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Aakash Pillai


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indian classical music, problem solving, public speaking

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I am constantly looking for issues in the world that I can formulate my own solutions for, and share these solutions with others. To round up and complete my idea, I am constantly looking for NGOs and governmental organizations who address the refugee crisis, and I see what aspects they target, and what aspects of the migration process require further aid.

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My name is Aakash Pillai, and I am a student from New Jersey in the United States. As a member of the millennial generation, I have witnessed a variety of global issues increase in severity, and I have always wanted to put in my effort to contribute in solving these issues. This passion drove me to take part in such after school activities as Model UN and community service. Through my hard work and leadership, I have excelled in areas such as science, debate, cultural music, etc. When I created the Refugee Assimilation Initiative, I thought about the emotions of refugees who are escaping a country, and migrating to a new one – a country may have a completely different way of life. The idea has already caught the attention of a few county-wide competitions which I have entered, but my goal is to have the initiative recognized internationally, as it will help in solving the global refugee crisis.