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Explain your idea in details:

Agriculture forms the backbone of the Benue State economy, engaging about 70 per cent of the working population. The State is a major producer of yams, rice, sesame, soybean, sorghum, maize, guinea corn, beans, cassava, groundnuts and fruits in Nigeria. Unfortunately, about 30% of grains, 50% of roots and tubers and a high percentage of fruits and vegetables produced are lost after harvest. These huge losses occur because Benue farmers lack; a. Communication with buyers, b. Coordination of the market, c. Efficient marketing systems, d. Storage techniques and knowledge. My idea, Agroalley, a comprehensive web and mobile-based communication and management platform for agribusinesses will use the internet, cell phone-based SMS services and USSD Codes as an extension/market information provider to link agricultural actors (farmers, agro-processors, consumers) to discover agribusiness opportunities, learn best practices and link farmers to sustainable structured markets even before harvest. Harvested and untreated agricultural produce deteriorates within 24-72 hours. Most value chain actors require freshly harvested produce as raw material. AgroAlley intends to connect these actors within 72 hours through; a. Efficient communication between consumers/producers to reduce search/transaction time b. Linking farmers to value chain actors c. Dissemination of research output/information AgroAlley when implemented will; a. Reduce post-harvest loss of crops b. Enable quick uptake of produce from smallholder farmers c. Guarantee increased return on investment rather than loss of product. In extreme cases where traders do not have money, AgroAlley will provide a barter section for direct exchange of the farmers produce for purchasers goods/services. Users with smart devices and internet can get information on: prices of produce, services, farm input, produce location and extension services on AgroAlley. Users without Smart devices will be provided with USSD Codes where a dial to a certain USSD Code will provide the same information found by smart devices.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

AgroAlley will improve the socio-economic welfare of smallholder farmers, agro-processors, retailers, wholesalers, researchers and consumers. The above-mentioned are the targets of AgroAlley. AgroAlley will serve as a coordinating mechanism with adequate information for efficient communication between agricultural produce value chain actors. When in operation, AgroAlley will enhance data generation through; valuable demand forecasts, potential sales rates and forecast. Investors and value chain actors need market and technical information to plan for their investments. AgroAlley intends to grow the degree of optimism that consumers feel about Benue farmers produce (Consumer confidence) which in return stimulates activities of agricultural production. The broader impact of your solution, AgroAlley on smallholder welfare are: Reduction of food waste which leads to loss of income to millions of farmers and about 15% income of value chain actors through quick uptake of agricultural produce from the producers Improved and sustainable income for Benue farmers Provision of an avenue to educate farmers and value chain actors on value addition activities through the agricultural extension service of AgroAlley. Help organize farmers into cooperatives, which will help them, control the market, reveal agribusinesses to members and expose the farmers to best practises. The impact on the overall ability of agricultural value chain will be: Ability to precisely locate agricultural produce, inputs, services and products (better coordination of the market) Integrate consumer preferences into decision-making on agricultural produce Reduction of food losses In conclusion, the success of AgroAlley will be judged by: number of transactions between users, quick uptake of agricultural produce, ease of locating agricultural produce and reduction of post-harvest losses. The success will help achieve the goals of: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production and Climate Action.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

I co-own DAK Sheaves Nigeria Limited. The Company has a team of professionals and associate personnel and is engaged into crop and animal production. The Company offers farm management, agribusiness and agricultural consulting services.
Over time, we identified the average peak period for harvest and marketing of agricultural produce in Benue State is October April, about 28 weeks.
The window is sufficient enough to keep our innovation sustainable through;
i. 5% royalties charged to both producers and consumers transacting on AgroAlley.
Using cassava as an example, weekly market estimates show, over N 3, 031, 782. 92/week ($15,158.91/week) worth of fresh cassava is traded in Benue state after a huge fraction is lost after harvest. AgroAlley will tap into the huge market.
ii. Advertisement fee paid by companies.
iii. Subscription fee by bloggers, Research and Development (R&D) Centres. Money generated from SMS sent by AgroAlley users.
The AgroAlley will be accessed via A typical user of AgroAlley website is an actor in the agricultural value chain.
AgroAlley users can make posts, with details about an agricultural produce available for sale, a needed farm input and service. English and local languages will be used for AgroAlley.
Users with smart devices and internet can get information on: prices of produce, services, farm input, produce location and extension services on AgroAlley. Users without Smart devices will be provided with Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Codes in collaboration with network service where a dial to a certain USSD Code will provide the same information found by smart devices.
The USSD codes and AgroAlley publicity will be made available on our website and communication channels.
Transactions can be paid for on the site by means of debit cards, purchase of equivalent call voucher from a network service provider, barter or cash deposits at banks.

Your profile

My name is Ijir Aondosoo. I am a Nigerian. I am 28 years old. I am Agricultural and Environmental Engineer with a Masters Degree in Sustainable Energy: Technologies and Management from Brunel University, London. I work at World Bank Center for Food Technology and Research, Benue State University, Makurdi. The Center is mandated to "Control Post Harvest Food Losses in West and Central Africa". I perform the duties of Farm Engineer, interacting with agricultural stakeholders with the sole focus to solve Post-harvest food losses. My duties also include: data collection and analysis, coordination of feasibility studies, identification of structured markets for farmers, coordination of efficient communication strategy to spread policies and technologies to agricultural stakeholders and research activities geared towards Post-harvest loss control. I will perform same functions and more for the innovation to be successful. Over time, through interaction with Benue farmers, I noticed the farmers worked hard on their farms but earned a little from their hard work. Consumers and agro-processors also suffered food shortages caused by postharvest losses. I was born and raised in a rural community; where I witnessed my parents suffer from the menace of post-harvest food losses. My parents produced crops in large quantities but never sold at choice prices. I was also a victim of postharvest losses when I started practicing agriculture as a teenager. The hardship and challenges faced by the characters mentioned above and the realisation that postharvest losses has caused millions of deaths through malnutrition, food insecurity, food poisoning, has been my motivation to create AgroAlley. Recently, I assisted African Independent Television a Nigerian TV station to produce an agricultural program titled Farmers Market aimed at exposing to agricultural value chain stakeholders the agricultural potentials and challenges faced by farmers in my state. Thank you.


Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Ijir Aondosoo, driving a tractor

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August 8, 2016 01:37

Keep it up bro. It's a great green idea just yet.

July 31, 2016 10:02

You have a nice initiative. If this idea is implemented, farmers will be assured of the safety of their post harvest. I will find your agroAlley application useful in my agribusiness. For that you can drop your social media contact details. Meanwhile I can quickly be reached at and [email protected] Wishing you the very best with your idea. I have also voted it( Vote 1). Cheers!