#MEET mDr (Mobile Doctor)


#MEET mDr (Mobile Doctor)

This is a short interview we conducted with Ocen Godwin, the founder of “mDr (Mobile Doctor)”. If you like the concept of this idea and would like to vote for it, click HERE.

  • What is your background?

My name is Ocen Godwin, a Ugandan, 28 years old with background in Information Technology and working in a Technology Hub in Arua, Uganda. My project mDr (Mobile Doctor) is proposed to address and improve health seeking behavior among visitors, travelers, business persons and working class in Uganda with a vision reaching across Africa.

  • Describe your idea or project in two sentences.

mDr (mobile Doctor) is a mobile App solution that gives patients like visitors , travelers, business persons and working class the ease and faster solution to search for doctors, read other patients opinions on specific health facility and medical personnel, book appointments online with the specialist of their choice, rate service on the web and on their mobile devices. The App also gives doctors an opportunity to track case improvement and further prescription/or refer in case of non-response to treatment to other specialists in the network.

  • What are the benefits you take from the Entrepreneurship Campus?

Knowledge and skills especially how to design an idea in entrepreneurial perspectives and I also got into a rich network of people who are encouraging and supporting.

  • What motivates you to be an entrepreneur?

I want to be role model, a change agent and a great employer because Africa’s problem needs proactive intervention driven by creativity and innovation. I believe I am that person Africa needs to revolutionize the access to health service using mobile or web based support. My humble background has rich untold stories but an entrepreneurial action will reveal that story. Africa needs entrepreneurs to make her participate uniformly with the rest of the World, to solve problems affecting communities and above all contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Imagine you have ‚supreme power’ to create and innovate: how would your world look like? What changes would you like to make in your community and/or in the world? Share your thoughts from a ‚supreme power’ and entrepreneur standpoint.

I would look like The Bill Gates, The Mark Zuckerberg, an investor with interests in health, information technology. I hold strong vision that in the age of mobile digital revolution, access to health services using the technology powered solution will reduce community challenges in accessing health services in Uganda and Africa at large. And as being an aspiring entrepreneur I will be part of that revolution bringing the change that my community across the World requires.

  • What would you say to potential voters who may be reading your interview?

Dear Change Agents, as you cast votes for mDr (Mobile Doctor) idea, remember in your mind that you have joined the revolution of coursing that change needed in the access of health services in the digital age. You will only be doing that by casting your votes and being part of the success stories to follow soon. And please as you give mDr a face that the World would be proud of, know that you will be contributing towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Number 3 of Good Health and Well being. Thanks for your votes and being part of the revolution.

• NOTICE: If you want to see more submitted ideas and projects at the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, visit BEST IDEAS and BEST PROJECTS and VOTE for the ones you think deserve to WIN the Competition!

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  1. Wonderful idea. Thank you campus administrator for these interviews serving a a reference learning point for campus members.

    It is a wonderful opportunity

  2. Great lessons from the campus [email protected] doctor “Knowledge and skills especially how to design an idea in entrepreneurial perspectives and I also got into a rich network of people who are encouraging and supporting”

    Thank you campus competition for these great lessons

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