Innovating in 2021, Finding Opportunities

The only thing that hope might have in common with the coronavirus disease is its high contagiousness. Global developments such as the distribution of vaccines bring hope and opportunities for the future. To many, this stirs up anticipation for a return to normal. But was the pre-pandemic way of life ‘glorious’ enough to justify all this yearning?
The health crisis among many other impacts pointed out the social injustice and inequality build in the world. Instead of hopping for the past, we could make use of pandemic thoughts for a healing purpose. It would happen if all this coronavirus situation would irritate us in reflecting on the role of our thinking and actions in making the world a better place.

The technique of harnessing the power of irritating or frustrating situations for good has been around for a while. Indeed, those who take the online entrepreneurial training offered by the Entrepreneurship Campus, use this trick to come up with a good or useful idea.
Opportunity recognition is another skill that avid entrepreneurs learn during the training. They create an opportunity mindset or in other words, the ability to find opportunities out of the problems and challenges they face. Based on this mindset, 2021 provides countless opportunities for social entrepreneurs. Public health, misinformation, unemployment and especially youth unemployment, food security, education, supply chain disruption, response to vulnerable communities’ problems, climate change and many more are burning issues that require immediate action.

All these are major challenges that need coordination between authorities, organizations, governments, etc. Even though it could be possible, one single person with a good idea could hardly solve one big problem alone. Staring small would be the recommended approach. But most importantly, getting started with the right mindset for success. You can get started with entrepreneurial training and a little challenge that can turn into a successful business or project.
This year can be difficult, but it can be the right time to embrace social entrepreneurship.
Start by joining the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. It will help you learn if you’re cut for business life. On the other hand, you will contribute to major causes and keep pushing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Most of all you will be able to learn how to innovate and reframe your way of thinking to make change possible.

Join the competition with an idea or a project, and learn how to turn it into a real profitable and sustainable business.

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  1. This is an insightful review of the global situation at present. I agree that recognising opportunities is key, and this global emergency situation is one that can hep us harness the power of personal creativity and united collaboration to solve problems that we couldn’t in the pre-pandemic era.

  2. its a great opportunity for every individual mostly the business minded people..

  3. I am really inspired by this platform

  4. yes, entrepreneur hunt opportunities and utilize them, Opportunity is power and key to entrepreneurship…
    i love this, it motivates.

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