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Initiative, orientation towards hard work, Leadership , motivation , ability to work independence,communication skills and Child care health , maternity,reproductive health, mental health ,community health, and infectious disease

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I am hardworking and motivated skilled person
Who has acquiring extensive knowledge in the field of medicine at degree level .I am wenterprenuer illingness to assume risk .

I have experience on child health and minor gynecology and antenatal care services and management chronic disease for 4 years .

I graduated from kea-med university college, degree of sceonce in public health officer in 2011 at addis ababa , ethiopia .
I have diploma in clinical officer at omega medical college , addisbaba.
I finish my secondary school at gacan Libah secondary school 2005 . Hargeisa .
I have diploma of computer science that awarded 2012.
I have license of public health professional.

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Abdihamid abdirahman jama