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Abbie Phatty


Project Overview

Spirulina Farm Project implemented through Survival First Social Enterprise

Establish a social enterprise whose aim is to contribute to an increased level of development in The Gambia, through economically sound, sustainable development initiatives. The first project is to establish a Spriulina Farm and Processing Center in the Village of Amdalie, in the West Coast Region where land has been made available. Spirulina is a micro-algae with phenomenal nutritional properties. It is proposed that this be done in collaboration with the Womens Association, to some of whom training will be given and become employed. Operations will be based on an entrepreneurial approach that aims to make Spirulina accessible to the greatest number of people by setting up an organized Spirulina distribution chain through education, partnership and training. The Social Enterprise will develop its capacity to support the implementation of further units around the country in order to decentralize production with the use of appropriate micro-finance and cross-subsidization schemes. Objectives : 1. Complement efforts of the health sector through the provision of Spirulina to help combat malnutrition, boost the immune system of HIV/AIDS victims and improve the general well-being of the population. 2. Establish Spirulina as an income generating opportunity for women and young people and to pioneer other innovative alternative livelihoods to help communities break away from the ensuing culture of dependency sustainably. 3. Create a platform for partnership with various agencies for the research, development and transfer of appropriate techniques and technologies to enhance and diversify local production capacities. 4. Promote entrepreneurial and participatory approaches to development through the introduction of micro-finance schemes to ensure the strategic value of all initiatives to the beneficiaries. 5. Influence National policy outcomes through advocacy for policy development and incorporation, capacity building and to protect local small holder farmers and other small scale producers

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