#MEET SchoolCentra


#MEET SchoolCentra

This is a short interview we conducted with Adeyemi Adegoke Timothy, the founder of “SchoolCentra”. If you like the concept of this idea and would like to vote for it, click HERE.

  • What is your background?

My name is Adeyemi Adegoke Timothy from Nigeria. I am 32 years old. I had B. Tech with first class in Computer Science from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria. I am an Entrepreneur, in the filed of ICT.

  • Describe your idea or project in two sentences.

A technology driven school, which is affordable to all. And where every child should have access to quality education.

  • What are the benefits you take from the Entrepreneurship Campus?

I learned more on Pitching to investors and marketing my idea.

  • What motivates you to be an entrepreneur?

Passion for Technology and innovation, which is the drive for an empowered society.

  • Imagine you have ‚supreme power’ to create and innovate: how would your world look like? What changes would you like to make in your community and/or in the world? Share your thoughts from a ‚supreme power’ and entrepreneur standpoint.

I would like my community to be a “communi-techy” (Community driven by technology), because i believe the world is changing to a small unit where all things can be done without stress.

  • What would you say to potential voters who may be reading your interview?

Keep voting till this idea is selected, because your child would benefit from this great movement. Thanks.

• NOTICE: If you want to see more submitted ideas and projects at the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition, visit BEST IDEAS and BEST PROJECTS and VOTE for the ones you think deserve to WIN the Competition!


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  1. Really interesting and awesome. A community with meaningful collaboration can achieve a lot.
    Keep it up.

    Good luck
    Shuhra Koofi

  2. For school centri, i learnt from its motivation” Passion for Technology and innovation, which is the drive for an empowered society”

    Thank you campus administrator for making theses learning experiences possible.

  3. Thank you youth Citizen Entrepreneurship competition for these interviews. There present great ideas for campus members’ domestication and applicability to our various setting and the beneficiaries voices are great lessons on evaluating programmes impacts.

    Thank you campus administrator for making this possible.

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