Comment on: Chillout Lounge
August 7, 2018 13:29

Interesting idea, is there any possible issues of copyrights having hologram of Freddie singing Queen songs I assume? I do agree that franchise is probably the way to go forward with this one and you seem to have pretty good clear vision and I hope legalities, copyrights and labels don't get on the way.

Comment on: Hyina Express
August 7, 2018 13:17

Great idea and can be expanded all over the world, drones are used in many big cities already and there is startups popping up everywhere and I believe it will be the future of deliveries and can help to fight the traffic congestion and pollution. Would be interesting to read more about the "solar-powered electric vans", can this be done? Is there some existing prototypes? What's the kind of range and time we can expect from a van like this?