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#MEET NovFeed

#MEET NovFeed

This is a short interview we conducted with Otaigo Elisha, the creator of NovFeed. If you like this project and would like to vote for it, click here.

1. Please, tell us a bit about yourself: where are you from and what is your background?

My name is Otaigo Elisha, I am Tanzanian aged 28 an agripreneur, Economist, and Director of Sunshine Organics. I am holding Bsc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness and currently pursuing Masters of Science in Natural Resource and Environment Economics at Bogor Agriculture University in Indonesia. I am Youth with high motivation and commitment to work, a fresh mind full of New ideas and contemporaneous business strategy a youth striving to cover path and mark success through entrepreneurship.

2. Can you describe your idea or project in two sentences?

My business idea is to produce, process and formulate new cost-effective fish feeds based on indigenous, locally produced and sustainable ingredients e.g. Duckweed (Lemna Minor).

3. How did you get your idea or concept?

I got my idea after doing research on challenges facing fish farming in Tanzania, through using “design thinking method” tool. We visited fish farmers and the key challenges was high cost of fish feed, limited availability of quality fish feed and depending on unsustainable and competitive fish meal, soy beans, after that we come up with three opportunity area to address the challenge, the first opportunity area was, How might we produce quality fish feed that maximize economic benefit to fish farmers and reduce environmental Impact ,second how might we produce fish feed that ensure quality consumer product with corrective nutritional profile, and third how might we produce and formulate quality fish feed that use alternative to manner protein and lipid to reduce terrestrial Ingredients, after that we focus on searching for alternatives Novel indigenous non-conventional feed ingredients that are where the idea of using Aquatic macrophytes that a potentially rich source of nutrients for aqua feed was originate. We have already done trial on Floating macrophytes Azolla spp and duckweeds (Lemna monor) and now we focus on researching on Spirodela, Wolffia) and water fern Salvinia spp. For more information Kindly visit our page to see our research and works.


4. What is unique about your idea/project and how does it benefit mankind?

The Uniqueness of my Idea is Production of increasing nutritional quality of fish feed that deliver health benefits to fish and local populations consuming the farmed product (Fish) -specifically increase the levels of omega 3 fatty acid and with anti-oxidant Vitamin, and Reducing dependence on globally traded commodities (fish meal , fish oil, and soybeans meal).

5. Describe yourself as an entrepreneur in one sentence

I am Agripreneur, and I turn Agriculture into Employment.

6. How do you deal with people that doubt your abilities/initiatives?

People will judge, criticize and even discourage me but always I believe on my self and I know someone’s opinion does not have to become my reality, and I will always give them the real reasons to believe on me. Action speaks louder than a word. So I won’t use much of my time to win them just through talking but my action through tangible products/services I provide will reveal my true ability.

7. Where does your passion lie?

I love agriculture and I profoundly believe that through market oriented farming I will create more employment and even lifting millions out of poverty.

 8. What are you afraid of or what keeps you up at night?

Acting on my dream, Thinking on what I can improve and what I can change

9. According to you, money is a synonym for…..

Investment in financial assets.

10. If you could rid the world of three things, what would they be?

  1. Poverty
  2. Youth unemployment
  3. inequality

11. What are the benefits you take from the Entrepreneurship Campus?

Entrepreneurship Campus benefited me from receiving constructive Idea and feedback to improve my idea, Networking with open Minded Youth, learn from others idea and use of campus learning resources at zero cost.

12. What do you like more about the Entrepreneurship Campus?

Entrepreneurship Campus provides a vibrant learning environment for young Entrepreneurs and its not only a place to Submit Ideas/projects but also a bridge for connecting people from diverse backgrounds, come together, learn, develop passionately and be friends.Basically, if every youth can have this opportunity that we members of Entrepreneurship Campus have am sure youth entrepreneurship will take another shape.

13. Which idea/project do you like most?

The idea I like the Most is “NovFeed”

14. Please, include a link to a video if you have one

NOTICE: If you want to see more submitted ideas and projects at the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, visit BEST IDEAS and BEST PROJECTS and VOTE for the ones you think deserve to WIN the Competition!

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  1. Hi Mr. Otaigo Elisha
    Your project is life changing especially to local fish farmers.
    Congratulations for this project.
    Best of luck!
    Uledi Kimbavala
    Zero hunger is possible

  2. Anonymous

    29.08.2017 · Reply

    Hello Otaigo!

    Your idea is innovative, which aims to provide cost-effective and quality meal for fishes. This will improve the fishery aspect of agriculture. Congratulations for your efforts and progress.

    Best of Luck!

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