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My ultimate goal is to provide my community people with that which my own experience in cyber security education gave me, the opportunity to explore intellectual interest and to identify the implication of these pursuit in a broader context. I can see myself becoming cyber security trainer and serving as a resource person to community, and I can also see myself delving into policy making to use of safe internet for all. I am fellow of Bangladesh School of Internet Governance Forum. Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) is a multi-stakeholder organization aimed to illuminate issues and create ideas on internet usage in Bangladesh in association with the UN Internet Governance Forum (UN IGF). I envision competing for a Global Internet Governance Forum to exchange insights on field of cyber security knowledge with people from all over the world. While I am open and excited by the possibilities to being a cyber-security expert in 21st century. I believe that I have qualities and
experiences that will translate to a successful career as a cyber-security technopreneur.

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Abdal Ahmed