#MEET Community Youth Network Program


#MEET Community Youth Network Program

This is a short interview we conducted with Junior Toe, the founder of “Community Youth Network Program”. If you like the concept of this idea and would like to vote for it, click HERE.


  1. What is your background? (Nationality, age, education, field of work). Please tell us your full name and the name of your project.

I am Junior Toe, a Liberian, 32 year of age, studying accountant. I am an agribusiness – entrepreneur. I have over seven (7) years of working experience in managerial leadership, as an agribusiness entrepreneur, creating opportunities for the development of young people in making them self-empower. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Community Youth Network Program (CYNP) from 2007 up to present. Our project is the CYNP Enterprise Service Center.

  1. Describe your idea or project in two sentences.

The CYNP – Enterprise Service Center is a one stop shop created to provide services that will enables farmers to improve their capacity, increase harvest, and reduce post- harvest losses and linkage to market.

  1. What are the benefits you take from the Entrepreneurship Campus?

We hope to learn from our peer and build our activities to generate at startup capital and create partnership that will improve and support our project.

  1. What motivates you to be an entrepreneur?

My interest in contributing to development of my peer and my community.

  1. Imagine you have ‚supreme power’ to create and innovate: how would your world look like? What changes would you like to make in your community and/or in the world? Share your thoughts from a ‚supreme power’ and entrepreneur standpoint.

I have always look forward in creating income generation opportunities for young people that will make them self-employed. Help in the reduction of food insecurity and poverty in our local communities and the world at large.

  1. What would you say to potential voters who may be reading your interview?

I ask every one reading our project CYNP – Enterprise Service Center to please vote for this project not only for us as an organization; but as their contribution in helping farmers and young people in Liberia to become self-empower for their sustainability. Your vote is important and help in making the change we are trying to achieve.

• NOTICE: If you want to see more submitted ideas and projects at the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, visit BEST IDEAS and BEST PROJECTS and VOTE for the ones you think deserve to WIN the Competition!

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  1. Hello Junior Toe, CYNP – Enterprise Service Center .
    This is a very impressive project and it will surely be beneficial for all the young minds looking for an opportunity.
    It looks promising and executable

  2. Community youth network program, the need to contributing to development of my peer and my community is quite an encouraging factor for venturing into entrepreneurship.

    Weldone. I hope you are keeping the flag flying in your little pace

  3. for community youth network program, campus competition present them with the opprtuntity to learn from our peer and build our activities to generate at startup capital and create partnership that will improve and support our project.

    Great opportuntiy indeed

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