Join Us for the Virtual Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 Awards Ceremony

Dear participants of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, it has been seven months since the day when the 2020 edition of the completion started. We have been together for more than half a year, we must say it a very challenging year that stimulated a diversity of ideas and innovations from all our contestants.
Finally, after many months of learning and building a mindset of success and supporting each other in our online community, we invite you to join the first virtual awards ceremony for the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 on Thursday, 10 December starting at 15:00 hours, (Berlin Time).

Thursday will be an important day that is going to celebrate all the young and adult contestants of the competition that have been working or are willing to help the people and the planet to create a sustainable world for the generations to come.
Meanwhile, it is important to highlight that the ceremony will take place on Human Rights Day. By contributing to at least one of the SDGs, every idea and project submitted to the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition also gave a contribution towards supporting and promoting human rights.

Like every other edition of the competition, people from all over the world joined our initiative. The 2020 health crisis pointed out the huge inequalities that exist in the world. We also know that not all of our contestants have access to affordable internet or enough time or resources to promote their entries and get among the finalists. Hence every single entry submitted to the competition is valuable. It’s our contestants’ willingness to help others and fuel positive change that makes them stand out among their peers and local communities.

We want to highlight that 2020 had a major impact on educational systems worldwide, but it also emphasized what education young generations need. We hope that our Entrepreneurial training helps to spread the kind of education that stimulates innovation and inclusiveness for everyone who can’t afford conventional education.

Therefore, we invite you to celebrate all our participants that are trying hard to make the world a more peaceful place, and also to get to know the winners of the Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition 2020.
Join us on Thursday, December 10th at 15:00 hours (Berlin time). The ceremony will be live-streamed on YouTube on the Entrepreneurship Campus Website and Facebook.

Good Luck to everyone!

Photo credit: Hannes Kutza

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  1. It’s an honour and a privilege once more to be a part of this process.

  2. The vision and mission of this foundation for young people is so great. And i’m so proud to have participated in this year’s competition and it is my pleasure being a Top finalist. I’m so moved with emotion!

  3. Greetings from Kenya!

    Thank you CEC,Organizer’s,Collaborators,Team members and fellow contestant for all the dedication that are not unnoticed in contributing to help change the world.
    This campus has allowed us to discover our potential and how to contribute to a better sustainable future,this has really motivated,inspired,educated us as a team and we look forward to continued support to help change the world a better place in the next year’s to come.

    Boniface Karanja.

  4. cornior

    05.12.2020 · Reply

    Thanks for the information.The long awaited day is almost here and we appreciated the Organizers of this competition for giving us this opportunity to change and develop the world.
    As it has been said,every contestant’s idea is valuable and i stand to concur with this statement,the ideas are really valuable and i use this opportunity to encourage the 400+ contestants of the competition to continue pushing hard to change the world.


    07.12.2020 · Reply

    Am proud that contestants never gave up despite the long journey. Am proud that am also part of this. Thank for the wonderful opportunity

  6. Comfort Odor

    08.12.2020 · Reply

    It has been a rewarding journey. We have walk together as a family, encouraged ourselves and most importantly made valuable comments to refine each other’s ideas, in contribution to the knowledge and skills gained from this great campus.

    I honestly, thank the CEC organizers for this noble opportunity given to me to be part of this iconic history. To my fellow campus members that took time to read and made comments on my idea, I appreciate your support and have taking note of all your comments. Your contribution have brought me and the people that I seek to impact with my idea so far. To those of us who make it to the finals, I will not say we are the best but everyone of the campus member is. We rise by lifting others; therefore, let us continue to live the vision of this campus wether as winners or not.

  7. It is indeed a great opportunity to use this year, a difficult one to say the least to redirect myself on my life goals through the opportunity given to me by the YCEC. I remain ever grateful to the visioner, the donors and partners of this vision. Being part of this makes me so special having at several ocasions been denied by other competitions as a minor. I cannot never take this for granted.

    Thank you all and to those of my friends whose education has been disrupted by COVID-19, we are together in this and I hope to make more meaningful impacts in all of our lives to get the best educationally.

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