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Aakash Shah


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Institute for Vocational Courses in Rural Areas

United Nations have undertaken Millennium Development Goals and the 1st objective of it is to 'Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger'. The main reason for poverty is because people are unemployed.In rural areas ,people find it difficult to obtain education and other facilities. Due to this , these people are unemployed and hence there is poverty. If vocational training courses are made available to them , these people will get employed and it will reduce poverty. For an instance , if a pottery course is introduced in a village and a group of female's are trained to make pots , then it is possible for them to start their own 'pot manufacturing' unit or they may get a job in such manufacturing plants. If these people are not able to get bachelors , Masters Degree , they can be provided with such vocational courses and certify them which will make a huge impact on the lives of these people. Vocational Courses in the field of farming , technical , designing , handicrafts , management etc. can be provided to these people.

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