sustainable innovative solar power off-grid purification system

Published on August 1, 2016 um 16:12

Explain your idea in details:

nnovative solar-powered water purification system that offers practical,portable,off-grid and easy to use units to provide sustainable and affordable access to safe water.Consuming contaminated water leads to sickness and mortality through waterborne diseases and decreases local employment in the community as women and children spend hours collecting potable water instead of working.Clean technology venture most affordable and environmentally friendly method of water purification on the marketts a social entreprise with a hybrid model initiative that combines social responsibility,sustainability,bussiness strategy and technological perspective.Its aims at empowering organisations and individuals through water and sanitation social Innovation affordable and accessible solutions to water and sanitation challenges in the developing world. This include a solarpowered distillation device for clean waterusing simple engeneering, latest web and mobile technology to make a Social Impact for a Secure, Safer and Smarter Society.From a raw data from the gadget to create mobile application,information systems and innovative methodologies that can be used by vulnerable key stakeholders to receive early warnings,take action,save lives,build productivity and adapt to the new challenges posed by water.Platform is an end-to-end solution where content publishers provides relevant guides water condition,testing and identifying chemical water contamination,emergencies through the panel of the solar system.This gadget is adjusted to be kept at any water collection point.Thus saving lives and improve productivity

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our business not only allows to recover investment and operational cost,it is an ideal opportunity for an investor to generate beneficial social and and environmental impact alongside a financial return,Thus for very $1 invested in water and sanitation provides a $4 economic return.We reduce the amount of time in women looking for safe drinking water,women and children spend 125 million hours each day collecting water and more so its estimated that the mortality rate in waterborne disease is 1.8 million a month predominately children death,this project will aim at reducing this numbers from detecting the onset of the disease.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We aim at offering 400000 people access to safe drinking water,More so 800000 liters of safe drinking water per day,This translate to 220 jobs yearly and 500-1000 indirect jobs being with a team that are innovators and possesses clear roles,responsibilities,time and commitment needed to be successful we aim at getting large network of technical and financial partners who will work towards reducing cost and increasing our market reach.We are actively working towards having partners in government,private sector and community leaders.

Our business model will be working with local partners and individuals in using pay as go model in which we aim at offering safe water and sanitation on the go.


Your profile

I am 28 years old,I have studies in Project Management with experience in 7 years working for Ngo and 2 years working for startups,I am Ashoka scholar,Eco-prenuer 2016,Young humanitarian ambassador,Passionate social entrepreneur,I am driven by everyday social issues being addressed by using business principals.I envision a dignified humanity through serendipity.

Stage of Idea

idea offered for implementation by others

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August 28, 2016 18:58

Waoh that so impressive infact the society needs to adapt the innovative idea to make clean water accessible available & affordable to all as well as eradicating water-borne diseases reducing morbidity&mortality rate hence achieving vision 2030 health for development. Kudos martin all the best.


August 17, 2016 05:39

Good job Martin ! Wonderfully innovative!

August 8, 2016 23:07

Innovative green idea. So impressive. All the best.

August 5, 2016 11:50

That's a wonderful idea dear Mr. Kiyeng,
It's an everlasting struggle to provide clean water for humanity. It helps and saves many lives.


August 5, 2016 07:08

Great idea! Genius! This idea is very timely and will assist lots of people. Praying all the best for Martin.

August 2, 2016 04:47

This is a great idea! I hope achieve what you are aiming for! Good Luck!