Important Notice!

The finalists will be determined according to the “Personal Activity Indicator” algorithm:

  1. The entrant’s personal engagement among the Entrepreneurship Campus community by commenting and giving advice to other entries.
  2. The number of meaningful comments the entrant’s idea/ project has received from the online Entrepreneurship Campus community.
  3. The number of online courses and related exercises in entrepreneurship education (eight courses in total) and the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Course the entrant has taken. The online training is free of charge.
  4. Special assignments the entrant has done. Special assignments in entrepreneurship education will be given to members of the Entrepreneurship Campus as the Competition goes onward. Special assignments will be posted on the Blog webpage.
  5. The number of votes the entrant’s idea/ project has obtained by 15 October 2022.

The “Personal Activity Indicator” clearly and deliberately rewards entrants who participate actively within the Entrepreneurship Campus. A bar will be displayed at the top of every single entry once that entry has been accepted and posted on the competition website. This bar measures, on a scale of 0-10 (0 stands for “no activity” and 10 for “excellent activity”), the activity factor of each entrant in relation to all other entrants’ activities within the Entrepreneurship Campus. In that respect, the bar (0-10) may increase and decrease as the competition goes onward depending on the entrant’s active engagement in comparison to his or her fellow entrants’ engagement within the Entrepreneurship Campus online community.

(The weighing of the above five rules is not made public in order to avoid manipulation).

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  1. Its good, i think the selection will be very fair.

  2. Fantastic! ! I hope I will be the winner.

  3. I am still struggling to see my votes and comments.
    I want to know the process to voting. Sometimes Vote page open sometimes I cannot see it.
    Can some one help me to do properly.

    • Dear Kusum,
      Don’t worry, because your project is open voting and commenting as it is published in the ‘Best Projects 2017’ category. When you vote, it isn’t possible to see the vote button for 24 hours. You have to be more active with the other member of the campus by commenting their entries and sharing meaningful suggestions. You may also ask your friends to support you. They need to register in order to vote or comment your project. We wish you luck.

      • Dear Campus-Manager I m receiving the feedback from the people who are supporting my project , they are telling me that even if they didn’t vote but they see the message that tell them , #you already vote for this idea# and sometimes the boton for vote is not showing.

      • Rushabh

        29.07.2018 · Reply

        All winners will be called in Berlin?
        Is it true sir/madam?

    • Hy Kusum,under your provide go to view more on ypur project and the process is at the top.that means you have to scroll up.thank you

    • Please help me out… It is really difficult for me to get votes and comments on my post.

  4. It is a good thing to be among the youth citizen entrepreneurship campus competition to showcase my ideas with other self minded people.

  5. Hy campus manager,I have read that the special assignment will appear on this side? I would like to confirm if it is the right one

  6. Hi Campus manager,my voters cannot access the page to vote for my idea.
    Could you please clarify on that.

    • Dear Ssebata Paul, you need to make sure that your idea is published. You can do this by checking its status. You just click publish and it will apear in the respective category.
      Good Luck

  7. Anonymous

    10.07.2017 · Reply

    It’s good tip indeed to guide us, what we are supposed to do in order to be among top ten finalist

  8. Anonymous

    12.07.2017 · Reply

    Campus -Manager

    My voters whom support my project, said that the webpage didn’t shown clearly about the box of captcha and vote option, sometimes vote option appear but the code -captcha not seen

    So help us all


  9. oguta job francis

    13.07.2017 · Reply

    Does it matter when does one join the competition, because for sure some people can join later, which is a challenge to obtaining voters. so does this competition regulations cater for that as well?

    • Dear Oguta Job Francis,
      As you can see on the website timeline, the deadline for votes and comments is on August 31 while the deadline for entries is on July 31. Votes are only one of the factors that define the finalists of the competition. Please, find here more information about the way how the finalist will be determined.

  10. This is a very good method of selection of winners

  11. I really like the idea of the Personal Activity Algorithm!
    Sharing perspectives will really help us, the entrants develop entrepreneurship capacity and engage ourselves in meaningful networking.

  12. Innocent

    11.08.2017 · Reply

    Hello all,

    What does it take to receive the first assignment?

  13. Please, how can i canvass for votes for my idea?

  14. This platform is the best educative platform urging us to demonstrate leadership to help society following the SDGs

  15. Please I want to find out if one person can vote twice?

    • Dear Emmanuel, here you can find an explanation of the voting system. Anyone that wants to cast a vote, will need to authenticate him/herself with an email double option.
      They will insert their email, and a verification URL will be sent to them. After clicking the URL, they’ll have 15 minutes of time to vote for a given idea/project once a day. After this session expires, they can no longer vote, until the upcoming day (24 hours later). Someone can vote more than one entry during the 15 minutes time limit, but only one entry in 24 hours.

  16. Dear Campus-Manager,
    I suggest we build an app for this platform to make more mobile friendly . what do you think. It’s can be a special assignment for this Bach competitors. The last online training I watched taught me how to make work interesting at the same time profitable. So I suggest we create a mobile app for this platform. You have a good team to this year to do this.

    Thank you

    • Thank you, dear Emmanuel, for your suggestion. We will do the utmost to deliver the best experience to all the members of the Entrepreneurship Campus.

  17. […] 10 finalists in each of the two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ algorithm . […]

  18. a very constructive analysis. I’m highly encouraged

  19. […] 10 finalists in each of the two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ algorithm . […]

  20. I am indeed honoured and privileged to be on this platform.I am Jonah from Nigeria. Bring the challenge on!!!!!

  21. This is a great place to be!

    I look forward to adding meaningfully to this platform and meeting the amazing people here.

  22. everyday I am online I learn something new about this campus. I really am happy to have come across this campus. I just wish I had known it way back. striving to get more youth like me to know about it in Botswana

  23. Thank God for this opportunity. Am highly impressed.

  24. Nice place to be. I have learnt alot from the entrepreneurship campus and how i wish everyone to read through it and do the assisgment and excercises accordingly.

  25. Well, this is superb. Hopefully I will make it the best.

  26. You cant manage what you cant measure .

  27. that is amazing method to selection winner :)

  28. how many votes are allowed per person? can a person vote for a single idea more than once?

  29. They look pretty much reasonable. But I was wondering if you could provide an approximate weightage value, each of the above factors carry?

  30. Thank you. It’s verry clear.

  31. Rushabh

    29.07.2018 · Reply

    My idea is about solar energy conversation
    Please vote me and comments on this.

  32. Rushabh

    29.07.2018 · Reply

    In conceptual stage first 3 winners will be announce? Or in planning or all 4 category winners will be announce?

  33. Dear Campus manager,
    In the personnal management indicators you have talk about special assignment and we are supposed to find them on the New and blog webpage. But since i have started the courses i haven’t seen any. Should you help me to find them

  34. […] two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ […]

  35. […] two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ […]

  36. […] Concepts classification and.Finest Projects classification) will be identified according to the ‘ Individual Activity Sign’ […]

  37. […] Ten finalists in each of the two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ algorithm. […]

  38. Gostaria de saber sobre as despesas do vencedores para viajar para Berlim…..

  39. Extraordinary! I love this!

  40. Wow, this is the one of the best place to be online, I’m so happy I discovered this platform at this time of my career, I’m ready to give my all

    • If you are yet to embark on the online entrepreneurship campus education,please do.The content are so rich,well prepared by professionals in the world of entrepreneurship.

      Good Luck Friend

  41. hello community I’m TSAGOU Essobiou Kpatcha from Togo
    I’m very happy to be one this plateform with you.
    The projects are nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Project 2019 category. So I invite you to go and read and let me know what you think about them.

  42. This is very transparent, I hope to emerge the winner

  43. […] Ten finalists in each of the two categories (Best Ideas category and Best Projects category) will be determined according to the ‘Personal Activity Indicator’ algorithm. […]

  44. this is a good measure of dedication. Good luck young leaders

  45. Anonymous

    22.04.2019 · Reply

    My friend that are not taking part in the competition can also vote? if so how do they vote?

    • Hello Naemi,
      Everyone can vote, including the people that are not members of the campus.
      If your friends want to cast a vote, you will need to authenticate yourself with a double opt-in email.

      They will be required to insert a valid email, and a verification URL will be sent to that email. After clicking the URL, the voter will have 15 minutes of time to vote for a given idea/project once a day. After this session expires, tthey can no longer vote, until the upcoming day (24 hours later).

  46. I love the transparacy of this competition. I have been following up on all the entries that have been submitted so far by the various potential applicants and am impressed at the different ideas and projects. This is just a sign that youths are thinking…

  47. I think most of the parameters for selecting the winners are quite fair, however I am a little bit on edge with producing winners from the amount of votes the individual garners. For instance if I am big on facebook and I have an idea that isnt exactly as good as my colleagues but because I have huge followers on social media I get to win someone who has very few friends, doesn’t that process reduce objectivity ??

    • Dear Evans,

      I strongly believe this project is measuring us against a lot of characteristics.

      Your ability to convince people to buy into your IDEA is very key as a sales person.

      I am encouraging you to PUSH you project,create awareness and give it all your best.

      All the best man.

  48. hello here….
    I’m Olivier MUGIRANEZA from Rwanda
    I’m glad to be a part of this amazing community.
    briefly, I have a one off coolest project that could help us and our society to the payment method to be smart, cheaper, secure, faster and more efficient than other forms of payment processing. It’s called E-WALLET.

    My project nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Project 2019 category.
    Please don’t resist to take look and let me know any confusion you have, am here for you and Your inputs are need in order to make it better than mine.
    Thank you for your intention.

    • Dear Olivia,

      It’s nice running with a great mind like you in time like this!

      Can you please drop the link to your idea so that friends can read through it and give necessary comments?

      Thanks in anticipation

  49. The enrepreneurship site has alot of information to learn from, i wish many youths can discover the campus and learn because i believe everyone has an idea if given a chance

  50. Am really enjoying the information on the website. Initially, I was reluctant but I later discovered that the information there are priceless but the tasks, I must confess demand some thorough thinking. Glad to be here.

  51. TSAGOU

    17.05.2019 · Reply

    Very good

  52. Wow I urge all of us to take the courses as we can also give back to our communities to impact others.

  53. Hello, we need a mobile app for this platform and the online training is awesome. Thanks.

    We look forward to the assignments

  54. Thanks. This will make the competition to be fair for all. I Hope to win best idea

  55. It looks so fair to me i like it :)

  56. Adeosun Oluwatosin

    08.06.2019 · Reply

    Brilliant.The process is fair enough.This will definitely serve as a guide to us all.

  57. Dear Campus Co-Ordinator,this is to bring to your attention that the Video attached to course number 3 is not playing.Kindly help rectify this error.Thanks

  58. Looks fair to me

  59. that is amazing method to selection winner :)

  60. Hello,

    I have problem with my email [email protected] in Entrepreneurship Campus

    I did not receive emails from Campus members about has comments and votes

    Please I want to Subscribe again

    Thank you for your help

  61. I am happy I am part of this. It has helped me in many ways and I believe that even if not we do not form part of the finalists, we are all winners. This is because we have gain many insights, experience and most importantly friends who really wish to make positive impacts.

  62. I am honored to be part of the academy and I look forward to greater things. I am a bit late though but i trust that I am where I should be at the right time. How do I share my link to solicit for votes and comments for my idea?

  63. This competition offers a special opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Reading through the ideas has taught me that young people have the initiative to change the world. Please read about my project and consider supporting it here:

  64. Amazing way of selecting winners, congratulations to all of us who scaled through to the second part of the competition.

  65. It’s really an awesome initiative. Just sad that I didn’t find out until now.

  66. But i think there must be a change in voting procedure. Voting for all ideas must start at the same time. After submitting everyones idea. Because now if someone is late, he can never win from the person who is receiving votes from the very first day…
    Voting time must be same for every idea

  67. Amazing methods of selection, encouraging participation. Thank you campus administrator for this reminder.

  68. I appreciate the transparency and the regular reminders of the rules of the campus competition. A parable in my place is that “someone kill by a moving train is not dead because he or she did not hear the horn”

    The regular reminding of the selection process for me is awesome.

    Thank you campus administrator

  69. This is great information. I noticed taking time to read other people’s projects enlightens you, however, it is difficult sometimes to stay engaged on this platform because of how busy our days get. We are usually so exhausted due to work that chatting on this platform gets overwhelming. Nevertheless, it would be great to have a Mobile Application for this platform so that interaction with other participants is made easier.

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