"SRVR" (the server for service)

Published on August 10, 2016 um 02:28

Explain your idea in details:

Our main goal for the SRVR platform is to make information on service opportunities available to anyone with access to a smartphone. This will simultaneously enable willing volunteers to take advantage of more service opportunities as well as service partners to overcome the major obstacle of organizing events and finding enough volunteers. SRVR is unique as it will provide many more opportunities to help communities at large, in comparison with other applications that only cater to a single organization or global issue. SRVRs immediate outcome will be matching of skills that are available within a certain community, with available social and community service opportunities in that area (e.g. Matching of skills with needs for medical/dental camps in remote areas; teaching financial literacy to poor communities). The program essentially aims to connect passionate individuals with like minded organizations to ensure a positive impact in any community. Most organizations utilize websites over applications as they are better suited for their needs. However, studies show that 85% of consumers prefer mobile applications to websites, as they tend to be more convenient and easier to navigate. SRVR allows for direct communication between volunteers and organizations, with access to a wide range of service projects. Any necessary information about such projects, human resource and other requirements, profile of beneficiaries, and other community specific data can be easily accessed through SRVR rather than navigating large websites or waiting to gain access permissions. The greatest feature of SRVR is that it is a mobile platform that channelizes good-will that is available in all communities/societies, for the benefit of the needy. It will promote sustainable and optimal use of human and financial resources within and across communities or geographic areas in any country. SRVR will be a great public-private partnership for promoting sustainable development.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

SRVR is expected to have a uniquely great impact on sustainable development as it enables smaller as well as larger scale aid opportunities in communities worldwide to be more effective though optimized allocation of human and financial resources (meaning SRVR will use all available resources to help eager volunteers across the globe help improve their communities) . By enabling both bottom-up and top-down aid and service opportunities, it allows communities and organizations to both better address local issues from local and global perspectives, in turn leading to sustainable development of communities at various levels. Assuming the service opportunities work in the best interests of communities development, SRVRs success can be measured by the amount of successful and completed service activities organized with the aid of SRVR. The initial goal for success is to have 200 successful organized activities within the first year of the apps use. The key outputs of the proposed project will include (a)Design, testing and finalization of SRVR; (b) Roll-out of SRVR in a pilot community/geographical area (e.g. a school, town, or city); (c) Receive feedback from the population of the pilot community pertaining to the effectiveness of the application; (d) Approach organizations in regards to opportunities for in-app advertisements or sponsorships as a source of revenue; (e) Release SRVR to the general public; (f) Continue to gather data on the success of the program (through downloads and completed projects) in order to follow-up with the connections that SRVR facilitated.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model depends on building a bridge between the supply and demand of labor for sustainable social/community service. SRVR will be extremely beneficial to service organizations and corporations seeking to match their service needs with appropriately skilled volunteers,  available through organized corporate social responsibility (CSR) type programs or individuals who are willing to participate in service projects. It is anticipated that large companies with CSR programs will act as collaborators as well as sponsors. For SRVR to be sustainable, the promoters will charge companies a fee for the services provided after SRVR gains reputation in the market.
Additionally, in-app advertisements from organizations (SRVR affiliated or otherwise) will act as another source of revenue for SRVR. The initial sources of funding will be provided through an application to the International School Manilas sustainability fund, which enables students to realize projects such as these.

Your profile

My name is Michael Babin, a 16 year old high school student currently studying at an international school in Manila. My interest in sustainability and development were sparked as a freshman in my geography class, where I was lucky to learn about the different processes and relationships between wealthy and poor countries. Since then, Ive done all I could to learn more about sustainable development through choosing my classes (Economics, Geography) and clubs (Rural Education Activity Learning REAL, Ocean Activism, High School Sustainability Council), and hope to pursue similar courses in college. One of my most memorable and valuable recent experiences was being able to intern for a week at the Asian Development Bank, working with a research team on a similar crowd-sourced app. After being fortunate enough to receive opportunities to become passionate and learn about the necessity of sustainable development, I felt extremely excited that I could have another opportunity to potentially make a real-life impact of my own.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage


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September 1, 2016 14:46

All the best

Anand Sivan

August 17, 2016 12:44

Give proper attention to detail. Best wishes.

Aruna Viswadoss

August 15, 2016 08:14

What a constructive idea! Go for it! All the best!

Bob Singh

August 14, 2016 17:05

Great, Abhinav! Best wishes...DO IT!


August 11, 2016 05:18

Fantastic - This can be the uber for volunteerism. Make it happen!


August 10, 2016 19:55

This is awesome! Good luck M2B!!


August 10, 2016 14:34

Get that server up and runnnig

August 10, 2016 14:13

A lot of times, people interested in volunteering don't because they have no idea where to begin and can't be bothered to search. This project eliminates both excuses. It's one worth investing in and one that, I believe, is a game-changer for voluntarism as we know it. Fantastic job; keep it up!

August 10, 2016 07:32

Impressive tech idea. Don't ever give up. You can make it.