowledge of causes. - Buyers are not subjected to price discrimination // How? The system is based on the Pay what you want concept: the prices are purposed by the buyers. So the buyers purpose an amount which therere willing to invest. - Buyers are encouraging to consume in an eco-friendlier way // How? A commission will be taken on each transaction. A part of the commission will be injected for humanitarian associations. So, buying on Design the price allows a financial contribution to non-for-profit organizations.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My targets are followed: - August 2016: Brainstorming session with several persons (about 10) whos show interest on Design the price. So I can close some question marks - October 2016: Enterprise model is done - January 2017: Business Plan is done - Mai 2017: Beta version of Design the price is online - August 2017: Launch of Design the price

Your profile

Im a design engineer specialized in process development. After 3 years as Improve-project leader for an industry company, I worked a year as service designer for a big telecommunication firm. Since the beginning of this year I work half time as product developer for the non-profit-organization GS1 Switzerland. My task is to ensure the development of new services from the idea to the market launch. In the other part of my time, I work on the project Design the price (which started in October 2015). I also work the project in a Hub (Creativ Comitted) which helps me to validate the Business plan.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, planning stage

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September 4, 2016 16:30

I love this idea.

August 25, 2016 14:29

Hello comrade,
You conceived a great idea when you push it hard into execution. I support it by votes and comments. What to do is just don't give up even when you don't make in the competition.

August 23, 2016 16:03

by the way, nice drawing

August 23, 2016 16:02

Nice idea, I support it with vote and comment.
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August 17, 2016 16:34

Hi Lena,

I love your idea and its impact on society! I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well!

Salu Yuda Ngedu

July 28, 2016 20:45

This is a great idea and once implemented it can obviously transform Africa. I support it by votes and comment. Kindly, support my idea though this link:

Thank you!

July 28, 2016 19:15

Giving consumers the choice to reflect what justifies a price is a great way of incorporating both sides. What do you thinkabout my idea?