Launching the Competition @UNESCO HQ in Paris

Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an international competition to be launched as a joint program of The Goi Peace Foundation, Stiftung Entrepreneurship and UNESCO.

The competition will honor and foster young entrepreneurs (ages 15-30) from around the world who are creating positive change in their communities by helping solve some of the key challenges of today with their innovative ideas and leadership.
A unique feature of the competition is its interactive website where entries will be posted from 1st November 2013, for online voting and feedback from the public until 31st July 2014. Through the competition process, youth entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to optimize their ideas and develop their enterprise by receiving comments and support from the global online community.

Grand Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize and People’s Choice Prize winners will be selected in each of the following two categories:

  • Best Ideas Category: Innovative ideas and plans to be implemented (by the entrant or by others)
  • Best Projects Category: Already existing enterprise which has demonstrated social impact.

Winners of the competition will receive international recognition. The Grand Prize winners and the People’s Choice Prize winners will be invited to the award ceremony during the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin in October 2014. Here, they will present their ideas and activities to an international audience. By highlighting the best examples of youth entrepreneurship, the competition aims to empower the young generation to take the initiative in social innovation and become co-creators of sustainable communities around the world.

View pictures from the launching of the competition @UNESCO HQ in Paris:

You can also relive the whole event in this video:

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  1. I fully support the idea of Mitul Kansal ‘pollution is caused by transport on roads ‘ by means of youth competition. I Always use lead-free petrol for my scooter.

  2. how i wish to be among the people who will be presenting their projects in Berlin

  3. Is there any prize/certificates for the candidates who are getting only online training at entrepreneurship campus. please inform the trainees about this.Awaiting a reply from you. Thanks For Your Cooperation.


  5. Online training provided by Youth Competition Team is excellent and training has improved my creative thinking to present my idea “CARING BABY” with systematic thinking and practical approach.My heartiest thanks to the Team.

  6. Free online training gave me an wonderful opportunity on this competition,s international platform to express my views/ideas by means of forum “CARING FOR THE CHILD” and “PRIDE OF BEING A GIRL”. I am enjoying fully and feeling excited having more and more friends by means of this competition.An appreciable work by youth- Competition Team.
    With regards,

  7. I congratulate Youth Competition Team for doing excellent job.I hope the youth will do the best community need base idea and projects to create a better world to live in.I firmly believe that all youth are more creative, innovative than our politicians.The future of the world is safe in the hands of our youth.I have been able to create topics in youth forum”ROLE OF COMMON MAN IN THE PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT” and “HELPING THE AGED” only through the online training by youth team whom iwill always remain indebited.

  8. Next time International Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition-2014 Team will take some steps to improve the process of competition, for instance:-

    Start of competition:- November,2014
    Last date for submission of best ideas/projects: June 15,2015
    Period for the nomination of ideas/projects: June 16,2015-June 30,2015.
    Period for voting :July 1,2015- July 31,2015.
    One- month period is sufficient for voting , giving equal period of voting to every one.
    with best regards,
    mitul kansal

  9. I hope Youth-competition would allow opportunity to young innovators to look forward to future with hope.

  10. I firmly believe that Youth-Competition has given an opportunity to all youths to refine their innovations both in terms of quality and ending with a promise to pay back to society for whose benefit they pursued their dream.

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Timeline 2019

March 18, 2019
Competition launch.
Entries are welcomed
May 15, 2019
Voting & commenting begins for all
July 31, 2019
Deadlines for entries
August 31, 2019
Deadlines for votes & comments
September 12, 2019
10 finalists announced in both categories
September 12, 2019
People’s Choice Prize winners announced
September 22, 2019
Deadline for receipt of videos from finalists in both
October 12, 2019
Deadline for Panel of Judges’ selection of the winners
October 19, 2019
Winners announced at Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin

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