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Published on August 2, 2016 um 03:52

Explain your idea in details:

"Label your food" is an idea for an application that could be easily be downloaded on any iPhone or Android phone and tablet. Its main objective is to help people understand chemical substances that are commonly found on food labels (e.g. ascorbic acid), what those substances do and whether they could be harmful. With this application an individual does not have to be a chemist to know whether something written in the label of a product has any side effects. The main idea is to use technology in order to better people's understanding of the food that they consume and for example the preservatives that it contains. An innovative approach of the app is the fact that the format of the application leaves room for further interaction with the public, with people sending substances that they come across that are not included in the database in order for us to update it. In the future a database with products that are found in the supermarket and their labels might even be available, creating the opportunity for someone to make his shopping list taking into consideration what his products of choice contain.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This is an application targeting every person that is interested in taking care of his/her health by knowing what they put in their body. In that sense it could be used by anyone that has access in a smartphone or a tablet. A huge plus of an online application that is available through an e-shop (app store, play store) is the fact that you can measure the impact that it has in the community by knowing how many people downloaded it. Another feature of such a market is that anyone can give a valid feedback of the application and improve it.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

A.Company: A start up company with a chief (coordinating the work load), a chemist (creating and updating the database of the chemical substances) and a programmer (coding and running the application).

B. Consumer: Everyone interested in learning what is contained in their food such as average people that want to know what they put in their bodies, athletes and fitness enthusiasts, people that need to avoid specific substances, mothers and fathers etc.

C. Product: Digital database of chemical substances found on food labels.

D. Service: Constant update of the database and the opportunity to interact with the people on that matter

E. Money: Taking advantage of the capability to have advertisment in the  would be possible. Possible ads partners could be eco-friendly companies, companies with organic products etc. The collaboration with one of the biggest newspapers in Greece ("VIMA") is also possible since the database was created by one of the people (A. Galdadas) behind this idea who happens to be an author at that newspaper.

F. Attention: A wide usage of social media would be crucial in the promotion of this application. At the same time it is important to promote the fact that this idea was created by young people.

Your profile

My name is Nick Galdadas, I am from Greece and I am a 19 years old student at the University of Athens. I study Politics and Public Administration. Coming from a family with people with many different areas of expertise such as physics, engineering, chemistry and economics I was influenced in various ways. By the time I graduated high school I was soon very interested in entrepreneurship, so reading articles about different aspects of entrepreneurship became an everyday thing. What inspires me is people who never give up and those who always strive to become the best version of themselves. In my opinion consistency is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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well done, this is a great idea! Best wishes for implementation.

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August 23, 2016 15:06

Nice idea, I support your idea with vote and comment.
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