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Published on August 2, 2016 um 04:52

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Internet advancement is on the rising trend today. With 70% of the world population not having proper access to internet, these villagers who are only recently introduced to this new tool are not as proficient in it, which is a huge handicap since technology incites the growth of economy. The mass of villagers have great handicraft skills that can only be appreciated by people if they ever travel to these villages. The amount of sales generated is subjected to human traffic fluctuation. Creating a website is an intuitive process for us. The villagers can then share their concept and creativity to make it their own. Additionally, they would be embedded with the knowledge of maintaining the website and the resources needed to improve in the ever expanding market. Leverage on our expertise of SEO Search Engine Optimization that helps to bring any website created to be seen on the first page of the website through essential software and experience that we are proficient in. Bridging the gap of the villagers to the global network which open the doors to a broader customer base. By having our social enterprise concept, we are able to bring the villagers product globally by providing them with the websites. This will allow the villagers to reach out to more customers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The Tak Province has a population of 539,553 of which 5400 of these individuals consists of craftsmen. Nevertheless, Auxilium Innovations aim to address most of the villagers. Setting our sights on Tak Province - a small village with the usage of internet access. The internet presents an immense platform due to the amount of traffic of internet users accessing it daily, which we use to our advantage. We represent the teachers, providing the relevant resources to help them better their lives. Each individual would be assigned a website so that they can sell their own, unique products to the customers of the internet. With that said, we look into expanding our market to other villages throughout Thailand. The immediate impact on the villagers in Tak would be the increment in sales and products shipped out via the web page. Long term impact includes the education taught, knowledge of the webpage and their background imparted from the villagers. Inclusively, we would be building and expand their customer base using the internet as a platform for them to sell their handicrafts.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The implementation of this idea involves several crucial steps that requires clear and solid planning stages. We would create various default Search Engine Optimized(SEO) templates sites for the villagers. We then proceed onto liaising with the villagers onsite to better understand their needs also for them to convey their personal touch onto their sites. We will make sure the websites are in working condition, providing them the extra avenue for revenue.
Auxilium Innovations represents the service providers that impart our knowledge to them while the villages utilize the B2B concept with interested parties. In spite of that, we make money through tax deductions from sales of third party fees, domain names and hosting websites since we are a non-profit organisation. Our company is equipped with a highly proficient online marketing skill called Search Engine Optimization. Leveraging on SEO can bring about significant increase in online traffic which translate to potential customers. Dwindling customers are apparent in the Tak province, and it is undeniable that they can sell their products within themselves. Nonetheless, with our extensive help, all thats left would be for a simple image upload of the product to their site for the customers. This sustains them in the long-term, granting them the ability to break out of their own shell and start flourishing their business online. Inclusively, we would be building and escalating their customer base while sustaining their handicrafts quality, resulting in increment in sales.


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My team and I, Darrel Chong are members of Auxilium Innovations. We are a social enterprise that strongly believes in giving aid and opportunities to third-world countries, addressing their social problems and improving their living conditions through internet marketing. Each of us are proficient in SEO techniques and necessary Marketing Skills relevant to our objective so that we are able to embedded our knowledge to these people. Furthermore, we provide them the platform for these people to set foot into the ever-expanding world of internet marketing. Our area of expertise lies in predicting the trend of the current market while also utilizing websites and programming to streamline our efficiency. Moreover, Auxilium Innovations has undergone the necessary training to hone our skills, with a background of the aforementioned SEO techniques and marketing skills.


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Nice idea, I support it with vote and comment.
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August 17, 2016 16:36

Hi Darrel,

I love your idea and its impact on society! I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well!

Salu Yuda Ngedu

August 8, 2016 00:48

Innovative idea. Best wishes.