June 10, 2020 15:37

you Have good idea kaka, hope it makes a huge difference in the community.

Most of the people in the poorest places are struggling hard to have access to affordable electricity where they can easily work and simplify most of their work.
Electricity is part of the development of any particular community as it stimulate existence of more new technology which might help the community to produce more.

Comment on: Together we can
June 7, 2020 12:41

Actually, poverty has been a major problem to most families and young people. In the world of today actually it's hard to obtain a job as the opportunities are less compared to the number of people in need of those jobs. Actually, people have to think otherwise when it comes to the issue of jobs, there is the need for more training and workshops that will bring positive impact to people, and eventually, they can use the knowledge to sustain their lives in terms of job and opportunity creation.

I have read your Idea and I know it will help many people in the community, the good thing about it is the use of small farm place to produce large output, One of my friend back here in Tanzania has been doing the same kind of farming technique and he is harvesting lots of crops and products out of his project.

I wish you all the best even if your idea won't actually get the help it needs for now but understand this you are creating a good thing the community and I personally love it.