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This is a short interview we conducted with Fazlul Kabir, the founder of “MEDITOPIA”. If you like the concept of this idea and would like to vote for it, click HERE.

  • What is your background?

My name is Fazlul Kabir. I’m 24 years old. I’m from a small village Sherpur of West Bengal,India. Currently, I’m staying in Kolkata for my education and trying to implement my project on Medical Tourism for unprivileged clans of our society. I have completed my graduation in Arts stream. I have also participated in an Entrepreneurship Development Program under EDII, Ahmedabad. I have done my PGDM in Travel & Tourism from Enterprise Development Institute of Kolkata and worked in Ministry of Tourism as a internship trainee for a month. The name of my project is ‘MEDITOPIA’.

  • Describe your idea or project in two sentences.

‘MEDITOPIA’ is a healthcare organization for the rural clans who are poor and unable to get medical benefit. My aim to change the rural healthcare conditions and build a sustainable society.

  • What are the benefits you take from the Entrepreneurship Campus?

I am very hopeful I’ll get mentorship to develop more about my project and support to work on it from your side.

  • What motivates you to be an entrepreneur?

When I see poor who are helpless, I always try my best to help them out and make them happy. It gives me ultimate happiness which I can’t never but it . It’s priceless. So I have decided to devoted my life for the sake of poor rural clans who didn’t get proper medical services. My project will definitely help them.

  • Imagine you have ‚supreme power’ to create and innovate: how would your world look like? What changes would you like to make in your community and/or in the world? Share your thoughts from a ‚supreme power’ and entrepreneur standpoint.

If I have the supreme power , So I’ll surely vanish the poverty from the world. I’ll work on health,education,woman empowerment,rural development and so on.

  • What would you say to potential voters who may be reading your interview?

I just want to say please vote for me, if you really want a healthcare organization who are working for the unprivileged clans of our society. Actually I have no dream to be a billionaire but I want to win billions heart through my work . It will be my ultimate achievement.

• NOTICE: If you want to see more submitted ideas and projects at the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, visit BEST IDEAS and BEST PROJECTS and VOTE for the ones you think deserve to WIN the Competition!

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