An Important Notice to YCEC Members: Changes to the Voting Process

Dear members of the Entrepreneurship Campus,

We would like to call your attention to the following issue:
Given that we have received several users’ queries for support during the recent days, a change to the voting process will be implemented in order to make the procedure easier and more secure.

The deadline for entries, July 31, is approaching, and afterward, the YCEC will focus on the voting process for the entire month of August.  In order to prepare for a month of heavy voting, changes to the process were considered necessary.
The alteration to the voting process will aid to better connect our technology with all types of devices used by the members of the Entrepreneurship Campus. This will help to make the safer and mobile friendly.

How will it work?

After the change will be implemented, you, as a user that wants to cast a vote, will need to authenticate yourself with an email double option.
You will insert your email, and a verification URL will be sent to you. After clicking the URL, you’ll have 15 minutes of time to vote for a given idea/project once a day. After this session expires, you can no longer vote, until the upcoming day (24 hours later).
Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Anonymous

    14.07.2017 · Reply

    Thanks for information
    This will help, to stop any kind of unfair voting,

  2. Yes, we need more easy and secured voting process. Thank you for considering this issue. I hope our previous votes, comments and activities are safe.


  4. This is realy great for the members of YCEC.we realy needed a friendly process as long as our previous votes are stored and safe

  5. I pray it doesnot take long. Because I already lost months of getting comments for my wonderful idea :) :) And guys all the best

  6. Please how come that my idea cannot even be seen by anyone and I noticed i can still vote and comment on others. Why is it like this?

  7. Dears;
    This is great idea, I full agree with new system, which seems reliable and efficient where different attempt to vote like suspicious warms and bots can’t easily guess it.

    Keep it Up!

  8. Thanks YCEC to makes the vote process secure .We have been faced to problem that was making the competion loose its fairness.I will inform my voters about the change process vote and thanks again to considere our request

  9. Thank you for making this voting process easier and secured. you are doing a good job

  10. Thank you for this improment, I real appreciate the way you made us awere and get ready for the changes with our votes being protected.
    Thank you.

  11. kumar

    15.07.2017 · Reply

    When i m commenting on an idea it sent me a email to verify so when i open my email with given link to post comment it says that ‘sorry theres nothing found’..why it is happening.

  12. Malifedha Amosi

    15.07.2017 · Reply

    Good idea for changes on voting, but we are asking for a simplest system of voting without numerous tiresome !!! Be blessed abundantly ,,

  13. Guys this improvement is realy good.we have a chance of voting for one another.let’s do doing that we will be motivating and inspiring one another.if you don’t vote for Katlego Sito’s SMS system establishment,you are playing part in oppressing one SA by voting for it so that discrimination and opretion may end.kind regards

  14. Thanks for the info, I hope we all remain true indeed!
    Hope this change has not hurt anyone?
    Kind regards.

  15. Anonymous

    16.07.2017 · Reply

    Thank you YCEC Team!

    It’s a nice step and a welcome development. I pray we, members of YCEC pull through.

    Beat Wishes!

  16. This is a very good measures against illegal voting process even though I’m new in the system but I also need you guys to vote for me as a support to my project and I’m also ready to make yours worth it too. Thanks.

  17. Hi,
    I am not able to comment on any idea, after new rules came to effect.

    • Dear Shuhra,
      We are sorry to hear that you have faced this inconvenience.
      Please, can you kindly send a detailed email, screenshots included, at [email protected]
      Therefore, our developers can address this issue.

  18. Dear Campus- Manager,

    After the implementation of this new voting process, my family and friends are having challenges casting their votes because they complained that the registration process is lengthy such that after their registration and clicks on the email verification links sent to them, the vote command can not be easily accessed.

    Kindly assist to simplify the voting process such that it will be seamless especially for those who just submitted their ideas/projects for votes and comments.

    Thank you.

  19. Hello,

    People are having difficulties in casting their votes for my idea.Kindly assist.


  20. PLS, most of my friends are having difficulties voting for me, I seriously need your assistance.

  21. Dear administrator greetings,
    Please i want to know how can I do to see other participants ideas and make comments ? Can i cast a vote in my own idea? Thank you!

  22. Thank you for making the to voting process easier and secured

  23. Dear Admin,

    Thanks for the update. I have one question and one comment. The question is, what is the justification for allowing a person voting twice for the same idea in reference to this statement “after this session expires, you can no longer vote, until the upcoming day (24 hours later)” or you mean one vote per one project or idea per day? thus one can vote for more than one idea but not more than once for the same idea?

    My comment is one comments. I have observed that it is not possible to respond to a specific comment if you happen to receive more than one and you didn’t respond right away. Possibly it would be good to be able to respond to a specific comment (e.g. what happens with a Facebook page comments). This might be helpful when you have more comments coming in.


  24. This is a nice platform.unfortunately I can’t see my idea in the vote for best idea category.maybe that’s why am not getting any comments.i would really like to hear peoples opinion on my idea

    • Dear Perpetual,
      We are sorry to tell, but the reason why you cannot see your entry in the respective category is that you may haven’t been able to publish it before July 31, which was the deadline for submitting and publishing ideas and projects in this edition of the competition.
      Only the entries that met the deadline are now public and open for votes and comments.
      We are looking forward to seeing your idea in the future. :)

  25. This was timely and thanks 2019/2020 are benefiting this now. Thank you campus administrator for making the process flexible for campus members to utilize the voting period. Having vboted for most of the days, it is very efficient and user friendly

  26. Thank you youth citizen entrepreneurship competition for making the process more juser friendly. This is possible because you listen to the vioices of the campus members who did complain of some challenges. Thank you campus administrator for listening to us. This is another virtue I have learnt from this campus, Listening to my customers and responding accordingly

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