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Abdallah Njayagha

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My talents are cooking, swimming, and football, I am very good at branding, campaign design, Entrepreneurship trainer, finance and cooking.

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My name is Abdallah Njayagha a social activist and a Vice-chairperson of Raleigh Tanzania Society, I was born and raised in the small town of Morogoro region in Tanzania, I spent most on education life in this small town.
During my education career, I managed to be a leader at all levels from a normal class monitor to a high school President. I have found purpose in life through volunteering in various areas in my country and I have been a very proud young man who strives to take actions in challenges that most of our community face because I am an active citizen.
In 2018 I dropped out of Education because I didn’t have enough money to pay for university, this situation has never discouraged me at all because I did get the reason to keep on moving and learn in another way round and that was through volunteering and currently I am volunteering as COVID 19 Champion in My region through Unicef. I have worked as a volunteer for 8 years since I was in secondary school and I am proud to accomplish a lot until today.

During my time I had to find an Idea of a business that will help earn money to survive, I turned my cooking talent into a business idea Called Kamadoshi Point. my business ideas deal with cooking food and supply juices to most of the university students in my area.

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