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My expertise includes Medical Laboratory Technologist a teacher and a facilitator. As a trained Biological Scientist, I have worked with JUSTAB Hospital in Kasoa, Komenda Health Center in Komenda and EMMOT Medical Center in Awutu Beraku as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and with the District Health Directorate in the Awutu Senya District as Assistant Technician at the Disease Control Department. In terms of Teaching, I have taught in Komenda Senior High/ Technical School as a Physics and Science. I voluntarily organized extra classes teaching Core Mathematics Integrated Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Elective Mathematics for both Junior and Senior High School students and Distance Students upon request. I taught Biology as a part-time teacher at Awutu Winton Senior High School. I also worked as a Volunteer Teacher at Trinity Child and Youth Development Center, a Compassion Ghana Project and also served as a Member of their Advisory and Counselling Committee. Also, I have good facilitation skills. I have trained over 250 vulnerable Caregivers on the Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) Methodology and currently mentoring the VSLAs. I have also facilitated other training activities. These are: “How to Generate Multiple Source of Income, Business Sustainability during this Pandemic, Animal Production and its Profitability, Soft Skills for Youth, etc. Working with the organization has also built my capacity in Data collection.

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Funds to enable us purchase more bins, tricycles and Capacity building training to manage the business.

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A lot of things have really contributed to my success. In my early years in Primary School, I used to go to school early to work on my section field. This continued for a whole year in class four. I was awarded as the Most Hardworking pupil.
When I entered into Junior High School, this continued by going to school early and working. My school proprietor noticed this about me as a new student in my first year. Sometimes if I come to school late, cleaning of the school delays and this too continued for a year throughout my first year. During our final term, I was called on the platform unknowingly by the proprietor of the school and was awarded a scholarship for the two more years ahead of us till completion.
I exhibited the same passion I had for cleanliness at the Senior High School which landed me the position of a House Prefect. During my tenure of office, I always made sure that we finish our work on time to have time to discuss other challenges concerning members of the House. We were fond of completing our work earlier before other Houses did. We won the Most Hardworking House Awards two consecutive years before I left school.
During my time at the University, my elderly nephew approach me and share his project topic to me and how he is going to need my help in his data collection and soil sample taking from the various landfill sites in Cape Coast. It was not a pleasant experience as a vast land had been dedicated for this purpose instead of agricultural purposes. This kept me thinking about what can be done to curb these menaces. During my third year, one of the courses we read inspired me “Research Methods”. My group was given a topic to research on and present to the class. The topic was Bio-Remediation which helped me learnt a lot about environmental health, waste transportation and diseases associated with improper disposal of waste. I used my free time reading about how to deal with waste so as to start a waste management company after graduation.
A friend of mine I had shared my idea and vision with contacted me two years after, informing me that he has met someone with a similar idea and hope we can merge our plans. Thus, a meeting was scheduled for us to me and work on merging the idea as a team. All the team members were dedicated to see the fruition of this idea. This led to the birth of The Rockstar Waste Services Limited.

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Albert Kwaku Abbeyquaye